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Monday, August 31, 2009

This is an excellent printable sheet that you can use to write down the target price for items you shop for often.  By keeping in mind what is a great price for each item, you'll know when to stock up, or when to wait.  You can print this in pdf format HERE.
Food Lion Ad Sneak-Peek: 9/2-9/9

Front/Back Flaps:
Boneless Chicken breast fillet or tenders 1.67/lb (GREAT PRICE!!!)
country style pork ribs .97/lb
ribeye steaks 5.99/lb
snow crab clusters 3.99/lb
ocscar mayer meat or beef franks bogo (Better at
FL extra jumbo raw shrimp bogo limit 2
cantaloupes bogo
breyers ice cream bogo
Va or honey ham or roast beef 3.99/lb
cheer, gain, or tide 8.99 limit 2
FL purified water or Aquarius water 24 pk bogo
Lays chips 10-12 oz bogo limit 2
budweiser, miller, or coors 24 pk 11.77
12 pk pepsi products 5/$11 limit 5
12-13oz fl tortilla chips 2/$4
32 oz fl mayo or whipped salad dressing 2/$5
fl salad dressing 2/$3 16oz
fl family tea bags 24 ct 2/$3 decaf $1.99
glad kitchen and trash bags $3.99
brawny 8 pk 9.99
Grilling Supplies:
kingsford or match light charcoal 6.8-9 lb 4.77
FL hot dog or hamburg buns .99
FL ketchup 24 oz or mustard 16 oz .99
KC bbq sauce and marindaes 2/$5
dixie cups or plates 20-48 or 200ct napkins 2/$4
hidden valley ranch dressings 16oz 2/$5

hot or cold 8 pc fried chicken or 3 lb salads 4.99 ea
8” fruit pies 3.99
10” fruit pies 4.99
cheesecake $1 off
6 ct or 12 mini ct cupcakes $2.99
reser's protein salads 2/$7
deli style popcorn 14 oz 2/$4
fresh salsa 2/$7
kaukauna cheese 2/$7

sundown vitamins bogo 350 ct
6.4oz colgate 2/$3
HA toothbrushes $1
8 ct dial soap or 18-24 oz dial, tone, or coast body wash 2/$7
4 ct bic comfort 3 advance or soliel razors 4.49

Dairy / Frozen
Kraft 12 oz 3/$5
cool whip $1
fl sour cream 3/$4
daisy sour cream 3/$5
24-32oz fl veggies $1.88
digiorno pizza 12 inch 2/$10
breyers yogurt 6 oz 10/$4
fl butter 2/$4
fl sliced cheese 8 oz 2/$4
kolndike bars 2/$5
tyson chicken family pack 22-32 oz $6.99
SO pizza 6.5 oz .88 ea
jeno's pizza 6.5 oz $1
simply ades or minute maid pemogranate lemonade or teas 2/$4
59 oa simply juice 2.99 ea
souffers family size or easy express entrees 2/$10
bird's eye viola bogo
starbucks or B&J ice cream 2/$5

fresh ground round 2.99/lb
shoulder steak or roast 3.79/lb
tilapia fillets 2.99
ledbetter beef tenderlion steak 2/$7
value pack drumsticks $1.49 lb
ocean perch fillets 4.49 lb
whole pork tenderlion 3.49 lb
center cut ham slice 3.49 lb
value pk chicken thighs 1.39 lb
aquastar wild salmon fillets 6.99 lb
fl 2.5 lb bag IQF chicken snack wings bogo (9.99 reg)
brutcher's brand 80% ground chuck or 93% lean ground beef patties 4.99 24 oz box
johnsonville brats 2.99 each 19.76 oz
tenn pride roll sausage 2/$4 16 oz
oscar mayer deli fresh shaved lunch meat 2/$6
Smart option pimento or chicken salad 12 oz 2/$3
carl buddig wafer lucn meats 5/$3

1 lb strawberries 2/$5 (flip??)
yellow or white peaches 1.79 lb
8 oz baby bella mushrooms 1.99 each

BI-LO  Sneak-Peek: 8/2-8/9 

I'm so glad I waited on buying my chicken breast, this is definitely a stock-up week!  Lots of repeats from the past couple weeks, but still several things my family uses a lot.  If you haven't filled your freezer with hotdogs yet, both Bi-Lo and Publix are giving you another chance!


