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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Throw your turkey in the oven TODAY!

I'll just admit it.  I fear the turkey.  He is my enemy come Thanksgiving.  We do battle every year, and every year I juuuuust manage to pull it off - but I usually have to sacrifice some other dish I was planning to make in the process.

Well, I was just catching up on some blog-reading this morning, and I ran across a few posts that made my heart jump with hope that I might just dominate at Thanksgiving this year!!

  • First, I want to KISS the lady that wrote this article on cooking your turkey a day or two ahead of time, sticking it in the fridge with a little butter and broth to keep it moist, and warming it up in the oven before the Thanksgiving Meal.  Read her wisdom HERE.  I am TOTALLY going to do that this afternoon, to make for a less-stress day tomorrow!
  • Then, you might want to swing by Southern Plate (I LOVE this lady's blog!) to see how to make Overnight Turkey and a bevvy of "Southern-Style" Thanksgiving sides!  What I got from this page that was super-useful is how to make Pecan-Pie (My FAVORITE) and not "Pecan-Soup".    YAY!


  1. What an adorable blog! Love the color scheme.

    Can't wait to hear how your turkey turns out. Enjoy your day tomorrow! :)

  2. Thanks Amy! Have a Happy Thanksgiving.



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