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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nabisco Facebook Coupon TODAY!

Just a reminder to go sign up as a fan of Nabisco HERE in order to score your free BOGO Chips Ahoy Coupon!

While you're there, we would just love it (batting eyelashes) if you would stop over to OUR little 'ole facebook page and be our fan as well!  We really like all our readers (that's you!), and we would really like to encourage a feeling of community amongst you guys in any way possible.  Facebook is just one of those little ways to let Time2Savers meet, greet, discuss and spread the coupon bug!

Food Lion Mighty Dog MoneyMaker!

If you've been wondering if that Food Lion Pet Coupon could make any really good deals, then I'm here to tell you, it can!  Here is a fantastic deal from a thread on AFullCup:

Purina Mighty Dog Single Cans are on sale 60¢ ea
There is also a catalina deal going on right now for Mighty Dog 5.5 oz cans:
Buy 6 cans & get $1 OYNO
Buy 12 cans & get $2 OYNO
Buy 24 cans & get $3 OYNO

Do This Deal:
Buy 12 cans @ 60¢ each = $7.20
Use $2/$5 Pet FLIP
Use (2) $2/6 PRINT
(Pay $1.20 ~ Get $2 Off Your Next Order = 80¢ MoneyMaker!)

6PM: Dickies Medical Uniforms $7.80!

Spring is right around the corner, and if you work in the medical field, there are some cute Springy Dickies Scrubs priced as low as $7.80 on this week!   6pm is a great site for finding super-low deals on name-brand clothes & shoes - however the deals only last 1-day to 1-week.  So if you see something you like, get it while it's hot!

Also on clearance this week:

Target Deals: 2/28 - 3/6

I know I'm running behind today guys - and I apologize for that.  We promised our boys we'd switch their bedrooms a few days ago, and today was finally the day we kept our word!  Four hours later, and we're only about halfway through, but we needed a break.  Here are my favoriteTarget deals for the week - To see the full list of deals with daily updates, go see Kerry over at TotallyTarget!

Grocery/Household Deals:

Buy 4 Kashi Snacks ~ Get 1 FREE Kashi Snack
Heart to Heart Crackers $2.59 or Cereal $2.88
$1.50/1 Heart To Heart Cereal/Crackers PRINT or PRINT
(Use 4 Coupons = 88¢ - $1.38 per box!)
TLC Bars $2.50
$1.50/2 PRINT *might reset tomorrow, since 1st day of month
(Use 4 Coupons = $1.47 per box!)

Nabisco Wheat Thins/Triscuits: $1.93
Use $1/1 from 1/24 SS
Stack WITH $1/2 Target Q PRINT
(makes it 43¢ ea!)

Kraft Cheese Shred/Chunk $2 - $2.39
Use $1/2 from 1/24 SS
Stack WITH $1/1 Target Q PRINT
ALSO use $1/1 Target Mobile Q
(makes it as low as 50¢ ea)

Glade Plugins Gel Warmer $1.66
Use $1.50/1 from 1/24 RP
(makes it 16¢.  Buy 3 & Submit for $5 SC Johnson Rebate HERE)

Gillette All Over Clean Hair & Body Wash 8.4 oz $1.99 (regular price)
and Gillette Hydrator + Body Wash 8.4 oz $1.99 (regular price)
Use $4/2 from 2/21 P&G

(makes 2 FREE Gillette Body Wash!)
*Note, if you're having trouble finding these, check near the front by checkout lanes, on endcaps, or just ask.  However, they might simply be cleaned out!

GE Reveal 60 watt light bulbs 4pk $2
Use $1.50/1 Target Q PRINT
Stack WITH $1/1 from 1/3 SS or $1/2 PRINT

(makes FREE - 75¢ ea)

Gift Card Deals:

Buy 3 Olay Total Effects Body Washes ~ Get $5 Target Gift Card
Buy 3 Venus Breeze or Embrace Razors $4.99 each (New "budget" pack)
Buy 3 Olay Total Effects Body Wash for $5.50 each
Use (3) $2/1 Venus Embrace or Spa Breeze 2-7-10 PG
Use (3) B1G1 Free Olay Bodywash wyb Venus 2-7-10 PG
Pay $8.97 OOP ~ Get $5 Target Gift Card
Submit for $15 Olay MIR HERE
(Makes it FREE + $11.03 Money Maker!)

