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Monday, June 29, 2009

Food Lion Private Brand FLIPS - exp 8/25

Expiration August 25th
$1 off a box of Food Lion Cereal
$1 off your next Home 360 purchase (see list below for Home 360 products)
$1 off your next Healty Accents Purchase (see list below for Healthy Accents products)
$2 off 12pk Food Lion Green Tea
Click HERE.

Price List for Home 360:
Envelopes 1.49
Scrubber pads (similar to Brillo) 1.39
Sponges 1.78
Plastic forks, spoons, or knives 1.49
Saw the 7lb cat litter for $1.50 at my FL
360 Home glass/china dishes,big mugs,salad plates,etc all for $1
kids scissors $.99
red plastic disposable cups $1.42
package of rubber bands, erasers, pencil sharpeners, ~3/99¢
adult scissors $1.49
packaging tape $1.49
drinking straws 40ct 1.36
250 toothpicks for $1.12
transparent tape 59c
scotch type tape 1.22
rubberbands 3/97c
pencil erasers 3/97c
duct tape 1.99
wood kebob sticks $2
baby bibs .97
kleenex 230 ct 1.62
Food lion brand baby wipes 40ct. 1.50
25 sqft Aluminum foil $1.35
2-pack dish sponges $1.77
single wet one packs .89
40ct fabric softener sheets $1.69

Price List for Healthy Accents:
rubbing alcohol 99c
peroxide 69-99c
handsoap 95c (thru 8/12)
epsom salts 99c
hand sanitizer 1.49
qtips 1.99
HA bandaids = 1.79
Petroleum gel in a tub like vaseline $1.00
Nail polish remover $0.97
Dental floss is $1.29
Honey lemon cough drops are $1.50
Toothbrushes $1
cotton balls .99
FL Water 3.29
Calamine lotion 1.49
Kids and adult bandages 1.79
Acetominophen 2.99
Jumbo cotton balls (100) for $1.26

Thanks katncaed at Hot Coupon World!

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