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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day Freebie Reminders!

Here are a few deals to keep in mind for Earth Day!
Walgreens: Bring your empty (or nearly empty) ink cartridges to Walgreens to get them refilled for only $1!  Details HERE 

Origins: Bring an old or empty cleanser into any store with an Origins counter, and get a FREE Full-Size Origins Cleanser!  Details HERE

Home Depot: Stop by Home Depot to get your FREE TREE!  Details HERE

Books-A-Million: Bring in a re-usable travel mug to Books-A-Million tomorrow, and they'll fill it free!   You'll also get a FREE packet of seeds!  - Thanks, SouthernSavers!

Disney Store: Bring in *6* Recyclable bottles and get a FREE "Friends of Change" baseball hat.  Details HERE

Anyone know of any other great Earth Day Deals?  Let us know!

Score Kroger Gift Cards with RX Coupons!

Fabulous reader, Stacy, wrote in to tell us this wonderful news:

Rite-Aid often comes out with prescription transfer coupons, i.e. "Get a $25 Gift Card when you bring in a new or transferred prescription."
Kroger Pharmacy will accept competitor prescription transfer coupons!  They will load the amount as a credit onto your Kroger Plus Card - just make sure you have the competitor coupon with you!
If you brought your families' prescriptions in at separate times, you could really rack up on some big grocery money!  Here are some coupons you can use:

  • Rite-Aid: $25 Gift Card with any transferred prescription PRINT (Exp. 4/24!)
  • Kmart: $10 Gift Card w/ transferred prescription (Found in 4/18 Parade Magazine)
Have you seen any others that would work?

Frugal Mother's Day Gifts - Part TWO

Mother's day is drawing near - and I've rounded up a few gift ideas using coupons or promotional codes to save a little $$$ while you treat your Momma special!  Check back all week for a few more gift ideas each day.  The theme for Part One was "The Far-Away Mom" - in which we had a few deals for Flower Delivery, Photo Books, and Custom-Designed Mother's Day Cards.  The theme for Part Two is: "The Coffee-Lover Mom!"

Coffee (Of Course!):
One of my favorite deals we've ever showcased on Time2Save is the ongoing Gevalia Coffee Deal.  By trying out Gevalia's monthly service, you will get a SWEET Deal on delicious gourmet coffee or tea.  Kasey & I (jamie) have both done these deals and were so pleased!  You may cancel at any time, even after your first order.

Gevalia $14.95 OfferSee the *3* fantastic offers at left:

#1 - Get 3 Gourmet Coffees/Teas + Free Stainless Steel Travel Mug + FREE Shipping.  Pay only $3 Total!
CLICK Picture-Link at left for this offer.

#2 - Get 2 Premium Coffees/Teas + FREE Stainless Steel Coffeemaker + FREE Scoop + FREE Shipping.  Pay only $14.95 Total!   
CLICK Picture-Link at left for this offer.
Get 4 boxes of premium varieties of coffee! FREE C

#3 - Get 4 boxes of Premium Varieties of Coffee/Tea + FREE Stainless Steel Coffeemaker + FREE Stainless Steel Travel Mug + FREE Shipping!   Pay only $19.95 Total!   
CLICK Picture-Link at left for this offer.

    Coffee/Tea Mug:
    Go HERE to make a great photo-collage mug (Reg. $9.99) for only $1.99!  With shipping, your total will be about $5.67 - still around 1/2 Price!

    Homemade Biscotti & Gift Basket:

    Click Here is a great collection of homemade biscotti recipes.  Bake a dozen of these treats, dip or drizzle with melted dark/white chocolate, and tuck into a basket with the new mug and gourmet coffees!
    *I bet you can even find a GREAT deal on a basket at all these Easter Clearance sales....

    Food Lion Highlights: 4/21 - 4/27

    I'm liking Food Lion this week - mostly for stocking up on cookout supplies (Charcoal, Ground Chuck, BBQ Sauce) but also for the potatoes and Coffee-Mate!  I'm thinking through an even better charcoal deal involving that $3/1 Pork Flip as well - but I'm going to go on the forums and bounce the idea around first.  Let me know if you see anything great that I missed!
    • Get your Weekly Food Lion Printables HERE

    Ground Chuck $1.97/lb
    Carrots 2-LB Bag $1.29
    Russet Potatoes 5lb BOGO $2.88 ($1.44 ea)

    Best Grocery Deals:

    Print a $1/1 Nature's Place Coupon HERE -
    Get Nature's Place Veggies and more for around 19¢!

