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Saturday, January 16, 2010

NEW: $5 Off Rite-Aid Coupon

I'll have the Rite-Aid matchups done by tomorrow morning, however, you might as well get a head start by printing off this $5 Off $25 Rite-Aid Coupon!  This is a PDF file, so that means you can save it to your computer, and print it off again and again until 1/31 (the expiration date)! 
GO HERE to download this PDF Coupon
- Thanks DealSeekingMom!

CVS Highlights: 1/17 - 1/23

Well.  I just went through a very long list of ad prices to come up with very little worth your time.  I'm sorry guys, but there is just not much to jump up and down about this week at CVS.  These are the best deals I can find, but I was able to work out a pretty sweet scenario at the bottom using them!
*Print off a $5 off $30 coupon HERE when you take their Medicare Quiz!
*4 Different Rebates for buying Pepsico Products HERE


Valentine M&M's: $2.50 ~ Get $2 ECB wyb 2 *Sun., Mon. Tues. Only
Use $1/2 from 1/10 RP
(makes it $1 ea)

Airwick Mini-Kit: $4.99
Use $4/1 PRINT *Must Register First
(makes it 99¢ ea)

Pepsico Products Spend $20  ~ Earn $10 ECBs (Limit 2 Times)
*Pepsi 12-Packs $3.50
*Lays or Tostitos $3.50
*True North or Stacy’s Pita Chips 2/$6
Use $1/1 Stacy’s PRINT, or  PRINT
Use $1/1 True North PRINT or from the December All*You
*Gatorade, Sobe, or Pepsi 2 liter 4/$5
Use 50¢/1 from 1/10 RP

Crunchy Snack Scenario!
Buy (7) Stacy's Pita Chips/True North Nuts @ $21
Use (7) $1/1 Coupons
Pay $14 ~ Get $10 ECB
(Makes it $4 for all, or 57¢ ea!)

-There are 4 different rebates HERE. Read the fine print on each carefully to see which one you qualify for in your state.

BEST CVS Bonus Deals
*Through Feb. 14, CVS will have specially marked "BONUS ECB DAYS" items in stock.  These are easily identified by the red&white Bonus Days stickers on them.  Selection and quantity vary by store - so it may be hard to find these!

Oust Air Sanitizer $3.99 ~ Earn $3 ECBs (Limit 6 - Only do 3 per transaction)
Use B1G1 from 1/3 SS
(makes it FREE + $2 overage!)

Soy Joy 6 ct. Box $6 ~ Earn $6 ECBs (Limit 6 - Only do 3 per transaction)
Use $2/5 printing on some CVS receipts
(makes it FREE - $2 overage!)

Glade Fabric Spray $3.99 ~ Earn 3 ECBs (Limit 6 - only do 3 per transaction)
Use $1/1 from the Right at Home booklet
or 75¢/2 PRINT
($1 Q makes it FREE!)
*Submit for $5 SC Johnson rebate wyb 3!

Johnson and Johnson Head to Toe Wash, Baby Lotion or Bubble Bath $4.49 ~  Earn $2 ECB
Use $2/2 PRINT or $1/1 PRINT
(makes it $1.49 ea!)
*Submit for $5 SC Johnson rebate wyb 3!

★ Beginner Scenario ★

(7) Stacy's Pita Chips/True North Nuts @ $21
(1) Airwick Mini-Kit @ $4.99
(2) Bags of Valentine M&M's @ $5
Total: $30.99

$5/$30 Coupon
(7) $1/1 Stacy's/True North Coupons
$4 Air-Wick Coupon
$1 M&M's Coupon
Pay $13.99 ~ Get $12 ECB Back!
(Makes ALL of this only $1.99)

NOTE: You can use the $10 Pepsi ECB to pay for doing this deal AGAIN!  (Remember, the limit is 2.)

Walgreens Highlights: 1/17

This Walgreens ad is looking decent - I have kids, so I'm all about free Wet Ones, cheap cold medicine, and a good deal on diapers (mine are just recently potty-trained, but I still get that excited feeling when I see diaper deals!  Go figure!)


Wet Ones Antibacterial Wipes, 40 pk Canister: $2.00 ea ~ Get $1 RR wyb 2
Use (2) $1.50/1 PRINT
(makes 2 FREE!)

Neosporin Lip Health .26 to .5 oz $4 ~ Get $3 RR wyb 2
Use (2) $3/1 printable (IE) or printable (FF)
(use 2, makes it FREE plus overage)

Nivea Gel Body Wash $4.99 ~ Get $2 RR
Use $2/1 from 1/3 RP
(makes it 99¢ ea)

Pampers or Easy Ups $10 ~ Get $3 RR wyb 2
Use (2) $2/1 from 12/27 P&G
(makes it $6.50 ea)

Buy $20 of Vicks ~ Get $10 RR:{Vicks Nyquil or Dayquil 20 ct/ Liquid 10 oz, Vicks Formula 44 6 oz/ VapoSyrup 10 oz/ or Vapo Pads  5-6 Pak}:  $5 ea
Buy (4) for $20 + 2 Boxes of Puffs Tissues
Use (4) $2/1 PG 1/17 (or $1.50/1 from 12/27 P&G)
Also Use (2) Free Puffs wyb 2 Vicks from 12/27 P&G
(Makes it $12 OOP ~ Get $10 RR Back = 50¢ per medicine + FREE Puffs!)
NOTE: If you don't have the 12/27 inserts, just skip the Puffs and do the rest!

