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Friday, October 30, 2009

Walgreens: Super-Secret Deals!

As you all know, Walgreens registers are sneaky like the ninja.  If you use a Register Reward earned from buying say..... Go-Go Boots - to pay for a 2nd pair of Go-Go Boots- then it will prevent the 2nd Go-Go Boots' RR from printing out.
That is why our "deal scenarios" involve switching back and forth between buying Item A & Item B - in order to keep using RR on products without keeping our rewards from printing.

Once in a great while though, Walgreens will have a Register Reward deal that is found to be "Rolling".  This means, that you could buy a pair of Go-Go Boots, use that RR to buy another pair, use that RR to buy a 3rd pair, and so on and so forth... 
This is one of those mysteries of the universe that is better left unpondered, but instead pounced upon!  And we've just found a few such items that have been "Rolling" for people- check it out!

Halls Refresh Cough Drops 20 ct is $1 ~ Get $1 RR (till 10/31)
That means, you can take the $1 you receive from Halls #1, and use it to buy Halls #2.  Not that we AT ALL suggest doing this until the shelf is empty, but if you are in need of a couple bags, then you won't have to worry about finding items to switch up with- which is nice!  A couple more items also said to be "Rolling" are:

Gilette Fusion razor $8.99 - Get back $6RR
$4/1 Gillette Fusion 9/27 P&G
(makes it FREE + overage!)

Trident Layers or Xtra Care Gum $1 - Get $1 RR Back wyb 2
Use 75¢/1 PRINT
Use $1.00/2 Triden Layers Gum PRINT
(Either coupon makes it FREE + Overage)

CVS Highlights: 11/1 - 11/7

 This week at CVS will be a GREAT week to stock up on Glade scented candles and cold medicine!  Of course, if you're stuffed up and needing cold medicine, the Glade candles will probably be a bit pointless, but everyone else around you will enjoy it!  There are also several BOGO's and gifty items on sale that you might be interested in (See the FULL AD). I'll add more coupons and deals to this list as I find them, but this should help you start getting things together if you're a Saturday shopper!

Nova Max Glucose Meter $9.99, Get back $9.99 ECB
(Makes it FREE)

Plackers Dental Flossers 90 ct. $2.99 ~ Get $2 ECB (Limit 1)
$1/1 from 11-01 RP
(Makes it FREE)

Buy Softsoap Ensembles hand soap Pump & Refill ($7.99, $3.99) ~ Get $4 ECB (Limit 1)
FREE Base wyb Ensembles Pump, 10-25
$1/1 Softsoap Ensembles Product from CVS $100 Coupon Book (CVS Store Coupon)
$2/1 Softsoap Pump WYB Disposable Base “Reinventing Beauty” (CVS store coupon)
(*Best Scenario: Use ALL THREE COUPONS above, to make these FREE!)

Buy $10 in Oral-B Pulsar ($5.99) or manual toothbrush single packs ~ Get $5 ECB
(Limit 1)
$1/1 Oral-B Pulsar, CrossAction, Advantage from 10-11 PG
BOGO Pulsar 9/13 RP (EXP 10/31!!!)
.75¢/1 Oral-B Pulsar, CrossAction, Advantage from  09-27 PG
(Buy 4 Pulsars, Use (2)BOGO + (2) 75¢/1.  Makes it $1.12 Moneymaker!)

Buy $10 in Glade Scented Oil Candle Refills or Holders(2/$5) ~ Get $3 ECB (Limit 3)
FREE Glade Refill Pack, WYB Scented Candles Holder - Blinkie
$1.50/1 Glade Scented Oil Candles Holder or Refill Pack (inside some packages)
$2/2 Glade Scented Oil Candles Products 09-20 SS (exp 10/31 only use on Saturday!)
Simple Scenario:
Buy (2) holders + (2) Refill packs @ $10 Total
Use (2) FREE refill pack blinkies +(2) $1.50/1 holders
Send in for $5 SCJohnson Rebate

(Pay $2 OOP ~ Get $3 ECB .... Makes it $6 Moneymaker!)

