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Monday, November 9, 2009

Time2Give Challenge: Day 1- Filling the truck!

This is Kelly and Kasey here, reporting from the Southern Heritage Bank parking lot, and guys, we are "freezing our tails off!"  (yes, those are Kasey's exact words)  Hey, we know it's cold (believe us), but we still need you and your donations to come on over and add to the pile!  We want to really pack that truck with donations for the Battered Women's Shelter and poor families in our LOCAL area- but we need your help!  Here's what we got just this afternoon:

(More than they've EVER done on the first day of the drive- Yay, couponers!)

But the BIG PUSH is Friday, the last day of the food drive.  Gather your non-perishables and bring them down to donate on Friday from 11-1.  Get in the mood for Thanksgiving by GIVING thankfully to a great cause!!

Time 2 $ave in the News ~ Testimonial

Below is an article in The Herald-News.  Debby attended a workshop in Cleveland at Wesley Memorial Church this past July.  Then, she hosted a Time 2 $ave Workshop at her church, Dayton First Baptist, last month.  Wow!  Debby, you are awesome!  Looking forward to coming back to your church March 6th 2010!

The coupon craze: Local women taking hints from 'coupon queens,' use clippings to save cash.

Coupon-clipper Debby McCuiston of Dayton shows off a long receipt and a counter full of goods that cost a fraction of their original prices. Thanks to numerous coupons, McCuiston has saved close to $1,000 since July.

Shoppers shouldn't be so quick to toss those coupons in the trash; in the right hands, they could be as good as gold.  Dedicated coupon clippers from Rhea County have already saved thousands, and Dayton local, Debbie McCuiston, is one of them.

"It's just amazing," said McCuiston. "A couple weeks ago I spent $250 [at the grocery store] but walked out having paid $47."

McCuiston got started in huge coupon savings when she heard about a coupon workshop based in Cleveland, Tenn.  The coupon workshops were the brainchild of two Tennessee stay-at-home moms who, like many in the area, were struggling to make ends meet in the economy.

After heavily researching coupons, deals, online savings and common store policies, the two women started saving such significant amounts that others started noticing. Interest in coupon clipping grew so great that after a small couponing class drew a crowd of 200 people, their business, Time 2 $ave, was born.

These two moms, nicknamed the "coupon queens," now travel around the country teaching others the same strategies and techniques that have worked so well for their families.  In the workshops, people learn how to find good coupons, whether in-store, directly from the manufacturer or an online resource, then how to wait for the sales and put them to good use.

Many area businesses, such as Spring City's Piggly Wiggly and Dayton's Bi-Lo and Fred's, allow the "doubling" of coupons, where customers can use both the in-store coupon and the manufacturer's coupon on the same item up to a certain amount.

"Just make sure to monitor the expiration dates on the coupons before bringing them to us," said Bi-Lo manager Jane Draper. "If we take out-of-date coupons, the store loses money, and that loss will eventually lead to higher prices."

Bi-Lo also offers its own online collection of printable coupons, available to anyone with a bonus card, said Draper.  Some stores go so far as to accept coupons from any store:
"Publix in Hixson is wonderful," said McCuiston. "They take everybody's coupons as long as they cover the same brand. A lot of times you pay pennies for things."

The typical response from many people is that they don't have the time to deal with coupons, but after the initial setup and figuring out a good filing system, it's not that hard, said McCuiston.  "It's a ministry and a comfort to know I'm doing the best for my family," she added. "I can send my kids [who live out of state] $100 worth of stuff that cost me less than $25."

Avoiding the stingy, difficult stereotypes of coupon clippers takes some work as well, said McCuiston, who makes it a point to shop at less busy times and "stay nice."
"Some people [using coupons] are not considerate, but you've got to protect your testimony at all costs," she said. "Don't be demanding. They're doing you a service by taking your coupons, and we're doing them a service by [shopping with them]."

McCuiston hopes that more Rhea county vendors will become increasingly cooperative in their coupon policies.

"I would rather stay in Dayton and keep my money here," she said.