Buy $20 in Pepsico Products ~ Get $10 RR (Also See Rebate HERE)
*Pepsi 12-packs: $3 (Also includes many other products, Tostitos, etc...)
Buy 7 for $21 ~ Get $10 Back
(makes it $1.57 per pack!!)
TIP: I have several $1 RR lying around from doing the Electrasol Deal last week.  This is a good opportunity to roll over several low value RR since it will be easy to make your item/coupon ratio equal when buying 7 products!

Coupon Deals:

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese: 59¢ ea w/in-ad coupon
B3G1 from 12/13  SS
(makes it 44¢ ea)

Lindsay Olives: 99¢ ea w/in-ad coupon
Use $1/2 Lindsay Olives PRINT
(makes it 49¢ ea)

Planters Peanuts 12 oz: $1.99
Buy 2
Use $1/2 from the 12/13 SS & Game Day Greats Booklet
Stack WITH $1/1 Store Coupon from Walgreens Diabetes & You Booklet (Will deduct twice)
(makes it 50¢ ea)

Bayer Aspirin: $1.50 w/in-ad coupon
Use $1/1 from 1/3 SS or 10/25 RP
(makes it 50¢ ea)

★ Beginner Scenario ★
1) Buy (2) Canisters of Wet Ones @ $4
Use (2) $1.50/1 Q's
(Pay $1 ~ Get $1 RR)

2) Buy (2) Neosporin Lip Health @ $8 + Kraft Mac&Cheese @ 59¢ *for a filler item
Use (2) $3/1 Q's + $1 RR
(Pay $1.59 ~ Get $3 RR)

3) Buy (2) Pampers @ $20 + Kraft Mac&Cheese@59¢ *for a filler item
Use (2) $2 Q's + $3 RR
(Pay $13.59 ~ Get $3 RR)
*Like paying $5.50 per pack!
NOTE: If you don't have babies - substitute Pampers with Pepsico Products (No Kraft Filler needed for that one)
Pay $16.18 for $33.18 worth of products and use those $3 RR leftover to pay for a couple newspapers or save for next week!

- Thanks, AFULLCUP!

Sunday Newspaper Inserts for 1/17

This weekend we'll be getting a SmartSource & a Proctor & Gamble insert. 
Remember to always get the largest paper available to you, so that your inserts will be fatter and have more high-value coupons!  Also, if you have relatives or friends who live in big cities, ask them to send you theirs as well!

50 FREE Valentines Photo Cards!

(My Gorgeous Niece, Isabella!)

I mentioned this freebie in our Friday Freebie Stampede - but in case it went galloping by a little too fast to sink in, I wanted to point it out one more time - it's such a GREAT Freebie! (FujiFilm's online photo site) is offering a sweetheart of a deal for Valentine's Day:
Get 50 FREE Personalized PhotoCards!
New Customers Receive 50 FREE Prints!

You will need to be a new customer, or have a new email address to get the second, but for the first freebie you just need to enter the code "newbaby" at checkout!  Here's a little step-by-step:
  • CLICK HERE to register/sign-in at
  • Click on the size of photo cards you'd like to make
  • Personalize it!  SAVE IT!  Then change the order number from 1 to 50 pictures
  • Where it asks for a Promo Code, enter newbaby
  • Your order total will go from $45.49 to only $4.99 for shipping!
Get creative - think outside the box, use this opportunity to get something other than Valentine cards, like thank you cards or birthday invites, or go ahead and make Easter Greetings!

    Tutorial ~ A Full Cup

    This is a step by step tutorial to help guide you through the process of using a coupon database to search for specific coupons on A Full Cup

      Jaime posted some of the basics earlier in the week HERE in case you missed it.  The cat is out of the bag this resource is one of our "secret weapons" for getting insider info. 

    1.  Click HERE for link to A Full Cup.  If you haven't already registered click the circled Join Now, if you are already registered then go to the top right corner to log in.

    2.  After you have either registered or logged in move your curser to coupons on the navigation bar as you see above.  Scroll down to the first option, coupon database and click. 

    3.  If you are looking for a specific coupon, type the product in the circled box labeled description.  For example, I am searching for a coupon for coca-cola.  I tried coke first and only three coupons were available, so keep in mind the product name when you search. 

    Database provides specific details such as:
    1. Description of coupon
    2. Value of coupon
    3. Expiration date
    4. Type of Coupon (printable, newspaper insert, etc...)
    5.  Category product falls under


    After clicking "printable" I was directed to to print the coupon.  The coupon link at is powered by the most popular online printable site.  On the CVS website, the coupons are geared more toward CVS products and are different than the coupons offered on the typical  The same rules apply ~ typically two prints per computer.

    This is a scanned in copy of the printed coupon.

    We are often asked if there are ever coupons for produce.  Here under product description you can type in either "produce" or "fresh fruit."  Personally, I prefer to select all available coupons.  If you wanted to specify printable, blinkie, newspaper insert, etc.. you would indicate that here. 

    In this example the product description was left blank intentionally.  Instead, I have selected coupon type "tearpad" to find out what tearpads are available that I may be interested in.  Tearpads can be a gem of a coupon, however they are regional and seemingly few and far between.  It may surprise you so see the number of tearpads available.  Why?  They were not released in our region, ran out before you could get any, were available in a store you don't shop at, or the tearpad bandits may have swiped the entire tearpad.  Don't fret, you can keep an eye out since you know what tearpads are available or you can search for specific tearpads ebay.  For details on how to search ebay click HERE.

    Hope this helps you.  There are so many incredible resources available on, however it takes time to learn how.  This is the first segment of A Full Cup Tutorials.  Let us know if this has been helpful!

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