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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Walgreens Highlights: 2/14 (A SLOW Week)

 This week at Walgreens doesn't have much in the way of good deals - so if you're "Wagged Out" from last week, take a break to prevent drugstore coupon burnout!  Here's just the best bargains - but I'll update later in the week if we find anything else of note.

Best RR Deals:

Crest Toothpaste or Pro-Health Rinse: $3.50 ~ Get $2.50 RR wyb 2
Buy (2) Crest Toothpaste = $7
Use (2) 75¢/1 from 2/7 P&G
Use $1.50/1 from Wags February Coupon Book (Deducts 2X)
Pay $2.50 ~ Get $2.50 RR
(Makes 2 FREE Tubes of Toothpaste!)
Buy (2) Crest Pro Health Mouthwash = $7
Use (2) $2/1 from 2/7 P&G
Pay $3 ~ Get $2.50 RR
(Makes it 25¢ ea!)
Venus Embrace or Gillette Fusion Razors: $8.99 ~ Get $4 RR
Use $4/1 Gillette from 1/10 RP
or $2/1 Venus from 2/7 P&G + FREE Bodywash wyb Venus
(makes it 99¢ for Gillette or $2.99 for Venus + Olay Bodywash)
Pampers Diapers : $8.99 ~ Get $1 RR
Use $1.50/1 from 2/7 P&G
(makes it $6.49 ea)

Coupon Deals:

Trident Gum: 69¢ w/in-ad Q
Use 75¢/1 from 2/7 P&G
(makes it FREE)
Quaker Oatmeal: $1.50
Use $1/1 print (IE) or print (FF)
(makes it 50¢ ea)
Lysol Sanitizing Wipes BOGO @ $3.49
Use (2) $1/1 from 2/7 P&G
(makes it 79¢ ea!)

Skippy Peanut Butter: $1.50
Use 40¢/1 from 1/31 RP
(makes it $1.10 ea)

Lysol Airwick I-Motion 50% Off
Use $4/1 PRINT
(makes it CHEAP!)
Revlon Colorsilk Haircolor: $1.99 (w/in-ad Q)
Use $1/1 PRINT
(makes it 99¢ ea)

CVS Beginner Scenario Added!

I just got done adding a pretty good scenario to the CVS list - you'll spend $5.35 for $40.38 worth of items! I hope you're able to do it, I know I'm excited to go this week!
See the deals and scenarios HERE

Vera Bradley Glasses Case: $4.30!

I spent some quality time with the Vera Bradley site this morning, because my Mother-In-Law (my "Milly") has a birthday coming up in a few days.  She happens to really, REALLY like Vera Bradley - and I really, REALLY want to make up for not doing a good job present-shopping in years past.....
Well, there are some AWESOME Clearance deals on that site!  Several things are marked down about 75% - but save even more:

Mother's Day can sneak up on you, if you're a planner here are some great deals I saw:


Eyeglass Case: $17.....$6
❤After Valentine's Day Discount.... $5.16!

Hannah Bag: $45.00 ..... $12! 
❤After Valentine's Day Discount.....  $10.32!!

Messenger/Laptop Bag: $84.... $45!
After Valentine's Day Discount.....  $38.70!

CVS Highlights: 2/14 - 2/20 (Great Week!)

 It's a FUN week at CVS!!  There are some GREAT Freebies this week - so you can basically skip Walgreens and just use your Crest coupons at CVS while you score all your other deals!  I'll work up a Newbie-Friendly Scenario later this evening and add to the post - in the meantime, get those coupons together and any of you Saturday CVS shoppers should probably hit your stores tonight!
(See Beginner Scenario at Bottom)

Best RR Deals:

Crest Pro-Health Enamel Paste or Rinse $3.50 ~ Get $3 ECB (Limit 2)
Use 75¢/1 Crest Toothpaste from 2/7 P&G
or Use $2/1 from 2/7 P&G
(either way it's FREE!)

Aussie Shampoo/ Conditioner/Styler $2.99 ~ Get $2 ECB (Limit 1)
Use $1/1 Aussie product from 2/14 RP
(makes it FREE)

Colgate Total Advanced toothpaste 4oz $2.99 ~ Get $2 ECB (Limit 1)
Use $1/1 from Jan All*You, 1/31 SS or CVS Reinventing Beauty Mag
(makes it FREE!)