Sirloin tip beef roast value pack
SH fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts
Ball Park Franks 14-16 oz (orig. or bf) exc. angus
Lay's chips 10.5 oz
Breyers ice cream 48 oz
Boston Butt country style pork ribs
Carolina Pride ham or turkey 10 oz sliced or cubed
Butterball variety pack sandwich meat or smoked sausage
Lloyd's chicken or pork BBQ
Plumrose premium sliced bacon
Fast Fixin' Chicken Tenders, nuggets, fries, patties or popcorn chicken
Steak-umm burgers
SH colossal shrimp 16 oz bag
SH Tender & Mild tilapia fillets
Fresh baked apple pie
SH american singles 12oz
Hefty red cups 50 ct or foam plates
Dixie napkins 200 ct
Stacy's pita chips
Post honey bunches of oats
Betty crocker cake mix
Comstock pie filling
Bird's eye corn on the cob
Kraft cool whip or dips
Lawry's seasoned salt
Hellmann's mayo
Kraft BBQ sauce
Mt. Olive sweet relish, pickle paks or sandwich stuffers
Wish-bone salad dressing
Hefty plates 16-55 ct or easy grip cups 18-150 ct
Klondike ice cream bars
Popsicle or fudgsicle
Blue bunny champ cones
Philly swirl frozen treats
Breyers carb smart treats, mrs. fields or oreo ice cream sandwiches
Diana's banana babies
Keebler town house crackers
Chex mix or bugles
Wise cheez doodles
Jolly time popcorn
Keebler vienna fingers
Emerald cashew halves & pieces or mixed nuts (EZ-PIC Item! 75¢/2)
Pik-nik shoestring potatoes
SH pork rinds

Our Secret Source: vicki518 @ AFC
Publix Ad Sneak-Peek:  9/2 - 9/8
Ooooooo!!!  Don't you just do a little dance in your heart every time you find an ad-preview?  I do, especially when it looks like I'll be getting supercheap fudgesicles, General Mill cereal (see Target printables you can use for stacking!), Kraft dressing, & Barber chicken breast!  Look for those coupon match-ups to come soon- but in the meantime, you can start ordering coupons off of Ebay, or gathering up the ones you have!


