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Monday, March 15, 2010

Target: Oral B Coupon

Looks like some of you are having trouble finding the Oral B coupon on the Target site - so just to make sure, it looks like a Crest coupon (see above).  I can't tell if it's still available because I've already printed it and it's disappeared for me. 
The Pop-Tarts coupon I still see, it's on the second page if you click the "Groceries" tab on the sidebar.  It's pictured with Nutri-Grain Bars.
The Huggies coupon is still there for me as well, if I click the "Baby" tab on the side.
Most of these are limited to 1 print only, so if you printed it in the past, it will have disappeared for you.  To see my weekly Target matchups, click HERE

$15 in Annie's Organic Coupons

Go HERE to print out $15 in Annie's (& partner company) coupons! 

- Thanks, IGoBoGo!

York Photo: 30 FREE Prints EXPIRED


Here's a great photo freebie - sign up as a New Member with York Photo - HERE - to get 30 FREE prints!  Slowly but surely, all these "Free Prints" offers are going to help me (and you) turn all those digital photos into family photo albums!  EXPIRED

Other current photo freebies:
  • 50 Free Photo Prints at CVS HERE Not Available
  • 50 Free Prints at Snapfish HERE
  • Free 8x10 Hardcover Photo Book HERE *Use code AFFLGB at checkout
  • Free 8x10 Photo Canvas HERE

$9.50 Vans Shoes Today! is having a great deal on Vans today - so if you need some sprightly spring slip-ons, here are some nice, cheap options!  Looks like many styles are marked down to around $10-$15 (reg $40) and some even cheaper.  They have womens, men's and kids styles - so go HERE to have a quick look around before the all the "normal" sizes sell out!

One Week Sale, 3/14-3/21! Vans Footwear & Apparel All Styles Up to 60% off This Week!

Bacon Coupon Reset!!!

Go HERE to print the $1/50/1 bacon coupon if you missed it a couple days ago!  These go so fast, so get it quickly - and make sure to turn off your pop-up blockers first!

Adorable Children's Stories Download Site!

We bought our 2 oldest boys mp3 players for Christmas this year, and ever since then I jump on any FREE mp3 download I think they might like. (Like this cute Iggy and His Wiggy Bed chapter story HERE)

But when I went searching today for more good stories, I found this site and I am over the moon about it!!  It's called Kiddie Records Weekly and it's where folks have recorded old story records (the kind that come with little books)  and made them available in mp3 format for FREE Downloading!!!

 Just to give you an idea at the caliber of recordings available to delight your children, I'm listening to the 1939 recording of Peter & The Wolf right now with Peter Hale and the Boston Symphony Orchestra, I can even hear the sounds of old vinyl!  This brings back the best memories for me of kindergarten music class....

Other titles I'm getting so happy(!) to see:

 Casey at the Bat (Narrated by Lionel Barrymore)
The Adventures of the Lone Ranger  (1951)
Ichabod & Mr. Toad (1949)
Madeline (Old, no date)
The Story of Robin Hood
Rocket to the Moon (and other 50's era space adventure tales)
The 12 Dancing Princesses
Grimms Fairy Tales
Jack and the Beanstalk
The Little Red Hen
and MANY more...

I know that's a bit off-topic from my normal posts, but it made me so happy and I hope you find something to make you smile today too!

Free Deodorant, Free Sudafed, 50¢ Lance Crackers

Here are a couple of deals I missed in the drugstore matchups, that I thought you might be interested in!

❤CVS:  Get 2 RightGuard Total 5 Deodorant FREE

Go HERE to print (2) $1.50/1 coupons
Buy (2) Right Guard Total Defense @ 2/$5
Use (2) $1.50/1 coupons
(Pay $2 ~ Get $2 ECB Back = Both FREE!)

