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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Hi Kelly and Kasey!

Just wanted to send you some photos for the blog. I went to Kroger in Dalton (Walnut Ave. location) on Saturday June 13. Again thanks for doing all the workshops!!

For the first time I used my Kroger Plus card loaded with the newer E-coupons from,, P&G Saver, and the Kroger eSaver. (I waited 24 hrs. for them to load.) Also took my Internet printables and manufacturer's coupons. Based on the information on your site and Southern Savers, I picked out the items that were on sale and of course items we could use at home.

I purchased

2 - Kroger Frozen Vegetables
2 - Knorr Sides - Rice
3 - Hot Pockets
1 - Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner
1 - NY Croutons
2 - Oikos Yogurt
6 - Yoplait Yogurt
1 - Betty Crocker Cookie
1 - El Pato Salsa

Total before savings (with tax) = $27.37

Total after savings (with tax) = $3.33

E-Coupons used:
40¢ off 1 Hot Pockets from the eSaver
50¢ off 1 Betty Crocker from Cellfire
50¢ off 6 Yoplait Yogurts
IPs used:
2 - 45¢ off 1 Knorr product
1 - 50¢ off 1 Oikos yogurt
Manufacture Qs:
3 - 50¢ off 1 hot pocket
1 - 50¢ off 1 NY croutons
1 - 50¢ off 1 Lysol toilet bowl cleaner
1 - 50¢ off 1 Betty Crocker Dessert
1 - 40¢ off 6 Yoplait Yogurt

Hopefully I didn't miss any Qs - I used quite a few. I'm not sure exactly how to read the Kroger receipt correctly - but it does seem that all my Qs were in fact doubled and that the e-coupons that applied were used. Maybe other e-coupons were applied - but they are not listed well in the receipt.

Also got 2 Catalinas:
1 - $1 off 5 Oikos yogurt
1 - 75¢ off 4 Hot Pockets or Lean Pockets

- Elizabeth S.

Kroger Trip 6-13

Total Savings: $24.04 88% YEA!!!!!!

KMart Catalina $10 gift card with a New or Transferred RX

Thanks Elizabeth S. for sending us pics with your grocery details. You are doing awesome!! Savings of 88% way to go, and its only been a couple of weeks since you attended Time 2 $ave Couponing Workshops. You are officially a SAVVY SUPER SHOPPER!!

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