Gillette Disposable Razors 2-12 ct. $5.99  ~ Get $2 ECB (Limit 1)
$3/1 Gillette from 10-04 RP
(Makes it .99¢ ea)

Colgate Total Advanced or Total ~ Get $1 ECB (Limit 2)
$1/1 Colgate Total from 10-25 SS, 10-11 SS
$1/1 Colgate Total Enamel Strength Toothpaste - All You, November 2009
$1/1 PRINT
(Makes it .49¢ ea using $1.50 off Q)

Buy $20 of Cold Remedies ~ Get $10 ECB: Limit 1

*Afrin Nasal Spray 0.5 oz $6.50
$1/1 PRINT
$4/1 Afrin PureSea, Any (CVS Store Coupon) - CVS $100 Coupon Book

*NeilMed Sinus Rinse kit, refills 100 ct., or NasaFlo Neti pot w/50 ct. packets $11
$1.50; $2/1 (peelie)

*Ricola Drops or Lozenges $2
Ricola Natural Mixed Berry FREE wyb any bag of Ricola from 10-11 SS

*Tylenol Cold, Sinus 20-24 ct., cough, cold, or sore throat liquid 8 oz. $6
$1/1 Tylenol Cold, Cough, Sinus Or Allergy Product, 10-04 RP
$1/1 , $3/2 Tylenol Sinus Product - 09-13 RP
$1/1 PRINT

*Robitussin Liquid 4 oz. or cough & congestion caplets 20 ct. $5.50
$1/1 Robitussin Product, from 09-27 RP
$2/1 PRINT

*DayQuil or NyQuil Sinus LiquiCaps 12 ct., or Dayquil Mucus Control DM Liquid 10 oz. $5
$1/1 Vicks Nyquil or DayQuil 10-11PG
50¢/1 Nyquil Or Dayquil Product  from CVS $100 Coupon Book (Store Coupon)

*Sudafed 24 hr 10 ct., nasal decongestant 48 ct., 12-hr 20 ct., PE 20-36 ct., or OM Sinus Spray 0.5 oz. $7
$2/1 Sudafed Triple action, $2/1 Sudafed Sinus from 10-04 RP
$4/2 from 10-04 RP, 08-02 SS
$1.50/1 PRINT

*CVS/Pharmacy Saline Nasal Spray 1.5 oz $3.50
*Cepacol Lozenges 16-18 ct. or Spray .75 oz $4
*CVS/Pharmacy Cough Drops 25-30 ct $1

**Work This Deal**
#1- for those who have the $100 Flu CVS Coupon Book
Buy (1) Afrin $6.50
Buy (4) Ricola $4
Buy (1) Robitussin $5.50
Subtotal $20.00
Use (1) $4/1 Afrin Q + $1/1 Afrin Printable
Use (2) BOGO Ricola Q
Use (1) $2/1 Robitussin Printable Q
Final OOP: $9.00 ~ Get Back $10 ECB
(Makes it FREE + $1 Moneymaker)
If you have located the Season’s Savings booklet (found at CVS), use this $4/$20 Q  FIRST to reduce your OOP- making it a $5 Moneymaker instead!

#2- For those who DON’T have the CVS $100 Booklet, but have several 10-11 inserts:
Buy (10) Ricola ($20.00)
Use (5) BOGO Ricola
Pay $10 ~ Get Back $10 ECB
(Makes all FREE)

Schick Quattro Power Razor or 4ct refill $7.99 ~ Get $3 ECB (Limit 1)
(disposable coupons may not apply)
$2/1 from 9/27, 10/11 SS
$2/1 from  All You Special Issue-Look and Feel Your Best
(Makes it .99¢ using $4 off peelie, or $2.99 w/the $2 Q)

Buy (2) Coke 2 liters 2/$3 ~ Get $1 ECB (Limit 1)
(makes it $1 ea)

BOGO Deals:

All Revlon Eye or Lip psa $3.90-11.49 Limit 6

All CVS/pharmacy Batteries $2.49-14.99 Limit 6

Post Trail Mix Crunch, Shredded Wheat, Honey Bunches of Oats, Cocoa or Fruity Pebbles cereal 11-17oz (Limit 4)
Use $2/1 HoneyBunches of Oats w/Pecans PRINT
(makes it 99¢)

Kleenex facial tissues (Limit 4)
Use $1 Off Kleenex from $100 CVS Flu Book

Softsoap liquid hand soap 7.5-8.5oz (excludes Ensembles)

-Thanks, A Proverb’s Wife!