❤Walgreens: Get Sudafed OM Spray for FREE + $3 Overage

Buy (2) Sudafed OM Congestion Sinus Spray @ $4.99 ea
Use (2) $2/1 or $4/1 coupons from the 3/14 RP *Varies by region
(Pay $1.98 to $5.98 ~ Get $5 RR Back)

❤Rite-Aid: Get Lance Crackers 8-packs for only 50¢ w/ the following coupon

Go HERE to print a $1 Coupon (look under"Tasty Savings"), but have your printer READY TO ROLL, because these will come right out!  

- Thanks, Hip2Save!

What Now? (Grocery Edition: Week of 3/10)

Welcome to all of you who attended the workshop this weekend!  Here are your "Newbie" Grocery Matchups that Kelly mentioned - please leave a comment if you have ANY questions at all!

The "What Now?" posts are a starting place for newbies (like you!), with great store deals using PRINTABLE coupons (and this week's insert coupons) only.  We know your coupon-collection will grow, but in the meantime, here's a list just for YOU!

Best Deals:
Jonathan Apples 3lb Bag $3.99 ($1.99)

Shedds Spread Country Crock $1.99 ($1)
Use $1/1 PRINT or from 3/7 RP
(makes it FREE!)

Hormel Chili w/Beans $1.99 (99¢)
Use 55¢/2 PRINT or $1.50/3 from 3/7 SS
(makes it 45¢ ea)

Green Giant Veggies or Steamers $1.94 (97¢)
50¢/1 or 50¢/2 PRINT
(makes it FREE - 50¢ ea)

Emerald Trail Mix $2.39 ($1.19)
$1/1 from 3/14 RP
(makes it 19¢ ea!)
Orville Redenbacher's (2-4 Pk) $2.49 ($1.25)
Use $1/2 PRINT
(makes it 74¢ ea!)

Kelloggs Cereals $3.99 & under ($1.99)
Use 70¢/1 Blinkies
(makes it $1.29 or less per box)

T. Marzettis Salad Dressing $3.99 ($1.99)
Use $1/1 PRINT
(makes it 99¢ ea)

Ritz Munchables $3.99 ($1.99)
Use $1/1 Facebook Coupon
(makes it $1 ea!)

Emerald Mix Nuts/Cashews $4.99 ($2.50)
Use $1/1 PRINT or yellow peelies on canisters
(makes it $1.50 ea)

Palermo's Frozen Pizza $6.42 ($3.21)
Use $1/1 PRINT  PDF!
(makes it $2.21)

Household/ Health&Beauty:

Dial Liquid Hand Soap $1.88 (94¢)
Use $1/1 PRINT or 35¢/1 from 3/7 RP
(makes it FREE - 24¢!)

SoftScrub w/ Bleach $2.52 ($1.26)
Use BOGO HERE or $1/1 PRINT or $1.50/1 PRINT
(makes it as low as FREE!)

TheGoodlifeRecipe WholesomeTwist DogFood $5.99 ($2.99)
Use $2/1 PRINT
(makes it 99¢!)

TheGoodLifeRecipe Cat Treats $2.69 ($1.35)
Use $1/1 PRINT
(makes it 35¢ ea) 
Kleenex Facial Tissue, 110 ct, $1.00
Use 50¢/3 from March All*You or PRINT
(makes it 66¢)
*Catalina: Buy (4) ~ Get $1 OYNO, Buy (5) ~ Get $2 OYNO, Buy (6)~ Get $3 OYNO
(Buy 6 for $6. Use (2) 50¢/3 Coupons = $4.  Get $3 Back.  Like paying 16¢ ea!)

Best BOGO's:

Land O Lakes Spread $1.89 (99¢)
Use 50¢/1 PRINT
(makes it FREE!)

Yo-Plus Yogurt $2.50 ($1.25)
(makes it 25¢!)

Earth's Best Organic Baby Food 99¢ (49¢ ea)
Use $1/6 PRINT or from Feb/Mar American Baby Mag
(makes it 33¢ ea!)

Barilla Pasta $1.99 ($1)
Use $1/2 or 55¢/1 from 3/7 SS
(makes it 45¢ ea!)

