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Sunday, April 18, 2010


I've never tried Hood's Simply Smart milk, so I have no idea what it's like - but for FREE, I'll dance right over and pick some up!  Just go become a fan of Hood Simply Smart on Facebook - and you'll be able to request your Free Product Coupon.  They say their Fat Free milk tastes like 2% and their 1% Milk tastes like Whole Milk.  Hmmmm - I'll def. have to try this!

While you're on Facebook - please stop by the Time2Save Facebook Fan page and take a minute to get in on a conversation or help out someone who is confused - even ask questions yourself!  We've got a great little community of couponers on there - so come join!


  1. I just looked on their site to see where the milk is sold and it said only in the New England area. :(

  2. Oh Kim - You're right! Sorry to get your hopes up guys - we Southeasterners will soldier on with our fatty milk...

  3. The Publix where I shop carries this milk.



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