    Campbell's Tomato Soup 50¢
    Use $1/2 PRINT
    (makes it FREE)

    Cofee-Mate $1.66
    Use 75¢/1 Food Lion Printable
    Stack with 75¢/1 PRINT
    (makes it 16¢ ea!)

    Lender's Bagels BOGO $1.99 (99¢)
    Use $1/2 PRINT or 50¢/1 from March ALL*YOU
    (makes it 49¢ ea)

    Orville Redenbachers Popcorn BOGO $2.99 ($1.49)
    Use $1/2 from 3/28 SS or $1.50/4 PRINT
    (makes it 99¢ ea - $1.17 ea)

    Sargento Shredded Cheese B2G1 Sargento "Snack" Free @ $2.50 ea
    Buy (2) Shreds for $5 + 1 Free Sargento Snack
    Use (2) $1/1 PRINT or from 4/18 SS

    (makes it $1 per cheese!)

    Pictsweet Vegetables BOGO $2.99 ($1.49)
    Use $1/2 Blinkie
    (makes it 99¢ ea)

    Birds Eye Corn on the Cob 12-Pack $2
    Use $1/2 PRINT(IE) or PRINT(FF) or from 4/18 SS
    (makes it $1.50 ea or 12¢ per ear!)

    Kelloggs Raisin Bran/Frosted Flakes BOGO
    Use $1.50/2 PRINT or $1/2 inside some boxes
    Stack WITH $1/1 Food Lion E-Coupon (Must Text
    (makes it cheap!)

    Kingsford or Matchlight Charcoal (11-18 lb Bag) $8.99
    Get FREE Hidden Valley Ranch or KC Masterpiece
    Use $2 Off Beef wyb Charcoal Food Lion E-Coupon (Must Text)
    Use $1/1 from 3/21 SS
    Use FREE Glad product wyb Kingsford PRINT
    (makes it $7.99 for Charcoal, Hidden Valley Ranch or KC Masterpiece, Gladware & $2 worth of beef!)
    ** You could get 1 lb of Ground Chuck for your beef freebie!

    The Case of the Missing Classico Coupon...

    First there was a $1.50/1 Classic Coupon on  It disappeared within hours.
    Then a BOGO Classico Coupon appeared on  Reports quickly surfaced that it too had disappeared.  I was on the case.   I just spent time typing in every zipcode I know of  to no avail.   The second Classico Coupon is gone as well!  I'm starting to think Classico is a tease.....

    Not as good, but....  you can still get a $1/2 Classico Coupon RIGHT HERE

    Bi-Lo Highlights: 4/21 - 4/27

    This week at Bi-Lo might look small to some, but I'm happy to see cheap Dixie Sugar, cheap bananas, cheap Sirloin Tip, and FREE Marcal Facial Tissue!  If your Bi-Lo takes competitor coupons, I'll try to have some matchups for those by the end of the week too.  Do you see anything great that I missed?  Leave me a comment!

    *Remember*: At Bi-Lo, you don't have to buy *2* BOGO items to get each one for 1/2 price - so I have just listed the price of *1* item where a BOGO is concerned. 


    Beef Sirloin Tip Roast BOGO $2.24/lb
    California Strawberries BOGO $1.99/lb
    Bananas 44¢ lb

    Best Grocery Deals:

    Hormel Sandwich Meats/Chicken Strips BOGO $1.99 ea
    Use 55¢/1 PRINT or PRINT or look for blinkies/peelies
    (makes it 89¢ ea!)
    Keebler Fudge Shoppe BOGO $1.80 ea
    Use 55¢/1 from 3/7 RP or $1/1 PRINT
    (makes it 70¢ -80¢ ea!)

    Jolly Time Microwave Popcorn BOGO $1.35 ea
    Use $1/2 "Healthy Pop" PRINT
    (makes it 85¢ ea)

    Dixie 4lb Sugar $1.98
    Use 50¢/1 from 3/14 SS
    (makes it 98¢ ea!)

    Classico Spaghetti Sauce $2
    (makes it $1 ea)

    Emerald Mixed Nuts, Cashew Halves $2.50
    Use $1/1 from 3/14 RP (Exp. Sunday)
    or Yellow Peelie on some canisters
    (makes it $1.50 ea!)