Ragu Pasta Sauce $3.35 ($1.68)
Use $1/2 PRINT *must register
Stack WITH $1/2 from Multiply Your Meals & Savings Book
(makes it 68¢ per jar!)

Ken's Steak House Dressing $3.29 ($1.64)
Use $1/1 or $1/2 from 3/7 SS
(makes it as low as 67¢ ea)

Emerald Roasted Peanuts $3.19 ($1.60)
Emerald Deluxe Nuts or Almonds $5.79 ($2.90)
Use $1/1 from 3/14 SS or Peelie on package
(makes it 60¢ - $1 ea!)

Flatout Bread $2.90 ($1.45)
Use $1/2 from Healthy Meals, Healthy Kids Publix Book
(makes it 95¢ ea)

Kelloggs Special K Granola $3.99 ($1.99)
Use $1/1 PRINT
(makes it $1 per box!)

Eight O'Clock Coffee $3.99 ($1.99)
Use $2/2 PRINT
(makes it $1.50)

Jimmy Dean Delights Sandwiches/Chicken Biscuits $5.99 ($2.99)
Use $1/1 from 3/7 SS
(makes it $2 ea!)

Other Deals...

Mahatma Valencia Rice 87¢
Use 50¢/1 PRINT
(makes it FREE)

Dannon Frusions Yogurt Smoothie $2.50
Use BOGO Publix Q from Healthy Kids Book
Stack with (2) $1/1 from 3/7 SS
(makes it 25¢ ea!)  (*Thanks Alissa B!!)

DelMonte Fruit Chillers $1.66
Use $1/1 PRINT or PRINT
(makes it 66¢ ea)

Dreft 67 oz box or 50 oz Bottle $8.99
Use $5/1 from Babies R Us ad (- Thanks Kelli!!)
(makes it $3.99)


Holly Farms Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.97/lb (WOW!)

Top London Broil or Top Round Roast $1.98/lb
*Have it ground for cheap "Ground Round"!

5 lb Bag Russet Potatoes 99¢ (WOW!)

Seedless Green Grapes $1.69 lb
Use $1/3 "Green" Produce FLIP
(makes it $2.38 for 2 lbs!)

Grocery Deals:

Land O Frost Deli Shaved Lunch Meat BOGO $2.99

(makes it 75¢ ea!)

Ritz Crackers BOGO $3.79
Use $1/1 Facebook Coupon
(makes it 89¢ ea) 

Kelloggs Corn Pops, Apple Jacks, Corn Flakes $1.66
Use the $1/2 from the 3/7 SS or 70¢/1 blinkies
(makes it $1.16 ea)

Oscar Meyer Sliced Bacon BOGO $5.49
Buy 2 ~ Get $1 OYNO, Buy 3 ~ Get $2, Buy 4 ~ Get $3
(Buy 4 @ $11 ~ Get $3 Back. Like paying $2 ea)

Scott Paper Towels Mega Roll $4.99 (reg. $7.99)
Use $1/1 from march All*You or PRINT
(makes it $3.99)

5 FREE Coupon Booklets! (Updated link)

If you like to get coupons in the mail - And who doesn't?? - then here is a great opportunity to snag 5 of them!

Go HERE and click on the entertainment tab on the left sidebar - it will bring up (4) great coupon booklets you can sign up for! *Some of these are zipcode specific, so try ones like 63366, 90210, 45435, and others...
  • Betty Crocker $10 Savings Booklet
  • Eat Better America $10.00 Savings Booklet
  • Pillsbury $10.00 Savings Booklet
  • Box Tops for Education $10.00 Savings Booklet
NOTE: These are all General Mills booklets, so you should have plenty of coupons to do great deals whenever any of these products go on sale!
  • Then go HERE and sign up for the Home Made Simple Coupon Booklet - which is full of high-value coupons for cleaning supplies and air-fresheners (Cascade, Febreeze, Swiffer, etc)

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