Buy (2) SELECT CoverGirl Items ~ Get $5 ECB (Limit 1)
*Priced $6 - $10
Use B1G1 from 2/07 P&G
Use WITH $1/1 from 2/7, 1/17 P&G
(makes foundation or powder it FREE!)

Buy (2) Neutrogena Hair Care ($5.29 ea) ~ Get $5 ECB (Limit 1)
Use (2) $2/1 PRINT
(Pay $6.58 ~ Get $5 ECB = 79¢ ea)

Gillette Disposable Razors $5.79 ~ Get $2 ECB (Limit 1)
Use $3/1 from 1/10 R
(makes it 79¢!)

Buy $12 in Select Glade products ~ Get $4 ECB (Limit 3)
Buy (2) $6 Lasting Impressions or Sense-n-Spray Kits
Use (2) $3/1 from 1/24 SS
or (2) $4/1 from Oct: Good Housekeeping, Better H&G, Ladies Home Journal, Cooking Light, Family Circle
- or -
Buy (2) $6 Soy Candles or Reed Diffusers
Use (2) $3/1 from 2/7 P&G
(Pay $4 -$6 OOP.  Get $4 ECB Back.  Makes it as low as FREE!)

Other Good Deals:

Sobe Life Water, 20oz, B1G1
Use B1G1 print (IE) or print (FF)
(makes both FREE)

Coca-Cola 12 pk cans 3 for $10
Buy 3, Get 1 Free
(makes it $2.50 ea)

DiGiorno 12” Pizza, Buy 1 Get 2nd for 1¢
Use (2) $1/1 from 1/24 SS
(makes it CHEAP!)

Purex 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets or Ultra Concentrate Liquid, Buy 1 Get 2nd for 1¢
Use (2) $1/1 from 1/10 RP
(makes it CHEAP!)

Wisk 2X or 3X Ultra Detergent B1G1
Use $2/1 from 1/31 RP
(makes it CHEAP!)

Cottonelle Toilet Paper 12-Pk: $5.49 (Sun-Tues Only)
Use $1/1 from 1/17 SS or Feb All*You
(makes it $4.49 ea)

Here is a scenario with coupons readily available to any beginner.  The only items without a recent coupon is the Gillette Razor (1/10 RP), but you can replace that item with something you need anyway (As long as it's value is $1.02 or more, otherwise your total won't be enough to use that $5 ECB!)

Buy (2) Crest Pro-Health Rinse @ $7
Use (2) $2 Crest Q's
(Pay $3 ~ Get $6 ECB)

Buy (2) Neutrogena Hair Care @ $10.58
Use (2) $2 Neutrogena Q's + $6 ECB
(Pay 58¢ ~ Get $5 ECB)

Buy (2) Covergirl Liquid Foundation or Powder @ $12
Use B1G1 Q  + $1/1 Q + $5 ECB
(Pay $0 ~ Get $5 ECB)

Buy Aussie Hair Item + Colgate TP + Gillette Razor @ $11.77
Use $1 Aussie Q + $1 Colgate Q + $3 Gillette Q + $5 ECB
(Pay $1.77 ~ Get $6 in ECB's!! $2, $2, $2)

Pay $5.35 for $40.88 of Products!
Still have $6 of ECB's for next week!

JC Penney: $10 off $10 Purchase!

JC Penney is offering $10 off a $10 purchase discount using code "TEN4YOU" on their website.  You can save a teensy bit on shipping by choosing the Ship-To-Store option (but it's still like $4.50 per item).

Basically, after you take shipping into account, consider this a $5 Off Coupon for something you wanted already.  They do have a great $4.99 Valance Blowout with some cute curtains on deep clearance.  There are also some great coats and wintery shoes that are a pretty good deal.  Let us know what you ended up with!

If you're heading to the mall to do shopping (instead of sitting at home in your pajamas), make sure you check out the coupons you can print and take with you HERE!

NOTE: It's looking like toys are not included in the "Eligible Items" for this discount, so don't waste your time on those. 

