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Saturday, January 2, 2010

NEW!! Simplify Sundays

We would like to introduce you to a very special lady named Debbie McCuiston.  She is going to be doing a segment for us each Sunday on simplifying our lives, getting rid of "clutter", and focusing on what's important.  We're really excited about this new segment - and hope you are too!  Take it away Debbie....

Since this is the first of (hopefully of many) ways to simplify your life, let's get started. If you are like most of the people in America you have made you new year's resolutions. I don't write them down anymore, that way there is no real  evidence that they ever existed when by the 2nd wk in Jan I have totally forgotten all about them.
The best advice I can give you at this point is-- make up your mind. Reality is you can not lose those 50 pounds and repaint the house or organize your life all by May.   
Stop trying to do it ALL!!!!!

Make a list of what you want to accomplish in the  span of the next 24 hours. Then get started, stop making up reasons why you can't do it. Make it a priority!!! Right now mine is getting christmas stuff put away so I can see what needs to be done. So as we speak my darling husband (no I don't rent him out) is packing up the decorations so I can write. Our goal is to have them done before bed tonight. If you have already put yours away, I am impressed!!! So go get that junk drawer cleaned out. Do one small thing  each day this week to make your goals for the new year a reality. Spend no more that 30 minutes a day, BUT make sure you work on the project for the whole time not thinking about it or pondering what else you could be doing. DO NOT go on to another project until you complete the task at hand.
Helpful hint: When in doubt if you should keep something- ask your kids or any family member "when I die will you want this or will you keep this?" The responses will put your saving ways in perspective. My kids have helped me get rid of several truck loads of things I was saving for them or their kids. Their comments ranged from "Why in the world would I want that? I have always hated it!" to "What were you thinking!!"
 Organize your life one drawer at a time. 

If have any questions or comments please e-mail me at --- queenofclutterfree@  May God bless you as you begin clearing the clutter that keeps us in bondage and hinders us for being who he created us to be.  Click HERE to read an article about Debby.

$1/1 Wheat Thins for Facebookers

Go HERE to become a fan of wheatthins on facebook (Seriously, to anyone watching on facebook, it would appear that I am a REALLY big fan of anything food.)
After you sign up, you will be able to print off (2) $1/1 coupons for Wheat Thins!

Time 2 Save, Time 2 Give Workshops

So you've never been to a workshop... you may already have the couponing thing down.  Why would you want to go to a workshop?  The first reason that comes to my head is - THEY'RE FUN!!!  We love bringing our stories of shopping, couponing, life and living to share with all of you - did I mention that the fun part is doing all these things with 5 kids ages 6 and under. Isn't life grand?!  Another reason for attending a workshop is to learn the latest on couponing, truly understanding the different ways coupons can be used together for more savings, getting on the right page for store policies...whoops! That was more than one reason.

Putting all that aside, we want you to come because we want to meet YOU.  You're the heart of what we do and why we do it.  We completely understand that no one wakes up and says "Yea! I can't wait to cut out some coupons today!"  If you do think that, please don't tell the rest of us :)  What we do say is how much we love hearing your story, seeing your triumph through struggles, being near to cry over your grief and rejoicing in your successes. 

Here are the class details, including our schedule.
            Here's how you can register as a new participant.
                            Here's how you can attend again for FREE!

Walgreens Deals: 1/3 - 1/9

UPDATE: John Freida $5/2 is the only one that works for that deal, so I removed the other link. Also, the Neosporin in-ad coupon was for the 1 oz size, so I changed that coupon to the Children's Activity Book Coupon to match the sale size.

This week at Walgreens has so many free and cheap items - I'm going to walk out of there feeling like I stole something!  There are a couple scenarios at the bottom for you this week as well.
Keep in mind: Some of the fabulous coupons coming out in the 1/3 paper may NOT come to your area - consider checking ebay for them if it's something you really want.
P.S. If your store runs out of Electrasol - and they likely WILL - the dollar stores often have these for around $2.50- You will certainly find a good deal to use this coupon on soon!

Check out the full ad-scan HERE

Best RR Deals:

Electrasol 20-Pack $3.49 ~ Get $1 RR
Use $2.50/1 from 1/3 SS
(makes it FREE!)

John Freida Hair Products $5 ~ Get $5 RR wyb 2
Use $5/2 PRINT
(makes it FREE!)

Neosporin 1 oz $4 ~ Get $3 RR wyb 2
Use (2) $1/1 from 1/3 RP + $2 from Walgreens Children's Activity Booklet (Deducts Twice)
(makes it FREE + $1 MM)
Neosporin Lip Therapy $4.49 ~ Get $3 RR wyb 2
Use (2) $3/1 printable (IE) or printable (FF)
(makes it FREE!)

Bayer Countour Meter $14.99 ~ Get $5 RR
Use FREE Coupon from 10/25 RP (Kerry is giving some away HERE!)
(makes it FREE + $5 Back!)

Special K Cereal $2.50 ~ Get $2 RR wyb 2
Also Use $1/1 PRINT
(makes it FREE!) *YMMV as to whether your Wags will accept both

Best Non-RR Deals:

Reach Ultra Clean Toothbrush: $3.99
Use BOGO from 12/6 RP & 1/3 RP
Stack WITH $2/1 Walgreens Activity Book Q
(Buy 2, Use both coupons, makes it FREE)

Revlon Matte Eyeshadow: $4.99
Use $2/1 from 12/13 SS
Stack WITH $3/1 Q from page 10 of the Walgreens Ad
(makes it 1¢ ea!)