-Publix Deli Tea
, 1 Gallon bottle, save up to 2.39
-Hellmann's Mayonnaise, 30 oz jar, save up to 4.69
-Curly's Chicken or Pork with BBQ Sauce, 18 oz tub, save up to 5.69
-Ball Park Beef Franks Original, Bun Size, Fat Free, Singles or Grillmaster, 12.8 to 16 oz (excluding Angus), save up to 3.99
-Barber Foods Stuffed Chicken Breast, 8 or 10 oz pkg, save up to 4.99
-Original Rangoon Bacon Wrapped Scallops, 8 oz box, save up to 7.99
-Publix Baked Potato Salad, 16 oz container, save up to 3.19
-Publix Deli Salsa Mild or Medium, 16 oz container, save up to 3.29
-Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt, 6 ct, 4 oz multi-pack, save up to 2.49
-Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dip French Onion, Bodacious Onion or Bacon Horseradish, 12 oz tub, save up to 2.00
-Kraft American Cheese Singles, Yellow or White, 12 oz pkg, save up to 2.69
-Popsicle Ice Pops or Fudgsicle or Creamsicle, 21.6 to 39.6 oz box, save up to 3.99
-Boca Foods, 10 or 12 oz pkg, save up to 3.39 (Meatless Burgers pictured)
-Fat Boy Ice Cream Sandwich or Fat Boy Jr., 24.75 or 30 oz pkg, save up to 4.49
-Stouffer's Skillet Mills, Serves 2, 23 to 25 oz bag, save up to 4.99
-Superpretzel Soft Pretzel, 13 oz box, save up to 2.99
-Hungry-Man Dinners, 16 or 17 oz box, save up to 3.59
-Mrs. Paul's Fish, 8 to 11.4 oz pkg, or Clams, 8 oz pkg, save up to 4.49
-Kraft or Seven Seas Dressing or Good Season,s 14 or 16 oz bot (excluding South Beach Living), save up to 2.69
-Kraft Barbecue Sauce, 16.25 or 18 oz bottle, save up to 1.29
-Mt. Olive Pickles, 16 to 46 oz jar or 4 pk, 3.7 oz cont., save up to 2.79
-Pam Cooking Spray No Stick: Original, Olive Oil, Butter Flavor or For Baking with Flour; or Fort the Grill, 5 or 6 oz can (excluding Organic and Professional), save up to 3.39
-Lawry's 30 Minute Marinade, 12 oz bottle, save up to 2.93
-General Mills Cereal, Assorted Varieties, 10.4 to 14 oz box, or Frosted Cheerios, 17.2 oz box, save up to 3.99 (Honey Nut Cheerios pictured)
-Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Cake Mix, 17.52 or 18.25 oz box (excluding Angel Food and Decadent Carrot Cake), save up to 1.63
-Betty Crocker Cookie Mix Chocolate Chip, Sugar Cookies, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal, 17.5 oz pouch, save up to 2.67
-Kellogg's Cereal Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, Corn Pops, Apple Jacks or Rice Krispies, 11.2 to 16.5 oz box, save up to 3.99
-Gatorade Thirst Quencher, 64 oz bot, save up to 2.50
-V8 100% Vegetable Juice, 46 oz bottle, save up to 2.95
-Green Giant Canned Vegetables 11 to 15.25 oz can (excluding Specialty Corn Varieties, Three Bean Salad and Asparagus), save up to 1.29
-Emerald Deluxe Mixed Nuts or Almonds or Cashews, 10 or 11 oz canister, save up to 5.79
-Lay's Potato Chips, 10.5 to 13.25 oz bag (excluding Baked!, Light, and Natural), save up to 3.99
-Hershey's Milk Chocolate Candy Bars Plain or With Almonds; or Special Dark, Kit Kat, or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups with Milk Chocolate, 6 pk, 8.7 to 9.6 oz pkg, surprisingly low price
-Cheez-It Baked Snack Crackers or Party Mix, 11.5 to 14.5 oz box, save up to 3.49
-Thomas' English Muffins the Original, Plain, 12 oz pkg, save up to 2.99
-Kodak Power Flash Camera, one-time-use, 27 exposures, save up to 7.09
-Glade Candle, 4 oz jar, save up to 3.49
-Lysol Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner Removes Soap Scum: Island Breeze or Mildew Remover with Bleach, 32 oz bot, save up to 3.69
-Publix Gas Relief Softgels, extra strength, 30 ct pkg, save up to 5.49

French Hamburger Buns, 8 ct, 16 oz pkg, 2.79
Cranberry Walnut Whole Grain Muffins, 4 ct, or Orange Berry, 11 oz pkg, 2.69
Original Recipe Buns, 8 count, Hamburger or Hot Dog, 12 oz pkg, 2.19
Round Italian Pizza Dough, 16 oz size, 1.99
Harvest Grain Loaf, 16 oz loaf, 4.49
Carrot Bar Cake, 19 oz size, 4.69
Donuts, 6 Count, Chocolate Iced or Glazed, 10 or 18 oz pkg, 1.99
Applie Pie, Choice of Flaky Double Crust or Dutch Apple with Streusel Topping, 28 or 34 oz size, 2/$6

Organic Valley Organic Milk, half-gallon, 2/$7
Breakstone's Sour Cream Regular, Reduced Fat or Fat Free, 16 oz cup, 1.25
Jello-Snacks, 6 pk, 3.25 to 4 oz cup, 3/$6
Pillsbury Ready-To-Bake! Cookies or Simply Cookies, 14 to 16.5 oz pkg, 2/$5
Kraft Chunk Cheese or Shredded, Cubes or Cracker Cut, 6 to 8 oz pkg, 3/$5

8 Piece Fresh Chilled Mixed Fried Chicken, 4.99, Hot, 5.99
Publix Deli Rustic Roast Beef and Bleu Sub, 4.99
Boar's Head Lower Sodium Turkey Breast, 8.39/lb
Stacy's Pita Chips or Bagel, 6 to 8 oz bag, 2/$4

