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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Children's Place Update $2.99 and UNDER!!

Earlier today Jamie told you about The Children's Place
15% off printable Coupon

I (Kasey) am in Pigeon Forge on and have racked up at The Children's Place Outlet!!  Almost EVERYTHING is marked down $2.99 and under!!  I so wish I had this coupon yesterday when I was shopping.  Before we left I asked my husband if we could bring our printer, but after the "are you serious" look on his face I decided I could make it without one.  However, I have rethought that decision several times this week as I have seen Jaime post new coupons to print.   

Here are some pics below of what I got.  

Long Sleeve Polos,Cargo Pants, & Thermal Shirts
$2.99 ea- Tons of colors in both shirts & pants!

T-Shirt $1.99 ea         Wind Pants and Cords $2.99 ea

Fleece Pants and Sweatshirt  $2.99 ea

In the Big Girls I bought:

Shirt $2.99 ea                         Socks $0.99 - $0.49!

I couldn't believe the socks were that cheap!  I didn't know until I checked out that some of the socks were $0.49ea!  I don't know about ya'll but we are always needing socks at my house. 

Find yourself a Children's Place Outlet, get out your sled and get going.  By the way if you are in the Cleveland/Chattanooga area the outlets in Calhoun are only an hour away.  Can't stand the cold?  You can order online HERE - but the prices aren't quite as good.  More like $5.99 instead of $2.99.


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