For those interested, Dayton First Baptist Church will host one of the couponing workshops in March. Unused coupons can be dropped off at the church as well. More information can be found at or by calling Debbie McCuiston at 775-6517.
Elisabeth Hollingsworth can be reached at

Published: 5:03 PM, 11/06/2009
Elisabeth Hollingsworth
Source: The Herald-News


Thank you Debbie, for stressing the importance of how we present ourselves to others.  As we tell anyone who attends our workshops ~ we are all a light and a testimoney everywhere we go, don't let it ruin your testimony.    

Today's the big day! Are you READY TO GIVE??

For those of us that use coupons and other frugal-living techniques, any time is a good time to save money.  We get caught up in the race to grab all the bargains, all the time- and the results are extremely rewarding!  We can step back, look at the fruit of our labors (a full fridge and a brag-worthy receipt!) and feel the glow of contentment, of a job well done.

But in the race to Get-Get-Get, we sometimes forget to make time to Give.  And that's what Time2Give is all about: To balance the blessings we receive, with the blessings we share.

Today we ask you to step back, take a look at your blessings, and share a little with some needy local families and the Battered Women's Shelter.  Bring any useful items (canned goods, boxed food, toiletries, baby items, etc...) down to Southern Heritage Bank (on Keith St. in Cleveland) and we will be there to fill up the truck!

If you don't have a stockpile yet, no problem!  What kind of damage you can do at the grocery or drugstore with just $5!  (Take a picture and send it to us- we love to share in your successes!)  Then bring your haul down on TODAY and let's give together!  We'll be in the parking lot from 1-4 to welcome your donations with open arms- hope to see you there!!

New Target Printables! 11/9

Go HERE to print these great new printables!  The Up&Up coupon will make for FREE flushable wipes.....
  • $1/1 Up & Up Diapers or Baby Wipes (excludes trial size)
  • $1/1 Dove Caramel Promises 9.5 oz
  • $1/1 Dove Peanut Butter Promises 8.5 oz
  • $0.75/1 Pepperidge Farm Cookies 5 oz or larger
  • $1 off Lipton Ice Tea Bottles 12 pack
  • $1 off Planters DayBreak Snack 5 ct
  • $1/1 Doritos family size 17 oz
  • $5/1 Deli Deluxe Holiday Meal (Deli Dept Super Target)
  • $1/1 Archer Farms Oven Roasted Chicken (Deli Dept Super Target)
  • $1.50 off 1 lb or more Archer Farms Bulk Cheese (Deli Dept Super Target)
  • $0.50/1 Log Cabin Syrup 24 oz
  • $1/1 Nestle Water 24 pk

Publix Update: FREE FIsher Fusions & 20¢ Soup!

Just got a couple new heads up for you if you're still planning a Publix trip!  Remember, the Penny Item this week is Publix Oatmeal.  (If you don't need or want it, come drop it by our Time2Give food drive at Southern Heritage Bank today, from 1- 4!!)

Publix has Fisher Fusions Trail Mix for $1 (small bags?)
Use this $1/1 coupon PRINT *updated link!
(makes it FREE!)

Publix has Campbell's Select Harvest soup on BOGO for $2.39
Use this $1/1 coupon PRINT
(makes it 20¢ a can!)

-Thanks WhoSaidNothingInLifeIsFree????

Time 2 Give ~ Cleveland Project

 November 9th: Time 2 Give Day!

We  have partnered with The United Way and Southern Heritage Bank for their annual food drive.  Get your donations ready - Monday November 9th is Time to Give Day.  
Click HERE to find out how you can help.

What can you do with $5?  Send your pics to share.  

FREE Up & Up Wipes at Target!

Up & Up Toddler Wipes (48 ct.) are between 97¢ - $1.44 at Target.
Use THIS $1/1 Target Printable to get them as low as FREE!
*Your cashier will have to adjust the value of the coupon down, but this is A-Ok according to their corporate policy!
-Thanks, WhoSaidNothingInLifeIsFree!

Refresh Your Nest Coupon Booklet

If you'd like to get a coupon-book for $35 worth of Proctor & Gamble coupons (mostly cleaning products) in your mailbox (I do!  I do!) then go HERE to request yours.

I tell you though, being surrounded by five boys (okay, one is a "man"), I know it's going to take more than Febreeze and a Swiffer to refresh this nest.  This nest has a distinct aroma of "dirty-socks", with faint notes of "missed-the-toilet".  I'm thinking it's going to take something along the lines of that housekeeping staff from the movie "Annie".  But I'll take those coupons anyway!

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