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Monday, October 12, 2009

Walmart Coupon Policy

Click HERE to print a copy of the much talked about
WALMART coupon policy:)


  1. sweet gibblets!! what fun (not!!) i had at walmart today. i decided to be a "light & a testimony" and kept my head from spinning around on my shoulders when they would not accept my -1.00/1 mccormicks ( i cant spell) for the salt & pepper shakers and then they were going to make me buy all 6 of my over the moon milks in different transactions. i was going to do it until she rang the first milk up w/out my coupon and then told me i would have to return the milk at customer service and buy it again to use the coupon. gggrrrr...i sweetly and gently put all my items on the counter, returned my milk at customer service and GOT OUT OF THERE!!!

    i said all that to say, thank you for your recent classes in macon,ga. i live in warner robins but have taken your words of wisdom with me....its just a coupon.

    have a great week!!
    becki r.

  2. Thanks Becki, it's true at the end of the day, it is just a coupon. However, if you choose to ever try Wal-Mart again, take a copy of the coupon policy in with you. If the cashier is still being difficult, you can kindly but gently call 1-800-WALMART and let the customer service for Wal-Mart handle it for you.

    Glad that you were able to keep your cool. Being a light and a testimony every where we go can be a gift to someone else. Thanks for letting us know, and even more thanks for letting your light shine.

    Many blessings,



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