Sunday Newspaper Inserts for 2/14

This week, there will be only 1 coupon insert: A lonely little RedPlum. Click on the banner above to see what coupons will be included!

NOTE: Depending on the size of your city/newspaper, your inserts and coupons WILL vary.  Get the biggest paper around you to make sure you get the best coupons!  If you miss out on some good ones - never fear!  Go purchase several of the ones you want from TheCouponClippers or Ebay!

Walgreens Heads Up: FREE Crest Toothpaste

This coming week at Walgreens doesn't have much at all in the way of good deals.  If you haven't done the Vicks Dayquil/Nyquil/Puffs + Vicks Vapors RR Deal, then you might want to go for that.  Otherwise, there is one deal you will probably want to stop in for!

Buy (2) Crest Toothpaste or Pro-Health Rinse @ $3.50 ea ~ Get $2.50 RR

Buy (2) Crest Toothpaste = $7
Use (2) 75¢/1 from 2/7 P&G
Use $1.50/1 from Wags February Coupon Book (Deducts 2X)
Pay $2.50 ~ Get $2.50 RR
(Makes 2 FREE Tubes of Toothpaste!)


Buy (2) Crest Pro Health Mouthwash = $7
Use (2) $2/1 from 2/7 P&G
Pay $3 ~ Get $2.50 RR
(Makes it 25¢ ea!)

If you have a $1.50 RR from doing the 3 Musketeers deal this week, this would be a really good item to use it on. Just make sure to add a small filler item so that your ratio of MFR Coupons to Items equals out!


Belly Bands for Male Dogs with Incontinence Problems

(This popped up tonight on Amazon when I did a children's clothing search.  I couldn't help but crack up.  Don't get me wrong I might appreciate this product if I had a dog experiencing incontinence problems.  But fabric options?  Print, denim, cordory, or solid I can't imagine that there could possibly be that much of a demand.  I can think of tons of other things around my house that could be used for the same purpose for free.  I don't have a pet so obviously I am not the go to person to ask.  I HAVE to know do people really search Amazon for such a thing?)  

DISCLAIMER:  If you already have this product or are planning on buying it, please disregard statements above.   


Pick your color: Print, Solid, Corduroy, and Denim
Size: X-Small (12-14.5")XX-Small (10-11.5")Small (15-16.5")Large (21-24")Medium (17-20.5")

Product Description
These are for those male dogs with incontinence problems. Belly bands are made to prevent dogs from marking their territory when out and about. These belly bands are not intended to absorb pee, but to inhibit peeing. For urine absorption, just add a panty liner or tissue. Belly bands provide temporary aid to dogs with incontinence problems. Fashionable and useful. Velcro attachments for a secure fit.  Please measure around rear girth and allow extra room for a panty liner or tissue.
There is only one Customer Review HERE if you want more info.

A merry heart doeth good like medicine... Proverbs 17:22

Children's Place Update $2.99 and UNDER!!

Earlier today Jamie told you about The Children's Place
15% off printable Coupon

I (Kasey) am in Pigeon Forge on and have racked up at The Children's Place Outlet!!  Almost EVERYTHING is marked down $2.99 and under!!  I so wish I had this coupon yesterday when I was shopping.  Before we left I asked my husband if we could bring our printer, but after the "are you serious" look on his face I decided I could make it without one.  However, I have rethought that decision several times this week as I have seen Jaime post new coupons to print.   

Here are some pics below of what I got.  

Long Sleeve Polos,Cargo Pants, & Thermal Shirts
$2.99 ea- Tons of colors in both shirts & pants!

T-Shirt $1.99 ea         Wind Pants and Cords $2.99 ea

Fleece Pants and Sweatshirt  $2.99 ea

In the Big Girls I bought:

Shirt $2.99 ea                         Socks $0.99 - $0.49!

I couldn't believe the socks were that cheap!  I didn't know until I checked out that some of the socks were $0.49ea!  I don't know about ya'll but we are always needing socks at my house. 

Find yourself a Children's Place Outlet, get out your sled and get going.  By the way if you are in the Cleveland/Chattanooga area the outlets in Calhoun are only an hour away.  Can't stand the cold?  You can order online HERE - but the prices aren't quite as good.  More like $5.99 instead of $2.99.


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