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Sunday, April 18, 2010

100 FREE Business Cards!

Do you run a home business, a small business, or no business at all - but you would like to have some "Mommy Cards" on hand when you meet a nice mommy at the Playplace or park?  Well - enjoy 100 Free Business/Anything cards when you sign up HERE at!

My neighbor sells candles - and she was so happy when I told her about this deal!  She's making some to hand out to everyone she meets - and only paying for shipping!

Target Deals: 4/18 - 4/24

This week at Target has some good buys on Motrin, Ziploc Bags, Bodywash and a couple food items - but nothing to knock my socks off really.  If you're needing to skip a week - this might be the week to sit back and concentrate on the drugstores!

Household/ Healthy & Beauty:

Motrin PM 20 ct Ibuprofin Caplets $3.99
Use $3/1 from 4/18 RP
Stack WITH $1/1 Target Q PRINT
(makes it FREE!)

Windex Outdoor Starter Kit $12.99
Use $5/1 from 4/11 SS
Stack WITH $3/1 Target Q PRINT
Get $5 Giftcard with coupon from 4/11 SS *Target Insert, not all received this
(makes it FREE after coupons + Gift Card!)

Buy (2) Ziploc Slider Bags $2.27 ea
Use BOGO from 4/11 SS
Use 55¢/1 from 3/21 SS
Stack those WITH the $1/1 Target Mobile Coupon LOAD
(makes it 40¢ ea!)

Buy (2) Nivea Bodywash $3.75 ea
Use BOGO from May All*You
(makes it 75¢ ea!)

Vaseline Total Moisture Body Lotion $2.99
Use $1.25/1 from 4/11 RP
Stack WITH $1/1 Target Q PRINT *Look under "Racing" Category
(makes it 74¢ ea!)

GE Energy Smart Glass Covered Light Bulb $5
Use $2/1 Target Q PRINT
Stack WITH $1/1 PRINT
(makes it $2!)


Quaker Instant Oatmeal Single Serve Cup $1
Use $1/1 PRINT
(makes it FREE!)

DelMonte Canned Vegetables 50¢
Use $1/4 PRINT
(makes it 25¢ ea!)

Sobe Enhanced Tea or Lifewater $1
(makes it 50¢ ea)

Banquet Frozen Meals $1
Use $1.50/4 PRINT
(makes it 60¢ ea!)

CoffeeMate Creamer $1.79
Use B2G1 PRINT + $1.50/2 PRINT
(makes it 70¢ ea wyb 3)

Ortego Spogebob Taco Kit or Dinner Kit $2
Use $1/2 PRINT
(makes it $1.50 ea)

DiGiorno Pizza $5
Use $1/1 PRINT
(makes it $4)

Starbucks Ice Cream Clearance $1.98 (Clearance Prices vary by store)
Use 75¢/1 PRINT
Use $1/2 PRINT
(makes it $1.23 - $1.43 ea!)

- Thanks, TotallyTarget!

Photo Mosaic Poster - $5.95 Shipped (LAST DAY!)

Just wanted to remind everyone to go make their Photo Posters TONIGHT - because the $10 Off Code ends today!  Here's the post all about it - but just quickly:
  • Join Pixable
  • Upload a picture to be your main image
  • Pick a couple albums from Facebook, Picasa, Flickr or Photobucket (or your own computer) - all those pics will be the tiles making up the mosaic.  It takes about 10 minutes total to transfer all those pics and created the mosaic.
  • At checkout, use code Time2Mosaic and instead of paying $15.95 - you'll pay $5.95.  Shipping is Free!  
  • Have it shipped to mom for Mother's Day, make one for a graduate with using pics of their high-school/college years, make one for a beloved teacher with photos of all the kids, etc....

Kroger Pillsbury Deal: TODAY ONLY AT KROGER!

We're still working on the Kroger list (there are lots of good deals!)  but I wanted to make sure you could at least get in on the Pillsbury deal that is good today only:
This Pillsbury Catalina is running at Bi-Lo, Meijer, Kroger, Ingles, Harris Teeter, Schnucks, Dillons, and I'd imagine every national grocery store.  Here are the details (Ends Today!)

Buy any Pillsbury Refrigerated Baked Goods between 3/22 and 4/18
Buy 4 & get $2 Off Your Next Order
Buy 5 & get $3 Off Your Next Order
Buy 6 or more & get $4 Off Your Next Order

*Kroger has Pillsbury Biscuits, Sweet Rolls and Crescent Rolls for $1*
  • Sweet Rolls: Use 40¢/2 PRINT, PRINT or PRINT or + Stack 40¢/2 Cellfire Coupon HERE
  • Crescent Rolls: Use 50¢/2  PRINT, PRINT, PRINT or PRINT  (There are also insert coupons in the 1/31, 2/7, 3/7, & 3/28 SS!)

Buy 6 for $6
Use (3) 30¢, 40¢, or 50¢/2 coupons
Pay between $3 & $4.20
You'll get back a $3 Catalina
(makes them all FREE or close to free!)