    Hebrew Beef Franks BOGO $2.50 ea
    Use 75¢/1 from 3/7 SS
    (makes it $1.75)

    Fast Fixin' Chicken Nuggets BOGO $3.49
    Use $1/1 PRINT or $1/1 or $1.25/1 from May ALL*YOU
    (makes it $2.24 - $2.49 ea!)

    Pompeain Olive Oil 16oz BOGO $3.50 ea
    Use $1/1 PRINT
    (makes it $2.50ea!)

    4C Bread Crumbs BOGO 85¢ ea
    Allens Italian Cut Green Beans 28 oz Can BOGO $1.25 ea
    Edy's Ice Cream 48oz Carton BOGO $2.94 ea

    Best Household Deals:

    Marcal Small Steps BOGO's:
    Facial Tissue BOGO 85¢ ea -or- Napkins BOGO $1.49 ea
    Use $1/1 from April Redbook/Family Circle or March Ladies Home Journal
    (makes it FREE - 49¢!)

    Dawn Dish Soap $1
    Use 50¢/1 from 4/4 P&G
    (makes it FREE!)

    Infusium 23 $3.99
    use $3/1 from May ALL*YOU
    (makes it 99¢)

    Clorox Green Works Laundry Detergent 45 oz BOGO $4.50 ea
    Use $1.50/1 from 4/18 SS
    (makes it $3.50 ea)

    Harvey's Deals - 4/21 - 4/27

    Here are the Harvey's Deals to watch for this week:

    Don't Miss these Great Harvey's Printable Coupons:

    $2/$5  Purchase in the Produce Department
    $2/3 Gallons of Nursery Water
    $1/3 Coca-Cola Products (2 litre)
    $1/2 Bags of Lay's Kettle Chips

    Wednesday Super Savers - Good for April 21st Only:

    Harvey's Brand Sugar (10 lb) - $3.99
    Harvey's Brand Tea Bags - B1G1 FREE (at $1.79)
    Pork Chops - $1.29/lb
    Plantation Quail (12 ct) - $12.99
    Russet Potatoes (10 lb) - $2.99
    Whole Chicken Wings - 10/$6


    Strawberries - $2/lb
    Yellow Squash - .99/lb
    Cantalopes - 3/$5
    Bananas - .49 cents/lb - Saturday Super Saver
    Russet Potatoes (5 lb) B1G1 FREE - (at $3.99)
    Red Grapes - $1.69/lb

    Fresh Express Salad Kit - $2
    Use $1.50/2 from 2/21 SS
    (makes it $1.25 each)

    Fryer Leg Quarters - .49/lb
    Semi Bonless Ribeyes - $4.99/lb
    Smoked Picnics - .99/lb
    Bonesless Chuck Roast - $2.99/lb
    Pork Cube Steak or Boneless Sirloin Pork Chops - $1.99/lb
    Pork Spare Ribs - $1.79/lb
    Ground Beef - $1.69/lb - Saturday Super Saver

    Oscar Mayer Ham & Cheese - B1G1 FREE
    Use $1/2 cold cuts from 3/7 SS

    Jimmy Dean Sausage - 2/$5
    Use $1/2 from 3/28 RP
    (makes it $2)


    Malt-o-Meal Cereal (select varieties) - $1.67
    Use .75/1 PRINT
    (makes it .92 cents)

    Kellogg's Pop-Tarts - 3/$5
    Use $1.25/3 from 3/28 RP
    (makes it $1.25 each)

    Idahoan Specialty Potatoes - B1G1 FREE (at $1.29)
    Buy 4 and use .75/3 PRINT
    (makes it .46 cents each)

    Betty Crocker Cookie Mix - $1.50
    Use .40/1 from 3/28 SS or PRINT

    (makes it as low as .70 cents) - with doubled SS coupon

    Peter Pan Peanut Butter - $1.67
    Use $1/2 from April All You Magazine
    (makes it $1.17)

    Lay's Kettle Chips - $2.49
    Buy 2 and use $1/2 Harvey's Coupon PRINT
    (makes it $1.99 each)

    Bush's Baked or Grillin Beans - $1.67
    Buy 2 and Use $1/2 Grillin Beans from 4/18 SS
    (makes it $1.17 each)

    Daisy Sour Cream - $2.50
    Use .60/1 from 3/28 SS
    (makes it $1.90)

    Other Grocery Deals:

