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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Walgreens Highlights: 11/29 - 12/5

There is a TON of Free, Cheap and even MONEYMAKING items at Walgreens this week - but it's going to take a little planning to match up your best coupon to the best items. They're making us work for it this week guys!  I've listed my favorite deals, but there are lots of items in the ad, so go HERE to check out other things you might need.  Remember that the November RR Deals end on Monday, and I'll try to update with December deals as soon as I can.

Coupon Deals

Ecotrin: $1.99 (w/in-ad coupon)
Use $2/1, $7/2 or $10/3 from 10/11 RP
($2/1 Q makes 1 Ecotrin FREE!)
Buy 2 Ecotrin + at least $3.09 worth of other items.
Use $7/2 Q + In-Ad Q
(makes everything FREE!)
Buy 3 Ecotrin + at least $4.03 worth of other items. 
Use $10/3 Q + In-Ad Q
(Makes everything FREE!)

FREE Olay in-shower Body Lotion wyb Olay Quench Body Lotion
Use BOGO from 11/29 P&G
(makes both FREE) *Try at your own risk - while technically the coupon freebie + sale freebie should deduct the cost of both items, many Walgreens will still hassle you about it.

Nivea Lip Balm: 99¢
Use BOGO Q from 11/1 RP
(makes it 50¢ ea!)

Cheapy-Cheaps (Good for Fillers!)

Christmas Votives: 16¢ w/in-ad coupon
Christmas Pencils: 12¢ w/in-ad coupon

RR Deals

Buy *4* Kids Dental Care Items at $2.50 ea ~ Get $5 RR
(Crest Sesame Street Toothbrush, Zooth Character Toothbrush, Oral-B Stages Toothbrush or toothpaste)
Use (4) $1/1 Oral B Stages/Zooth from 11/1 P&G
ALSO Use $1/1 from Walgreens Childrens Activity Book (Deducts 4X)
(makes it $2 ~ Get $5 RR = $3 Moneymaker!!)

Buy (2) Band-Aid Bandages at $1.50 ea ~ Get $1 RR
*You will need a $2 Filler Item to add to this purchase, or else your Walgreens coupon will BEEP!
Use (2) 50¢/1 from 8/2 SS
ALSO Use $2/1 from Walgreens Children's Activity Book (Deducts 2X)
(makes Band-Aids and Filler Item FREE ~ Get $1 RR = $1 Moneymaker!!)

Buy Complete Multi-Purpose Solution at $7.99 ~ Get $7.99 RR
Use $1/1 frm 10/25 RP
(makes FREE + $1 MoneyMaker!!)

Buy (2)  Oral B Floss or Floss Picks at $2.50 ea ~ Get $3 RR
Use $1/1 from 10/11 P&G (Exp. 11/30!) or 11/29 P&G
(makes it FREE!!)

Buy Glade Sense&Spray/Lasting Impressions/Reed Diffuser/3-Wick Candle at $5.99 ~ Get $2 RR
Use $4/1 Sense&Spray (*Printable that has reached its limit)
Use $3/1 Lasting Impression from 11/1 SS
Use $3/1 Glade Fragrance Collection from recent PARADE Magazine
(makes it Free to 99¢ depending on coupon!)

Buy (2) Glade products at $2.50 ea ~ Get $1 RR
(Scented Oil Holders/Refills, Plugins/Refills, 4 oz jar candle, 4 oz soy candle)
Use $1/2 Glade from November Coupon Book (Exp. 11/30!)
ALSO Use any of several coupons from 11/01 SS
(makes it as low as 25¢ if using the Free Scented Oil Refill Coupon!)

Buy (2) Nyquil or Dayquil at $5 ~ Get $5 RR
Use (2) $1.50/1 from 11/01 or 11/29 P&G
(makes it $1 ea!)

Buy (2) Quaker Breakfast Items at $2.50 ea ~ Get $2 RR
(Quaker Cereal, Oatmeal Pancake Mix, Chewy Granola Bars or Instant Oatmeal, Aunt Jemima Syrup, 12 oz.)
Use $1.25/2 Oatmeal or $1/2 Aunt Jemima from 8/30 RP
Use $1/2 Granola Bars for 10/11RP
(makes it 88¢ - $1 ea)


Robitussin DM To Go 2pk  $2.49 ~ Get $2.49 RR

Buy one Almay Pure Blends Foundation $9.99 ~ Get a $10 R

$5.99 Contrex 20ct (not a RR, but a month-long deal)
Use $3/1 from 11/1 SS (some areas got $1.50/1)
Use $3/1 from November Coupon Booklet (under store flyers)
(makes it FREE!)

Buy (3) Lubriderm Body Lotion, Fragrance Free 6oz @ $3.79 ~ Earn a $8 Register Rewards
Use (3) $2/1 coupons from 10/11 RP or $2/1 PRINT (already hit the limit, maybe it will reset?)
Use $1/1 Walgreens Q from Winter Diabetes Magazine (will deduct 3X)
(Pay $2.37 ~ Get $8 RR)

Dulcolax Balance $7 ~ Earn a $4 RR
Use $3/1 coupon found on package or $3/1 PRINT
Submit for $5 rebate here or on package
(makes it FREE plus up to $5 in overage!)

Buy 2 Theraflu at $5 each ~ Get $3 RR
Use (2) $2/1 coupon from 10/18 inserts (some areas got a $3/1)
Use $2/1 coupon in Walgreens Healthy Savings Booklet (Will deduct 2X)
(makes it 50¢ each to a $1 Moneymaker!)

Bic Sure Start Multi Purpose Lighter $3.99 ~ Get $1 RR
Use $1 off Bic Lighter PRINT
(makes it $1.99)

Buy one Almay Pure Eye Shadow $7.49 OR LipGloss $7.49 OR Mascara $6.99 ~ Get a $5 RR back

- Thanks, IHeartWags & Surviving The Stores for this week's coupon match-ups!