Ingles Highlights: 41/8 - 4/24

Thanks to Frugal Shopping with Julie for our weekly Ingles Highlights!  Remember, these our just our favoirtes - check out the rest of the deals at her site HERE!

Rayovac Batteries $1
Use $1/1 PRINT (When you become Facebook Fan) or $1/2 from the 3/21 SS insert
(makes it FREE - 50¢ ea)

Muir Glen: Pasta Sauce/Salsa (2/$5), Soup (2/$4), & Tomatoes (4/$5)
Use (2) $1/1 PRINT (join the Connoisseur's Club)

*Earn FREE Ingles shopping bag wyb 2
(makes it as low as 50¢ for two items + shopping bag!)

Cascadian Farm Veggies (2/$4) Cereal, Cereal Bars, Fruit Spread (2/$5) or Frozen Fruit (2/$6)
Use $1/1 PRINT or PRINT
*Earn FREE Ingles shopping bag wyb 2
(makes it as low as $2 for two items + shopping bag)

Totinos Party Pizza $1.25
Catalina: Buy 6 ~ Get $2 OYNO 
Buy 6.  Use (2) 50¢/3 from 4/18 SS
(makes it 58¢ ea after catalina!)

Hebrew National Beef Franks $2.49
Use 75¢/1 from 3/7 SS
(makes it $1.74 ea)

Green Works Laundry Detergent $3.99
Use $1.50/1 from the  4/18 SS
(makes it $2.49 ea)

Toys R Us: $5 Leapfrog Fridge Toys!

Toys R Us has their Leapfrog Fridge Toys (Fridge Farm & Fridge Recorder) marked 50% Off - to only $9.99!  Plus - you can print a $5 coupon for it when you register HERE....  Making these great toys only $4.99!  These would be great birthday presents for little ones - I might have to get a couple to stash in the present closet!

- Thanks, Hip2Save!


I've never tried Hood's Simply Smart milk, so I have no idea what it's like - but for FREE, I'll dance right over and pick some up!  Just go become a fan of Hood Simply Smart on Facebook - and you'll be able to request your Free Product Coupon.  They say their Fat Free milk tastes like 2% and their 1% Milk tastes like Whole Milk.  Hmmmm - I'll def. have to try this!

While you're on Facebook - please stop by the Time2Save Facebook Fan page and take a minute to get in on a conversation or help out someone who is confused - even ask questions yourself!  We've got a great little community of couponers on there - so come join!

Simplify Sunday 4/18 - Decluttering Kids' Rooms

Debby McCuiston, self-proclaimed "Queen of Clutter-Free", does a segment for us each Sunday on simplifying our lives, getting rid of "clutter", and focusing on what's important.  We're love this uplifting weekly segment - and hope you do too!  Take it away Debby...

Hope you all have had time to play in your yard this week. Our weather has been beautiful. It's still a little cool in the evening which makes it great to walk or just sit outside and make plans for the coming months. We have made more trips to the garden center at Lowe's and Walmart than I care to mention. When the workers know you by name, that is a sure sign you are there way too much.  But the end results will be worth it all. (With all this exercise and sweating in public, I better see some results when I weigh in at Weight Watchers!)

This week let's make a plan to work through our kids' stuff. This will be a great rainy day job. If you do not have any children in your life right now, look around, there may be an overwhelmed mom that could use your help.
This may be one of the hardest jobs you will do. I can remember something special about every toy my children played with. I am the parent that saved all of their stuffed animals and could tell you who gave them each one. You can imagine how upset I was when I realized that most of these stuffed friends had become a great winter home for all the cold little rats that lived in the woods behind our house. As I was going through the carefully packed bags and seeing the bits of fur and stuffing, I was able to get rid of each bag as I quickly became aware of the fact that the rat family could still be on their winter vacation in those bags. Toss or burn became the question at that moment! I did find a few things that were worth saving so they got a spin in the washing machine. But stuffed toys that old (at least 26 yrs) do not survive the wash very well. So a second wave of tossing the toys came to a sad end. I did save 1 or 2 for each child to pass on to their children someday. Going through the toys got easier as I realized that I will be the first to buy all the latest and greatest for my grandkids. If the toys weren't handmade or didn't hold VERY special memories, out they went. (Our Goodwill store loves it when we get on a decluttering roll!)