    Dixie Lily Grits - B1G1 FREE (at $1.59)
    Vlasic Pickles - B1G1 FREE (at $2.99)
    Vlasic Relish - B1G1 FREE (at $1.79)
    Vlasic Sweet Gherkins - B1G1 FREE (at $3.59)
    Blue Bonnet Spread - .69 cents


    Purex Liquid Laundry Deterget - B1G1 FREE
    Use two $1/1 Natual Elements PRINT or
    Use .35/1 from 4/18 RP

    Cascade Dish Detergent (75 oz) - $3.99 - Saturday Super Saver
    Use .50/1 from 4/04 P&G
    (makes it $2.99)

    Vaseline Sheer Infusion Lotion - $4.99
    Use $3.75/1 from 4/11 RP
    (makes it $1.24)

    FLIPs & HIPs for the week of 4/21

    PDF NOTE: To print the PDF versions of the FLIPs (PDF allows you to print as many as you want, whenever you want!) simply become a member of WeUseCoupons and you'll be able to access them from now on without logging in or anything.  Happy Printing!

    75¢/1 CoffeeMate Original 32 Oz Liquid Creamer
    $1/1 Nesquick 100 Calorie 4-Pack
    $1/3 Food Lion Ketchup
    $1/2 Simply Potatoes, Hash Browns or Diced Potatoes 
    PRINT PDF (Exp. May 4th)

    $1/2 boxes of Food Lion Mac and cheese
    $1/2 packs Merita hamburger or hot dog buns (8 or 12 ct)
    $1/1 any size JIF Peanut Butter
    $1/1 package Nabisco Chips Ahoy cookies
    PRINT PDF  (Exp. 4/27)

    $2 off $5 purchase in the Produce Department
    $2 off (3) gallons Nursery Floridated Water
    $1 off any (3) 2-Liter Coke Products
    $1 off (2) bags Lay's Kettle Chips
    PRINT PDF (Exp 5/4)

    $1/2 Kraft Salad Dressings
    $1/1 Food Lion Garlic Toast (including Three Cheese Toast)
    $1/1 Morton’s Salt
    $2/1 any Kingsford Charcoal *Great to go with the $2 Off BEEF wyb Kingsford!
    PRINT PDF (Exp. 4/27)
    *Thanks to IHeartPublix for the PDF Files!

    Vera Bradley: Up to 65% Off!!

    Harriet Kisslock Purse in Vintage Rose: $16 (Reg. $45)
    (I ❤ this purse!)

    Vera Bradley already has tons of items on sale up to 60% Off in their online store.  But right now you can get an EXTRA 20% OFF sale prices - just in time for Mother's Day!  The 20% will come off at checkout, and you must order between 4/21 - 4/25.
    I just saw lots of bags for around $20 - $25, which is very affordable for a Vera Bradley bag (or any purse for that matter!)  Go HERE to peek around.

    Publix Highlights: 4/21 - 4/27 (or 4/22 - 4/28)

    I'm doing the dance of joy over this week's Publix List!  There are just so many good deals - the highlights just kept on coming!  I'm hopeful that most of you will be able to get your hands on the recent Publix Booklets - but if not, BOGO + a coupon is still a pretty good deal.

    Best BOGO Deals:

    Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta $1.80 (90¢)
    Use $1/1 from various magazines
    or $1/2 PRINT
    (makes it 40¢ = FREE!)

    Post Selects Cereal $4 ($2)
    Use $2/1 PRINT
    (makes it FREE!)

    Windex $3.39 ($1.69)
    Use (2) $1/1 PRINT
    Stack with $1/2 Publix Q from "Value In The Family" Booklet
    (makes it 69¢ - 19¢!)

    Shout Laundry Stain Remover $3.00 ($1.50)
    Use 55¢/1 from 3/21 SS
    Stack with $1/1 Publix Q from"Value In The Family" Booklet
    (makes it FREE)

    Pillsbury Toaster Streudel $2.20 ($1.10)
    Use $1/1 PRINT or 55¢/2 PRINT
    (makes it 10¢ ea!)
    Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers
    Use 50¢/1 PRINT or 3/28 SS
    (makes it 20¢ ea!)

    Yo-Plus 4 Pack Yogurt $2.50 ($1.25)
    Use $1/1 PRINT or  PRINT or 3/21 SS
    or 50¢/1 from 4/18 SS (Will double)

    (makes it 25¢ ea) *YOGURT FREEZES WELL!