Publix Premium Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt, half-gallon carton, 2/$5
DiGiorno Pizza, 13 to 34.2 oz box, 2/$10
Smucker's Uncrustables Sandwiches, 8 oz box, 3/$6
Publix Premium Pie, 26 or 31 oz box (apple pictured), 2/$7

Pepsi Products, 12 pk, 12 oz can, B3G2
Snyder's of Hanover Pretzel Pieces or Nibblers, 10 oz bag, 2/$5
Fuze Beverages, 18.5 oz bottle, 10/$10
Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Fridge Door Fit, 40 oz bottle, 2/$4
Uncle Ben's Original Converted Rice, Enriched, Parboiled, Long Grain, 5 lb bag, 4.99
Chef Boyardee, 14.5 to 15 oz can, 5/$5
General Mills Fiber One Cereal, 14.25 to 17.25 oz box, 3/$7
Deer Park Natural Spring Water, 24 or 28 pk, 0.5 L bottle, 3.99
Pepsi Products, 2L bottle, 2/$3
Pepsi Products, 6 pk, 24 oz bottles, 3/$10
Arizona Tea, 1 gallon bottle, 2/$5
Lay's Dip, 15 oz jar, 2/$6
Nabisco Crackers or Ritz Crackerfuls, 6 to 10 oz box, 2/$4
Publix Enriched Sliced Buns, Hot Dog or Hamburger, 8 ct pkg, 0.99

Health and Beauty:
Pantene Pro-V Hair Care Products, 1.7 to 13.5 oz pkg, 3/$10
Crest Toothpaste, 8.2 oz tube or Oral-B Advantage or Indicator Toothbrush, 3/$5
Maybelline Mascara (excluding Great Lash & Pulse Perfection mascara) 40% off
Barbasol Shaving Cream, 11 oz can, 99¢
Zyrtec Allergy Tablets Indoor & Outdoor, 24-Hour, 30 ct box, 18.99
Gillette Fusion Razors or Venus Embrace, Breeze or Spa Breeze, 7.59
Gillette Fusion Shaving Gel, 7 oz can, 2.99
Coppertone Sunscreen Products, 3 to 8 oz pkg, 6.29
Slim-Fast Optima Shake, 50% Less Sugar, 12 pk, 11 oz can, 9.79
Aleve Pain Medicine, 20 or 24 ct box, 2.99
Citracal Ultradense Calcium Citrate 120 to 200 ct or Citracal Plus Bone Density Builder, 80 ct box, (excluding Citracal Max, 180 ct bot), 8.99
Earth's Best Organic Baby Food, 9 Months and Up, 6 oz jar, 4/$3
Similac Infant Formula, Sensitive, Sensitive R.S., Isomil Advance or Advance EarlyShield With Iron, DHA & ARA, 32 oz pkg, (excluding Alimentum), 2/$10
Gerber Graduates Snacks, 1 to 6 oz pkg, 2/$5

Publix Alkaline Batteries, 2 to 8 ct, limit one deal, 3/$10
Gain Ultra Detergent or 2X Ultra, 2X Concentrated, 100 oz bot, 9.99
Bounce Fabric Softener Sheets, 105 or 120 ct box, or Downy 120 ct box, 5.49
Dawn Plus Dishwashing Liquid or Ultra Dawn, 19 or 24 oz bot, 2/$5
Lysol Sanitizing or Disinfecting Wipes Citrus Scent, 28 or 35 ct canister or Toilet Bowl Cleaner 24 oz bot, or Cling Toilet Bowl Freshener & Cleaner, 1 ct pkg, 2/$4
Kleenex Cottonelle Toilet Paper Double Roll: With Ripples or Ultra; or Aloe & E Giant Roll, 12 roll pkg, 5.99
Kingsford Match Light Charcoal Briquets, 13.5 lb bag, 7.99
Dixie Value Pack Plates or Cups, 8 5/8 Inch or 10 1/16 Inch Ultra, 40 or 100 ct pkg, or 16 oz Plastic Party Cups, 68 ct pkg, 2/$7
Glad Bags, 8, 13 or 30 gallon, 14 to 28 ct pkg, 3.69