CVS Highlights: 11/29 - 12/5

There's only one freebie this week at CVS, an Accu-Check meter, but there are a couple good deals on Gillette Deodorant/Bodywash, Oral B Toothbrushes and Fiber Supplements (oooh..ahhhh).  Of course, if you've been trying to keep up with all the Black Friday ads and crazy grocery-store schedules, you won't mind too much a slow drugstore week.  Here's the deals that might tempt you to stop in:

ExtraCare Buck Deals

Accu-Check Aviva: $14.99 ~ Get $5 ECB
Use $10/1 from 8/23 or 11/01 SS
(makes it FREE!)

Zooth or Oral B Cross Action Toothbrush: $2.99 ~ Get $2 ECB
Use 75¢/1, $1/1 from 10/11, 11/01 P&G (Exp. 11/30!)
(makes it FREE - 24¢ ea!)

Nyquil/Dayquil Liquid 6 oz, 12 ct Liquicaps, or Vitamin C 10 ct: $4.99 ~ Get $4 ECB wyb 2
Buy 2, Use (2) $1.50/1 from P&G 11/01 or 11/29
(makes it $1.50 ea!)

Buy $25 Gillette Products ~ Get $10 ECB
(Body Washes: $2.99, Deodorant: $4.99, Razor: $9.99)
Best Bet: Buy (2) Body Washes, (2) Deodorants, & (1) Razor
(2) $1/1 Deodorant from 11/29 P&G
(2) FREE Body Wash Q's from 11/1 P&G (Exp. 11/30!)
(1) $4/1 Razor from 11/29 P&G
(makes it $13.97 ~ Get $10 ECB = 79¢ ea!)

Buy $20 Benefiber, GasX, or Maalox ~ Get $10 ECB
Buy (4) Benefiber at $5.39 ea
Use (4) $2/1 Coupons PRINT or PRINT
(makes it $13.60 ~ Get $10 ECB = 90¢ ea!)

Other Deals

Revlon Eye or Lip Products: BOGO
Buy 2, Use (2) $2/1 from 11/15 SS

Clearasil: $2 Off
Use $2/1 from the 9/27 SS or PRINT

-Thanks,BeCentsable & IHeartCVS!


The Winner of our Thankful Thanksgiving is ~!!!

You have won our random drawing for FREE Time 2 $ave Workshops. 

This is the email we received.  We pray blessings over you and your family.  What an incredible testimony to find joy and rest during such a difficult season. 

This year has been a difficult one for my family with the loss of my job and the birth of our third child. My husband has had to work 7 days a week at two different jobs while I have searched fruitlessly for another. The amazing blessing of all of this has been that we cherish the little time we have together each day and try to spend it doing things together. I have been able to spend more time with my 2 year old as well as volunteering at my 6 year old's school, 2 things I was hard pressed to do while working. To top it off, I have a beautiful new baby boy to love and care for and whose birth has brought us closer as a family as we come together to all take care of him. I am thankful for my family and friends this time of year and that I am able to spend more time with them now. I believe everything happens for a reason and as I draw near to the one year mark of being unemployed, I see that perhaps this was God's way of telling me to stop and take it all in and appreciate what I have as opposed to those things I may have wanted but did not need.  God Bless!

Send us an email at with your name and address and we will mail you a gift certificate.  Click the Couponing Workshop Tab and scroll down for a list of upcoming classes in 2010.

Many Blessings!!


Do you wait until too late to buy a Christmas Tree?
Get one tonight for $15.00

We told you about the 50% off one item under $30 at Ace Hardware today.  We just got a GREAT reader tip.  Our friend Stepanie, who is becoming quite the deal sniffer took the coupon to Lowe's and used it to buy a Christmas Tree!!  The trees were $29.95, with the Ace coupon it ended up being $15.00.  She said that there was a huge selection and that the trees were beautiful.  She had no problem with Lowe's accepting the Ace Hardware Coupon as a competitor coupon.  
This hot deal ends tonight, so call your Lowe's or Home Depot and make sure they will accept your coupon.  Find out what time they close, there may be some who are staying open later tonight because of the Holiday weekend, I don't know.  

Updated link HERE to print coupon.

Yea!!! No more waiting until the day before Christmas when they have all been picked over and you end up with a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree!!

Thanks Stephanie!!  

$121 ING Offer EXTENDED!

The deal I told you about yesterday has been extended one more day! 

Just open an "Electric Orange" account with ING banking, make *3* signature transactions in the next 45 days, and they will deposit $121 into your account on the 50th day!  This might be the first time EVER that I will have a little extra after the Holidays to take advantage of Post-Christmas sales!

HOT New Printables: Nestle, Coffee, Wheatables!

 There are a couple hot new coupons you might be interested in: and as always, if you want it, so does every other couponer out there, so print fast!!

Ace Hardware: 50% Off Today!

Updated link!!  HERE. has a printable (Good TODAY Only) for 50% Off any regularly priced item $30 or less.

Since most Home Depots and Lowe's will accept this as a competitor coupon, this is really good at any of the 3!  This would be great if you're finishing up a little home project before the Christmas, have a man-present to buy still - or even to use on very small Christmas Tree!  Go HERE to updateed link HERE to  print.

-Thanks, Couponing To Disney!

Tomorrow's Newspaper Inserts

This Sunday we are supposed to get 1 Newspaper insert - the Proctor & Gamble. However, there have been reports that due to lack of supply, some regions will not get any inserts AT ALL!  So when you make your paper run tomorrow, look before you buy to make sure you're getting your money's worth!

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