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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Additional Information about Publix Coupon Policy

Yesterday Kelly and I spoke to managers at Publix in regards to using competitor store coupons. When using competitor store coupons, only one of the same coupon can be used per transaction, for example, only 1 $1 off Gerber FLIP can be used per transaction.For example, Food Lion allows one of the same coupon per transaction for their FLIP's, Publix will follow the same guideline. They have also requested when using competitor coupons that you choose an item that closely matches the coupon discount. This also applies to Target, Walgreen's and other competitor store coupons.

Remember, they are still working out the kinks of new store policies. If you have a planned transaction that won't work once you get to checkout, you are not stuck buying that product, politely request that the item be voided. We keep in close contact with the Ooltewah, TN management team, and will keep you informed as any new changes are made.


  1. Is there any way to get clarification on their rain check policy? Bi-lo will let me have a rain check for whatever my quantity. However, Publix won't. If the item is in the store, I can buy any quantity I want then why does Publix limit the quantity on a raincheck? Can anyone clarify this for me, please?

  2. Lea, usually when a grocery store runs a sale, the manufacturer gives the store a discount on the price of that item in return for the avertisement. We are trying to work with Publix to help them prepare and order enough inventory each week for the items that are on sale, however there has been an incredible increase in coupon usage (I wonder why?) over the past month, they haven't been able to keep up. When a rain check is issued, you detemine when you buy that product. Since it is no longer on sale, the price that the grocery store bought it for has greatly increased, thus creating an opportunity to lose money. Therefore, it goes back to the stores discretion regarding limits. As far as Bi-Lo goes, most of the rainchecks I have recieved from them have had limits also. Hope this answers your question.



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