Contacting companies yields coupons & freebies!

One of the best ways to receive coupons (and sometimes even Freebies) for a product you enjoy, is simply to write the company.  Taking a few moments to send an email, expressing why you like (or dislike) their product, can turn out to be very worth the effort! 

Blogger Kristin, over at Couponing To Disney has been putting that into practice BIG TIME.  Over the past five months, she has contacted 250 companies, and made a list of their websites & the amazing results, some of which are listed below.  Check out what she has to say about it HERE!

  • Bar-S - (complimented) $5 VIP Bar-S certificate and 4 25c off 1 Bar S coupons
  • Beechnut Babyfood - (complimented) $5 off $5 worth of Beechnut products (plus 2 sheets of 6 various Beechnut coupons)
  • Buddig - (complimented) (2) Free Budding Products
  • Campbell's - $2 off any Campbells products
  • Cole's Garlic Bread - (complimented) Free loaf of Cole's garlic bread and 2 30c/1 Coles product.
  • Drano - (complimented) Free Drano product up to $6.75
  • Duracell - (complimented) Free any Duracell product up to 16 ct.
  • Eggland's Best - (compliment) - 1 free dozen of Eggland's Best eggs
  • Fisher Boy (compliment) (1) Free Fisher Boy Product
  • Hostess - (complimented) - 1 Free Wonder, Home Pride or Hostess product up to $2.50
  • J&J Snack Foods - Free pretzels and 50c off other various products
  • Kahiki - (compliment) (1) free product
  • Lakeview Farms - (compliment) (3) free Lakeview Farms
  • Michelina's - (complimented) (2) Free Michelina's products.
  • On-Cor - (complimented) 2 Free OnCor Entrees and one $1.00 off any OnCor
  • Oust - (complimented) Free Oust Air Sanitizer
  • Pepperidge Farm - (compliment) Pepperidge Farm any product free up to $3 and 2 50c/1 Pepperidge Farm Products
  • Raid - (complimented on them for saving me when a wasp got in my house) Free Raid Product
  • Red Gold - (complimented) (2) Free 14.5 oz cans of Red Gold tomatoes and 2 Red Gold 50c/2 tomato products
  • Sally Hansen - (complimented) $5 off a product and (2) $3 off a product
  • Scrubbing Bubbles - (complimented) Free scrubbing bubbles up to $4
  • Simply Asia - (1) Thai Kitchen free product, (1) Simply Asia free product, (2) 50c off Thai Kitchen product and (2) 50c off Simply Asia product
  • Sister Schubert - (complimented) 1 free pack of rolls
  • Skintimate - (complimented) Free Skintimate up to $4
  • Sobe Life Water - (complimented) Free Sobe Life Water
  • Sunsweet - (compliment) Any Sunsweet product free!
  • Sweet Baby Rays - (complimented) 1 free Baby Ray Product and $1 off 1
  • Windex - (complimented) (2) Free Windex products (the coupons were kind of stuck together so it was probably suppose to be 1)
  • WolfGang Puck Soups - (complimented) Free can of WolfGang Puck Soup

HOT: Nature Valley & Coffee Mate Printables!

Go get your HIGH VALUE $1.60/1 Nature Valley Nut Cluster coupon!
PRINT  (IE Link) or (FF Link)

And while you're at the printer, don't let this hottie pass you by:
$1/1 Coffee-Mate

While you're on, print out these high value coupons as well:

-Thanks A Thrifty Mom!

Old Navy $2 Costumes

Starting TODAY you can get costumes at Old Navy for only $2 each!  This would be great if you need a last minute costume, or to grab a couple for next year!  My kids are very picky, so I don't know if this would work for them, but if you have a baby or a perpetual "Princess", this should be a safe bet for you!
Also- here is a 15% Off coupon to sweeten your deals- just PRINT the image and take it with you!  (Scroll down to bottom of page)

*Call your local store to check on this deal, just to be sure!
-Thanks SouthernSavers!

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