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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Check me out on News 12 WDEF: A Couponing Christmas!

Hi Guys, this is Jamie here - your resident blogger for the Time2Save Workshops Website!

If you didn't know I existed until 2 seconds ago, that's my fault...  I've been meaning to write up a little introduction for some time now, but I always find something much more interesting to tell you about than me.  I'll make this short and sweet - so we're not strangers anymore:

My name is Jamie Miles - I'm 29, have 4 boys (ages 3-9) and am married to a fantastic grizzly bear of a man named Matthew.  (Mmwwwa!)

He drug me to Cleveland, TN from my Old Kentucky Home (Lousiville) after we were married, and we've been cozy here every since.  I formerly wrote the blog ChattanoogaCheapskate, which I still keep up and running to remind folks about our Bi-Weekly Coupon Swap-Meets...

Nowadays, I work with Kasey and Kelly to help you save money and hold your hand a little as you go from "Newbie" to Seasoned Veteran of the coupon world.  It's nice to meet you, officially!  Now that we're Best Friends Forever- can I tempt you to go see a little news clip I was in Monday night about Holiday Shopping Tips?  Yes??!  YAY!!

Last week, News Channel 12's Joe Legge (Frugal Joe) came by to get my take on Holiday Shopping Strategies.  I told him that I don't really have one - unless saving money all year, and stocking up when I find good deals counts as a strategy.  He thought that was good enough - and included me in WDEF's Holiday Shopping segment on Monday night! 

Free Denny's Grand Slam on Black Friday!

If you're heading out in the wee hours of the morning to do some Black Friday damage with a friend, suggest they head over to Denny's for a Grand Slam breakfast afterward.  That way, you can use this BOGO Grand Slam Coupon HERE to get your FREE!(he-he-he)
*Note: You have to become their fan on facebook to print...

Throw your turkey in the oven TODAY!

I'll just admit it.  I fear the turkey.  He is my enemy come Thanksgiving.  We do battle every year, and every year I juuuuust manage to pull it off - but I usually have to sacrifice some other dish I was planning to make in the process.

Well, I was just catching up on some blog-reading this morning, and I ran across a few posts that made my heart jump with hope that I might just dominate at Thanksgiving this year!!

  • First, I want to KISS the lady that wrote this article on cooking your turkey a day or two ahead of time, sticking it in the fridge with a little butter and broth to keep it moist, and warming it up in the oven before the Thanksgiving Meal.  Read her wisdom HERE.  I am TOTALLY going to do that this afternoon, to make for a less-stress day tomorrow!
  • Then, you might want to swing by Southern Plate (I LOVE this lady's blog!) to see how to make Overnight Turkey and a bevvy of "Southern-Style" Thanksgiving sides!  What I got from this page that was super-useful is how to make Pecan-Pie (My FAVORITE) and not "Pecan-Soup".    YAY!

$5 Hallmark Coupon in MANY Magazines

If you have a subscription to any of the following magazines, then YOU have a $5 off ANY Purchase Coupon to Hallmark Stores!  I found mine last week in my Woman's Day magazine and I was pumped!  (Exp. 12/24)
  • Better Homes and Garden
  • Country Living – December/January, after Page 96
  • Family Circle – after Page 48
  • Martha Stewart Living – December, Page 74
  • Oprah – December, Page 119
  • Parents – between Pages 84 and 85 ($10 off a story book)
  • Real Simple – December
  • Southern Living – December, insert after Page 62
  • Taste Of Home – December/January, insert after Page 42
  • Woman’s Day – December, Page 33

You should be able to buy some cutie gifts, a few cards, or ornaments for $5, right? (I just looked online and found the most adorable Pumpkin/Gourd Salt & Pepper Shaker for $5.99!)  Also there's a deal going on at many of the Corporate-owned Hallmark Gold Crown stores where you Buy 1 Roll of Wrapping Paper for $4.99 ~ Get a Second for 99¢.....
That would make 2 big rolls of nice wrap for 99¢!

To find a store near you, check HERE

- Thanks, Slickdeals!

Update ~ Blessed to be a Blessing.

Thank you to all of you who have responded to help the family that lost their son tragicaly in a car accident on Sunday.  Like we said in our post HERE, we want to reach out and love this family by collecting food/household grocery items to donate to them. 

It is not too late we will continue to collect into next week, maybe longer if we need to.   Leave a comment below along with your email address if you want to help and we will contact you as we work out the details.

To read the article in the Dalton Citizen about this young man who was trying to get home on time, but lost control of his car.           
Click HERE

Kroger MoneyMaker on Scotch Fur Fighter!!

I have SO MANY of those fur fighter coupons, and I haven't seen a great deal on them yet - well here's proof that waiting around for the best deal really does pay off!

Kroger's price for Scotch Fur Fighter: $5.99
Use $4/1 from 11/8 RP (exp 12/31)
Use Cellfire $4/1
(Makes it a $2.01 MoneyMaker!)


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