Buy 2 Tide Liquid Detergent 75 oz @ $9.99 ~ Get $5 Target Gift Card
Buy 2 Tide w/ Febreeze $9.99 ea
Buy 2 Tide Stain Release $5.99 ea
Use $1/2 Tide from 2/7 P&G
Use (2) $1.50/1 Tide Target Q from 2/21 RP (or Hanging on some bottles!)
Use (2) Buy Tide Get Stain Release FREE from 2/7 P&G
Pay $15.98 ~ Get $5 Target Gift Card
(Makes it $10.98 for all 4 Items!)
NOTE: This will also put you almost $32 closer to the $50 in P&G receipts you need to get the $100 P&G Coupon Book HERE!

- Thanks,Kerry over at TotallyTarget!!!t

50¢ ALL at Target & Wal-Mart!

It's Back!

If you have been holding onto that $2/1 ALL Detergent Coupon from the 2/7 RP-  just waiting for a really sweet deal - then your day has come!!  Big Lots has All Detergent on sale 2/$5 this week, but alas, they don't accept MFR coupons.  Here's how to get 50¢ bottles of detergent:

1) Go to Big Lots and snag their weekly ad off the stand (or maybe you got it in your paper).
2) Take it to Target or Wal-Mart and do a price-match (Target may say "No" on the grounds that the wording reads "2/$5".  They are becoming quite picky at some Targets....)
3) Use your $2/1 Coupon to get it for 50¢ a bottle!

- Thanks, KrazyCouponLady!

Rite-Aid Deals: 2/28 - 3/6

It's the week of crazy-name mystery ointments for 99¢!  I tried to figure out what they were for you before I listed them, some of the are totally crazy.  Besides that, there are a few freebies and cheapies - let me know if you see anything great I missed!
I put together a pretty easy scenario at bottom, and I've tried to make it accessible to anyone who has coupons from the last few weeks to do.

Best Rebate Deals:

Listerine Pocket Packs $3.99
Submit $3 SCR
Use 50¢/1 or $1/1 from 1/3 RP
(makes as low as FREE)

Efferdent Denture Cleanser tablets $5.99
Submit $5 SCR
Use 55¢/1 from 1/31 SS or $1/1 from 6/14 SS
(makes as low as FREE)

Gillette Series or Satin Care Shave Gel $1.99
Submit $1 SCR
Use $1/1 or 55¢/1 from PG 2/7
(makes as low as FREE)

Almay Cosmetics BOGO 50% Off
Submit $5 SCR
Use (2) $2/1 from 2/7 SS
(makes the $5.99 Mascaras FREE, other prices vary)

Suave Shampoos/Conditioners/Stylers $1.99
Submit $1 SCR
Use 50¢/1 Suave Kids from 1/3 RP
(makes it 50¢!)

Acnomel (Acne Treatment) $6.99
Submit $6 SCR
(makes as low as 99¢)

Anti-Monkey Butt (See HERE) $3.99
Submit $3 SCR
(makes as low as 99¢)

Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser (So Many Uses! See HERE) $7.99
Submit $7 SCR
(makes it 99¢)

Proantinox (urinary tract cleanser) $7.99
Submit $7 SCR
(makes it 99¢)

Best Coupon Deals:

Renu Eye Drops 99¢
Use $1/1 PRINT
(makes it FREE)

Ivory 3-pack 99¢
$1/1 Rouge Mag
(makes it FREE)

Carefree Ultra Pantiliners 99¢
12/28 Only: Use $2/2 Rite-Aid Video Values (exp. 2/28)
Use $1/1 from Feb. Good Housekeeping or Woman's Day
$1/2 from 1/3 RP
(makes as low as FREE or better!)

Kotex Light Days 99¢
Use $1.50/2 PRINT
(makes it 24¢ ea)

Kashi Cereal BOGO $4.49
Use (2)$1.50/1 PRINT
(makes it about 75¢ ea!)

Schick Quattro Razor for Women $6.99
Use $4/1 from 2/28 SS
(makes it $2.99)

Venus Razor $8.99 ~ Get Olay Body Lotion or Wash FREE
Venus Razor $8.99
Large Olay Lotion $7.99 (Free with Venus Purchase!)
Large Olay Body Wash $7.99
Total Before Coupons: $16.98
Use the $3/$15 first
Olay Lotion will ring FREE for Rite-Aid Promo
Use $2/1 Venus from 2/7 P&G
Use Free Olay Body Wash wyb Venus from 2/7 P&G
Pay $3.99 for all 3!

(2) Renu Eye Drops $1.98
(2) Carefree Ultra Pantiliners $1.98
+ Items in the Venus Deal Above
Total = $20.96
Use $5/$20 Rite-Aid Video Values Q
Use (2) $1/1 Renu Q's
Use (2) $1/1 Carefree Q's (+ The Jan. VideoValues Q if you have it)
Use $2/1 Venus Q
Use FREE Bodywash wyb Venus Q
Pay: $1.97 - FREE
Take Home (2) Eye Drops, (2) Pantiliners, Venus, Bodywash, Lotion

- Thanks, ForTheMommas!