Coffee-Mate $1.50
Use $1/1 PRINT
(makes it 50¢ ea)

Friendly Fillers:
❥These little guys will save the day when your scenario involves more coupons than products, and you need to even the score!  Throw a couple in your cart along the way, just in case you run into any snafus...
Pocket Folder with Prongs 19¢ ea w/ in-ad coupon
Hunt’s Tomatoes Sauce 39¢ w/ in-ad coupon
Morton Salt or Deerfield baking Soda 50¢ w/ in-ad coupon
Reynolds Wrap 89¢ w/in-ad coupon
Sunday Paper!!!

★Simple Scenario★
Buy Electrasol for $3.49
Use $2.50 Q
Total = 99¢ (Get $1 RR)

Buy (2) Neosporin for $8 + Newspaper for $2
Use (2) $1 MFR Q's, $4 in-ad Wags Q, & $1 RR
Total = $3 (Get $3 RR)

Buy (2) John Freida Root Awakening for $10
Use $5/2 Q & $3 RR
Total = $2 (Get $5 RR)

Total OOP = $5.99 ~ Get $5 RR Back & $23.49 worth of products!

- Thanks for the coupon matchups & adscan HotCouponWorld!

Publix Highlights: 1/1 - 1/5

This week's grocery ads have caught me a bit off-guard, staring on odd days and all!  I just finally made it to Publix yesterday for a few things, and now it's already a new ad?  Well, here goes nothing.....  There are a bevvy of good deals to be had this week -also keep your eyes out or ask at customer service for a new coupon booklet I got yesterday:

Best BOGO's:

Kellogg’s Pop Tarts, 8 ct.: $2.39 ($1.19)
Use 55¢/1 Gingerbread Flavor PRINT
Stack WITH 50¢/1 Target Q PRINT
(makes it as low as 14¢ ea!)

Fiber One Yogurt, 4 pk: $2.50 ($1.25)
50¢/1 from 1/3 SS or $1/1 PRINT
(makes it 25¢ ea)

Quaker Oats Oatmeal, Old Fashioned or Quick, 18 oz.: $2.65 ($1.32)
$1/1 FLIP
(makes it 32¢)

Del Monte Tomatoes, 14.5 oz.: $1.49 (74¢)
Use $1/4 Del Monte Tomatoes PRINT
(makes it 49¢)

Betty Crocker Hamburger, Chicken or Tuna Helper, 4.5-7.5 oz.: $1.99 (99¢)
Use 75¢/3 from 1/3 SS or $1/3 PRINT 
(makes it 66¢ ea)

Wish Bone Dressing, 16 oz.: $2.69 ($1.34)
Use 75¢/1 Wish-Bone Dressing PRINT
(makes it 60¢)

Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popping Corn, 4.8-13 oz.: $2.45 ($1.37)
(makes it 87¢)

Fresh Express Salad Blends, 4.5-12 oz.: $3.99 ($1.99)
Use $1/2 from Yellow Advantage Buy *If they're out, just ask your cashier to scan theirs
Stack WITH  (2) .55/1 Fresh Express PRINT
(makes it 94¢ ea)

General Mills Cereal, 15-24oz (BIG Boxes).: $4.99 ($2.49)
Various Coupons HERE
$1/1 Lucky Charms or Cinnamon Toast Crunch printable (IE) or printable(FF)
($1.49 ea for a BIG box)

Old El Paso Dinner Kit, 8.4-19.2 oz.: $2.79 ($1.39)
Green Giant Canned Vegetables, 4pk, 11-15.25 oz. can: $4.99 ($2.49)
Tam-X-Ico's Tortillas at $3.19 ($1.59)

Nice Non-BOGO's:

Wonka Gummies $1 ea
Use $1/1 PRINT
(makes it FREE)

Scotties Cube Facial Tissues, 60-132 ct., 99¢
Use 50¢/1 Scotties Tissues PRINT
(makes it FREE)

Olay Regenerist Cleanser $4.99
Use $1/1 from 12/27 PG
Submit $15 Mail in Rebate wyb (2) Olay Regenerist products
(FREE + $7.98 Overage!)

Betty Crocker Potatoes, 4.6-6.6 oz. box, 99¢
Use 40¢/1 Betty Crocker Potatoes PRINT
(makes it 20¢ ea)

Purina Friskies Party Mix Cat Treats, 2.1 oz, $1.25
Use $2/2 from 11/15 SS
(makes it 25¢ ea)

Slim Fast! 100 Calorie Snack Bars, 6 ct. box, $2.50
Use $1.25/1 from Jan All*You OR $1/1 from 1/3 RP
Stack WITH $1/1 from Green Adv. Buy Flyer
(makes it 50¢ per box!!!)

Glade Fragrance Collection Candle 4.9 oz. $5.99
Use (2)  $4/1 from Green Adv. Buy Flyer
Stack WITH $3/2 from 11/22 SS or Dec. All*You
(Buy 2, makes it 49¢ ea)

Bob Evans Seasoned Home Fries or Original Hash Browns, 20 oz. pkg, $2.00
Use 50¢/1 PRINT
(makes it $1)

Pepsi Products, 12pk cans, $3.33
Use $1/1 Target Q PRINT
(makes it $2.33)

Pampers Diapers, 48-96 ct. box, $19.99
Use $2/1 from 12/27 PG
Stack WITH $3/1 Pampers Box (Publix Baby Club Q)
...ALSO Use Free Pampers Wipes Refill wyb Box Diapers (Publix Baby Club Q)
...Stack WITH 50¢/1 Pampers Wipes from 12/27 PG
(Makes it $14 for 1 box of Pampers + 1 Wipes Refill)

Nicorette Gum, 100-110 ct., Patch, 14 ct. or Lozenge, 72 ct.,$39.99
Use $15 off Nicorette product RP 1/3/10
Stack WITH $10 off Nicorette Green Advantage Buy store coupon (starts 1/2)
(makes it $14.99)

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