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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stockpiling Price List

Stockpiling Prices
Good Price
Stockpile Price
.50/ box
 .25/ box
.50/ bottle
 .25/ bottle
$1.50/ box
 $1.00/ box
Crystal Light
$1.50/ box
$1.00/ box
$1.00/ 64 oz
$0.75/ 64 oz
Canned veggies
 .40/ can
 .25/ can
 .50/ box
 .25/ box
Paper towels
 .50/ roll
 .25/ roll
Paper Plates
 .50/ pack
 .25/ pack
Storage bags
$1.00/ box
.50/ box
 .50/ tube
.25/ tube-FREE
$1.00/ bottle
 .50/ bottle
.50/ box
 .25/ box
Toilet Paper
.35/ roll
 .25/ roll
Cake Mix
.50/ box
 .25/ box
Bagged Cookies
$1.00/ pack
.50/ pack
Granola Bars
$1.00/ box
.50/ box
$1.50/ box
$1.00/ box
Frozen Veggies
.50/ bag
 .25/ bag
Yogurt, 4 pk
$1.00/ pack
.50/ pack
Single Frozen Dinners
$1/00/ meal
.50/ meal
Family Frozen Dinners
$3.00/ meal
$2.00/ meal
 .15/ diaper
 .10/ diaper
Baby Food
.30/ jar
.25/ jar
Cleaning supplies
 1.00/ container
 .50/ container
Laundry Detergent
$2.00/ bottle
$1.50/ bottle
 $1.00/ loaf
 .75/ loaf
Salad dressing/BBQ sauce
 .75/ bottle 
 .25/ bottle
$2.00/ gallon
$1.00/ gallon
.50/ bottle
.25/ bottle
$2.50/ pack
$2.00/ pack
$1.00/ dozen
.50/ dozen
Store Coupon Policies
**These are policies we've found to be consistent with the stores in our area. Always check with your store to verify that store's procedures. All stores agree every situation is subject to manager's approval.

Must present Advantage Card
Doubles 3 manufacture coupons up to $0.50 per $10 spent (6 coupons spend $20, etc.)
Only one coupon per item
The Double Coupon will not exceed the price of the item
Will not accept Coupons over the item price (item $0.95 - $1.00 coupon won’t work)
Doubles coupons up to $0.60
Accepts internet printables, but not for free items (no BOGO)
Doesn’t accept store coupons
Some stores may have limits
Doubles coupons up to $0.50
You don't have to buy two of B1G1 to get the sale price
If you buy two B1G1 products, you can use 2 coupons
Accepts Supermarket Competitor Coupons (Food Lion, Bi Lo, Kroger, Target)
Can use a store coupon and manufacture coupon on the same item
Doubles coupons up to $0.50
You don’t have to buy 2 of BOGO to get the sale price
If you buy two BOGO products, you can use 2 coupons
Can use a store coupon & manufacture coupon on the same item
Has e coupons online with store card
Does NOT take competitor Coupons
Matches competitor sale ad prices if you have ad with you (read sizes and quantities carefully)
Accepts manufacture coupons (not blinkies though)
Accepts competitor coupons...we've had problems with this...can call 1-800-WAL-Mart
Doesn't double or issue coupons
Printable Meal Planner

*up to $2.00
*only one coupon per item (no stacking)
* only 4 of the same coupon will double
(ex: 4 bottles of pert shampoo - only 4 coupons will double)
Thanks Katherine for the text earlier in the week. I called Kmart last night and they couldn't confirm until this morning. So far I have only talked to the Cleveland Store. Call your local store before going! I will post a list of good deals later.

Thank you to all the ladies that attended our workshop this weekend at Dallas Bay Baptist Church! We appreciated your kindness and hospitality so much. It was an honor to spend the weekend with you. We can't wait to hear about your $avings!!

To all of you that expressed an overwhelming interest in attending a Couponing 103 Drugstore Class, we are working on scheduling one soon.

An extra special thank you to Dallas Bay Baptist Church and Amy Phillips for inviting us to come.

I just read on A Full Cup about an unadvertised Pampers Deal.

Pampers $8.99, get back $5 in ECB's
- $1 Pampers Q PG 6/7
-$2 off Pampers PG savings book
Pay $6.99 or $7.99 depending on Q
get back $5 ecb's
Like paying $1.99 - $2.99 ea

Click HERE to view online advertisement, print and take it with you to the store since it isn't in the printed CVS ad.

****This is great pampers deal for the cute mommie pregnant with twins that attended our workshop this weekend at Dallas Bay Baptist Church!*******
Don't forget your Sunday Newspaper!!
Since it's the first Sunday of the month there will be 3 inserts. 1 - Smart Source,
1 - Red Plum, and 1 - Procter and Gamble

BUY MULTIPLE COPIES OF THE PAPER - So you can get multiple freebie and deals!!

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