If it really gets hard to get rid of some of their toys, take a picture of the item. This helps because you will be able to save the memories in a scrap book (another rainy day project).  Get rid of all the "happy meal" toys and all the little pieces that fall to the bottom of the toy box. If you can't figure out where to put it -- toss it.
Now that you have gotten rid of the clutter, it's time to organize what is left. Let's take a few minutes and make a plan. (You knew that's what I would say!) If you are lucky enough to have a playroom space for your children--you are blessed.  If you will need to plan on storing you child's toys in their bedroom, remember you can't hang everything from the ceiling.
If you have a large closet you maybe able to store some of the seldom played-with items in there. As you make plans, take into account the age of your children and always keep safety in mind.
While thinking about what to do with all of the toys, keep in mind the more you can put up and out of site to bigger the space will feel. We have a 9 cubbie shelving system that we bought at Target. In 6 of the cubbies I have baskets and the top 3 I have placed their books. I love this because you can label each basket with it's contents. For awhile the labels are for you, but when they get a little older they will know where to put their toys. Make them a part of the picking up, so they understand how to do it and where you want things put. Children learn by example, they will do what you teach them to do.

Whatever system you use, make sure it is age appropriate and easy for the little ones to use. Put like items away together, etc. all the building blocks together. Keep the books all in one spot, up and off the floor. This will help the children understand the importance of books. At our house we have stressed the fact that books are our friends and they are to be treated like that. I keep the hardback books for the toddlers seperate from the "big kid" books. It is easier for toodlers to place them back in a basket than on a shelf.
Many people that have their children pick a toy to give away when they receive a new toy. (We might want to make this a household rule, use it on your clothes and shoes!)  Taking the time to teach them to take care of and to put their toys away, teaches them to respect all the things that God has blessed them with. I think we also teach them to respect others when we take care of something that a friend has given us and spent their hard earned money on.

Let's expand this idea of taking care of our things as if they were our friends. I wouldn't leave friends laying around outside in the weather, or leave them on the floor to be stepped on.  Nothing can hurt someone's feelings as fast as finding something they gave us was tossed in the corner, or not honored by being taken care of. If it is something you can't use or want, pass it on.
Remember that the people that God brings into our lives need to be treated as well as we treat our stuff. He brings them along for us to enjoy, learn from, or minister to. They are there for a season. Some are there through our growing years and some are there to see us through to the end. Take some time to spend with each of these often. They all are there for a reason. They are not to be tossed aside when we are tired of them or left to find their way on their own. Take care of these relationships. Sometimes we have to go through the friends we have collected and decide where to place them--is it time to let them go or dust them off and rekindle a lost friendship. Let God lead and He will let you know when and how to grow that friendship. Remember what our moms told us--"Treat others the same way you would like to be treated."  Not "Treat them like they are treating you"!!!  Sometimes they are not in our life for our enjoyment but to be ministered to by us. Enjoy these seasons of your lives. They are ever-changing and getting better each year.

Hope to hear from you!

Yay! New Target Printables!

Target has put up some fun new printable coupons on their site HERE - I'm excited about that $5/1 Merona Handbags!  (Waiting until they clearance, of course...)  Kerry at TotallyTarget has the list HERE - but here are a few of my favorites:

$2/1 Merona Women's Hosiery Item (I see free socks in my future!)
$2/1 Women's Merona Top (There's always clearance over there)
$3/1 Men's Merona Apparel Item (On sale for $9 this week!)

P.S. - I'll have your Target highlights up later this afternoon - so stay tuned!

Walgreens: Bayer Asprin Update + FREE DIAPER Scenario!

Okay - so poor Christie at WildForWags was feeling so nervous about the Bayer Deal that she went and tried it out at 1:30 in the morning. (What a trooper!) Turns out, Walgreens is stating that the $3/1 Q from the Walgreens April Coupon Booklet will NOT be including the 32 ct size after all. Booooooo.... You'll still get it free though!

Buy (2) Bayer Aspirin Low Dose 32ct $2.99 each = $5.98
Use (2) $1.50/1 Bayer Aspirin PRINT
Pay $2.98 ~ Get $3 RR
(makes it FREE)

This changes the scenario I spend an hour conjuring up last night - but just by a couple bucks.   Here's a revised scenario - especially for beginners (no old coupons!)  To see the highlight list - which tells more about each of these deals, see HERE.

Buy (2) Bayer Low Dose Asprin = $5.98
Use (2) $1.50/1 Bayer Aspirin PRINT
Pay $2.98 ~ Get $3 RR

Buy Nature's Bounty + Walgreens ReusableBag = $5.33
Use $2/1 Print + $3 Bayer RR + In-Ad Coupon (for the bag)
Pay 33¢ ~ Get $5 RR

Buy UbyKotex + Colgate Total + (2) Bags Black Forest Gummy Bears = $7.26
Use $1/1 Kotex PRINT + $1/1 Colgate from April All*You + $5 Nature's Bounty RR + In-Ad Coupon for Gummy Bears
Pay 26¢ ~ Get $2.50 Kotex RR & $2 Colgate RR

Total Paid: $3.54
Total Value: $18.89
RR Left for Next Week: $4.50!

★Need Diapers??★

Buy Huggies Pull-Ups ($8.99) + (2) Newspapers  = $11.99
Use $2.50 Kotex RR + $2 Colgate RR + $3 Huggies Printable + $2 Walgreens Huggies Q
(Get FREE Diapers  -  pay just $2.50 for both of those newspapers!)

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