    Edwards Pie Singles $2.50 ($1.25)
    Use $1/1 PRINT
    (makes it 25¢ ea!)

    Whole Fruit Sorbet $2.89 ($1.44)
    Use 50¢/1 from 3/28 RP
    (makes it 44¢ ea)

    Betty Crocker Cookie Mix $2.70 ($1.35)
    Use 40¢/1 PRINT
    (makes it 55¢ ea!)

    Glade Plugins Scented Oil Refills $5.49 ($2.74)
    Use $2/3 PRINT or $1/1 from 4/11 SS
    Stack with $1/1 from Publix "Value In The Family" Booklet
    (makes it 74¢ - and up)

    Simply Potatoes $2.49 ($1.25)
    Use $1/2 FLIP
    (makes it 75¢ ea!) *Thanks Leighannie!

    Cheez-its Duos $3.30 ($1.65)
    Use 75¢/1 PRINT
    Stack with $2/2 from Walgreens April Booklet or $1/1 Rite-Aid Video Values Q *If your Publix accepts either of those!

    (makes it 90¢ - FREE ea!)

    Campbell's Chunky Soup $2.40 ($1.20)
    Use 50¢/2 from 2/7 SS or $1/3 PRINT
    (makes it 70¢ - 87¢ ea!)

    Kelloggs Cereals $3.99 ($1.99)
    Use 70¢/1 Blinkie, or $1.50/2 from 3/28 RP
    (makes it $1.24 ea)

    Nature Valley Granola Bars $5.50 ($2.75)
    Use  40¢/1 PRINT or PRINT
    (makes it $1.95 ea)

    Other Deals:

    *Benadryl Allergy, *Benadryl Cream or *Sudafed (18-24 ct) $3.99
    Use $5/2  from 4/11 RP
    Stack with $1.50/1 Green Advantage Buy Flyer (expires Friday!)
    (Get (2) FREE if your store allows 2 Advantage Buy Coupons!)

    Midol $3.69
    Use $2/1 PRINT
    Stack with $2/1 from Green Advantage Buy Flyer
    (makes it FREE!)

    Cascadian Farm Frozen Fruit $2
    Use $3/2 Publix Q PRINT
    Stack with $1/1 PRINT
    (makes it 32¢ ea) *Fruit Smoothies anyone?

    Snyder's Organic Pretzels $2
    Use $1/1 from 4/11 SS
    Stack with 50¢/1 Publix Q PRINT
    (makes it 50¢ ea)

    DelMonte Fruit Chillers $1.67
    Use $1/1 PRINT
    (makes it 67¢!)

    Pepperidge Farm Garlic Toast $1.35
    Use 55¢/1 PRINTf
    (makes it 75¢ ea!)

    Sargento Shredded Cheese $2
    Use $1/1 Reduced Sodium Variety PRINT or 4/18 SS
    (makes it $1)

    Old Orchard Juice $2
    Use BOGO from May ALL*YOU
    Also use 55¢/1 Blinkie
    (makes it 73¢ ea!)

    All Small & Mighty Laundry Detergent, 32 to 50 oz bottle, $2.99
    Use 50¢/1 MFR Q from One Stop, One Store booklet (exp 4/21)
    Use $2/1 or $1/1 50 Oz.from 2/7 RP
    (makes it as low as 99¢!) *Those $2/1 Coupons Expires VERY SOON

    Huggies Deals!:

    Huggies Baby Wipes (183-214) $4.99
    Use 50¢/1 from 4/18 SS *Will Double
    Stack with $1.50/1 from Publix One Stop. One Store Booklet
    (makes it $2.49!)

    Huggies Diapers (Reg. Price)
    Use $2/1 In-ad Coupon *No size requirement!
    Stack with $3/1 PRINT
    (makes it $5 off!)

    - Thanks, IHeartPublix!

    Publix Penny Item: Greenwise Paper Towels


    This week's Publix Penny Item is..... 
    Publix Greenwise Paper Towels!

    *See the Publix Highlights for this week HERE*
    Remember:  The Penny Item coupon must be presented at time of purchase.  It can be found in your Wednesday (or Thursday, if that's when your ad starts) newspaper.  You must have at least $10 worth of items BEFORE coupons are deducted to get the 1¢ item.  One Penny Item per customer.
    Helpful hints for the newspaper hunt:
    *These were tips I received from readers, if you have found it elsewhere, please leave a comment!  I don't do my shopping on Wednesday, so I don't buy that paper.

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