Last Day of the Month: Print Coupons Now!

I guess since it's a short month, the last day kind of snuck up on me - but tomorrow is March!  Some of the coupons on, Redplum, & Smartsource will be disappearing to make way for new coupons tomorrow - so its best to print any you might want TODAY!

Just click on the links above to reach the sites, and et us know if you notice any new ones while you're doing your printing!

Simplify Sundays: 2/28 (De-Clutter Your Car)

Debby McCuiston, self-proclaimed "Queen of Clutter-Free", does a segment for us each Sunday on simplifying our lives, getting rid of "clutter", and focusing on what's important.  We're really excited about this new segment - and hope you are too!  Take it away Debby....

In case you are wondering if I got kept my promise from last week (getting rid of my collection of fabric) Yes!!! I did. I gave away 8 kitchen garbage bags full of fabric. It was very hard but I kept telling myself what a blessing that fabric would be to someone else.  When I finished, I felt very happy to be able share something that meant so much to me.
With spring just around the corner I thought we might address the condition of our cars. At times during the next few months many of us will feel like we live in our cars. If you have kids in any sport or band or belong to the many other things that require us to be on the road from sun up until sun down, you probably know that feeling all to well. 
As I was trying to gather my thoughts together for this week's article, I was reminded of one of my daughter's first dates. She was introduced to this young man by a friend. He lived out of town and was coming into town to visit family. While he was in town arrangements were made for my daughter to meet him and go out on a "get to know each other" date. My darling daughter said he seemed nice and was very impressed with the picnic he had prepared himself. The problem started when he opened the door for her to climb up in the truck. Nothing could have prepared her for the avalanche of garbage that landed at her feet after he opened the door. At that point my beautiful daughter realized this relationship was on a slippery slope. Her first impression was that if this young man did not care anymore than to take a few minutes to pick up the garbage in the floor board, he need not plan on a 2nd date. First impressions on something so simple can make or break a relationship.
Would you want the first impression someone has about you be the inside of your car? With all the stress that is involved in driving in today's traffic and getting from here to there, driving around in a garbage can only add to the stress.  We would never let anyone in our home if we had spent the week throwing every food wrapper in the floor. Or if we had thrown our dirty clothes all over the living room and then stacked everything and anything we carried around for the week on top of any surface available.  So why in the world do we ask our friends and family to get in and ride around in all that yuck!? I know by the time we get to our destination and unload children, groceries and anything else that we pick up on our way, the last thing on our mind is the Cheerios that are now laying in the floor board. But by the end of the week with all the forgotten food, wrappers, lost school papers and coupons that have found their way under the seat, in the carpet and ground into the seat covers we find ourselves riding around in our own customized garbage truck. Do we allow this to happen because we are too busy to take care of what we have been blessed with? Or is it a lack of self-respect that we have given up caring about the impression others may get of us? I know first impressions aren't always true or should not always be what we base our relationships on, but what would you think about that  person the first time you where ask to get in and ride in the garbage truck.  Because a young man didn't value the time he would spend with my precious daughter enough to clean out his truck, he missed the opportunity to get to know her better. (She did meet and marry the man of her dreams and he cleans his car out every time he gets gas). I would hate to think I missed out on ministering to someone or developing a new friendship because I couldn't find the time to clean my car. 
I know it seems so shallow to base so much on a clean car but the inside of our car (like the inside of our home) is a reflection of what is going on inside of us. If we are in turmoil, stressing about what we believe God is not doing, then we are a wreck on the inside. Because we allow all that the spill out of us it has to end up somewhere. Look around you and see what have you allowed to spill out of your cup. Is it a mess where every you go inside and outside of your life? Sometimes it takes getting the outside in order to be able to start to work on the inside. Picking up the garbage in our lives is never as easy as sweeping up a few Cheerios, so start with the easy stuff first. By creating a clean and  orderly environment we are able to let theLord teach us how to let go the stuff that weighs us down . Start spring cleaning in the place you spend the most time (your car). You will be pleasantly surprised how much easier your day goes and how the impression you leave with others will be much more positive. Take a few minutes to get your car ready for spring! It's as easy as taking a few of those plastic bags we get at the grocery store and making a plan to keep your car clean and stress free. Now turn up the music and sing like no one is listening and enjoy--Spring is right around to corner!
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