Pork Spareribs, Publix Pork, 1.59/lb
Ribeye Steaks, 6.95/lb
New York Strip Steaks, 6.95/lb
Porterhouse or T-Bone Steaks, 6.35/lb
Top Sirloin Steaks, 4.19/lb
Top Sirloin Fillets, 4.79/lb
Tenderloin Steaks, Fillet Mignon, 10.19/lb
Ground Chuck, 2.29/lb, Patties, 2.59/lb
Publix Mild or Hot Italian Pork Sausage, 2.99/lb
Pork Loin Baby Back Ribs, 3.99/lb
Pork Steaks, 1.99/lb
Boneless Chuck Pot Roast, 2.99/lb
Hormel Black Label Bacon original, Low Salt, Maple or Thick Sliced, 2/$6
Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage or Polska Kielbasa, mix or match with Hillshire Farm Link Sausage, 14 or 16 oz pkg, 2/$5
Split Chicken Breast, 1.69/lb, Publix GreenWise Market, 2.89/lb
Boston Butt Roast, 1.79/lb
Specialty Burgers Blue Cheese, Horseradish Cheddar, Jalepeno or Bacon and Cheddar, 4.59/lb

Purina Beneful Dog Food, 31.1 lb pkg, 23.99
Iams Premium Cat Food, 3.5 or 4 lb bag, 5.99
Pup-Peroni Dog Snacks, 5.6 oz pkg, 2/$5
Purina Beneful Prepared Meals Dog Food, 10 oz pkg, 2/$3

Sweet Bi-color Corn or White or Yellow Varieties, 0.25
Fruit Salad, made in store daily, 2.49/lb
Tree-Ripened Peaches or Nectarines, 1.49/lb
King O' the West Honeydew 2.99
Asparagus, 2.49/lb
Red Seedless Watermelon, 4.99
Western Cantaloupes, 2/$4
Russet Baking Potatoes, 5 lb bag, 1.99
Florida's Natural Orange Juice, or Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice, 64 oz carton, 2/$5
Fresh Express Salad Blends, 5 to 12 oz bag, 2/$5
Tomatoes on the Vine, 1.49/lb
Brussel Sprouts, 1.49/lb
California Seedless Grapes Red, Black or White Varieties, 1.29/lb
Golden Ripe Pineapple, Whole or Peeled and Cored, 3.99
Minneola Tangelos or Large Jazz Apples or Navel Oranges, 1.49/lb
Muscadine or Scuppernong Grapes, 1 qt pkg, 2/$5

Large Shrimp Skewers, Previously Frozen, 2 oz minimum, 10/$10
Redbone Alley Aioli, 10 oz pkg, 2/$5
Small Shrimp Ring Medium Cooked Shrimp, 6 oz and Cocktail Sauce 4 oz, 10 oz pkg, 2/$8
Large Shrimp Ring, Medium Cooked Shrimp, 28 oz and Coctail Sauce, 8 oz, 36 oz pkg, 13.99
Fresh Salmon Fillets, Farm-Frised, Never Frozen 6.99/lb

In Ad Qs:
$5 off the purchase of Pampers Cruisers Value Pack Box and Pampers Wipes Pampers Wipes, 320 ct or Larger, Limit one deal per coupon per customer.

Our Secret Source:  TN_Native of HCW!
New Target Printables are up today!  Here is the list (Along with the coupons they would work well with) Looks like there are some pretty good ones- I LOVE those Bertolli meals....
Go Print them HERE!
  • 50¢ off Purchase of two Hamburger Helper boxed dinners
  • 50¢ off Hellmann’s mustard
  • 75¢ off Breyers ice cream
  • 75¢ off Frozen popsicle product
  • $1 off Purchase of two 10-oz. or larger General Mills cereals
Use with $1/2 printable coupons here and here or from 8/23 inserts
  • $1 off With purchase of two Market Pantry® cheese products (In the past this has made single string cheese sticks free)
  • 50¢ off I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter
  • 75¢ off With purchase of two 14-oz. or larger RAGU sauces
Use with $1/2 coupon from 8/2 RP insert
  • 1.50 off Bertolli frozen pasta meal
  • 75¢ off With purchase of two Wishbone salad dressings
  • $1 off Slim Fast weight-loss product
Use with $1.25/1 coupon from 6/28 RP Insert

-Thanks to CommonSenseWithMoney for the match-ups!

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