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Monday, May 25, 2009

Couponing Workshop Testimonial

I wanted to tell you about my shopping this Saturday and Sunday. I received $20 for dog sitting and decided to give my self a little $20 Challenge to see how much I could buy.

Saturday - Walgreens
Transaction 1
1 Edge Shaving Cream + 1 RR - 75¢ Q
Transaction 2
1 Bic Razors - 1 RR - $3 Q
subtotal = $2.56 ($3.06)

Saturday - CVS
Transaction 1 and 2 included
1 - Colgate TP ( got 1 ECBs i think; used $1 Q)
2 - Right Guard Deodorant (got 2 ECBs; used $1 Q and 75¢ Q)
2 - Bic Razors (used ECBs and 2 - $3 Qs)
subtotal = $9.62 ($10.91 w/tax)

Sunday - CVS
Transaction 1
1 - Revlon Nail Polish (got 3 ECBs, used $1 Q)
1 - Colgate TP (got 1 ECB, used $1 Q )
subtotal = $4.98 (5.47)
Transaction 2
1 - 12 pack Cottenelle TP (used $1 Q and 4 ECBs)
2 - Popcorn (filler LOL)
subtotal = $2.49 (2.61)

I really could of gotten the TP just with ECBs, but had to have the snacks too.
Grand Subtotal = $19.65 (22.11)

With all my purchases since Thursday, I've spent just $40 on soooo many things - I think average overall savings of 80%

Thank you! thank you! thank you!

Elisabeth S.

How can we reach out to military families?

Expired coupons can be used by overseas military families for up to 6 months after expiration date. As a token of our appreciation for the sacrifice that our serviceman make for our freedom, send your expired coupons to the address below.

Send to:
Kristi Seigrist
Family Services Coordinator
Unit 5200, Box 105
Apo, AE 09461
Phone number: 011-44-1638-522641
Both of these ladies attended our weekend workshop in Dalton 2 weeks ago!

Kasey & Kelly,
Just wanted to let you know that I took the 101 class on the 15th of May in Dalton and I went grocery shopping last week using the info I learned and on my first trip out with coupons I am proud to say I bought $154.36 worth of groceries for $96.08 so that is a savings of $58.28. Not bad for my first time out. I used coupons and BOGO. This class is great and I will be using coupons from now on............thanks so much............Gaynell G

Hi Kelly and Kasey!!
Thank you so much for teaching a couponing class in Dalton. It has helped tremendously in taking the mystery out of using coupons and actually getting good deals. Just this morning I received the packet of coupon inserts in the mail - thank you!!! And I just wanted to tell you about my shopping experience this Thursday. Attached is a picture of my purchases.

Transaction 1 -
2 Dry Idea Deodorants which were still on sale for 2/$5. I used the two internet printables for $2.00 off. My total was $1.00 ($1.35 after tax), and I got the $2 in ECBs.

Transaction 2 -
1 Bic Soleil razors (4 blade!! disposables) which were on sale for $4.99. I used my $2 ECBs and a $3.00 coupon from SS (I believe from the week of 5/10). My total was $0!! Free! (just paid .21¢ tax). I do believe that is the first time I actually got anything free - thank you ladies!!

After that I went over to Walgreens, where the Register Rewards didn't work out exactly how I was expecting. And, I did end up using the "fillers" by the way, thanks for that valuable tip. This whole trip was just to get familiar with the stores and see if I could actually do any of this.

Transaction 1 - Edge Shaving cream, on sale $1.99; 75¢ MFG. Q; subtotal $1.24 (1.38 after tax). Got $1 RR.

Transaction 2 - Edge Shaving Cream for $1.99; 75$ MFG. Q; $1 RR; Filler 39¢; subtotal .69¢ (79¢ after tax).

A different Walgreens Transaction 1 -
2 - Bandaids 2/$5 - $1 Q, $ 1 Q (total for item= $3.00)
1 - Neosporin 1/$5 - $1 Q (total for item= $4.00)
Received $4 RR
1 - Off clip on starter $8.99 - $2.00 Q (total for item= 6.99)
Received $3 RR
1 - Edge Shaving Cream $1.99 - .75¢ (total for item = $1.24)
Received $1 RR
Subtotal - $15.23 ($16.70 with tax)

Transaction 2 -
6 - Edge Shaving Cream $1.99 each
Used: 6 MFG Q for 75¢ each
+ $8 RR
Filler Items: 1 - Cotton Balls $1.49
2 - candies 33¢ each
Subtotal - $1.59 ($2.56 with tax)
(If you take just the 2nd transaction and count just the shaving creams, that's 26¢ each. Average of 54¢ each after my 4 transactions. I think - I don't know, you need to check my math!! LOL)
Grand total for my shopping spree at CVS and Walgreens = subtotal $19.75($21.61)
Purchased: 2 Dry Idea Deodorant; 1 Pack of Razors; 2 Boxes of Bandaids; 1 Neopsporin; 1 Off Clip On; 9 Edge Shaving Cream; 1 Cotton Balls, 3 Candies
Depending on where you shop - the retail value would of been between $60 and $80.

Needless to say my husband was at first doubtful but then rather impressed that's he's stocked up for a few months already. And thankfully, he is totally supporting my new couponing ambitions. I'm looking forward to going out later today and shopping for a few more items before the sales for the week change over. Again, thank you for offering the class!! I look forward to letting you know what other bargains I come up with.

Elisabeth S.

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