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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

PUBLIX 6/17 - 6/23

Perdue Breaded Chicken Breast Nuggets or Tenders or Fun Shapes, Fully Cooked, 12-oz pkg BOGO $4.39
-$1/1 Perdue Chicken Nuggets RP 05-03 (makes it $1.75 ea)

Hebrew National Kosher All Beef Franks; Original, Reduced Fat, 97% Fat-Free, or Jumbo; or Knockwurst 11 or 12-oz pkg BOGO $4.99
-$.75/1 Hebrew National SS 6/14 (makes it $1.75 ea)
-$.75/1 Get Ready For Summer Booklet
-$1/1 Hebrew National SS 6/14 (makes it $1.50 ea)
-$1/1 Hebrew National PRINT
-$1/1 Hebrew National PRINT

Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Cake Mix, Assorted Varieties, 17.52 or 18.25-oz box (Excluding Angel Food and Decadent Carrot Cake) BOGO $1.65

General Mills Cereal, Lucky Charms, Cookie Crisp, Kix, or Reese's Puffs, 11.25 to 13-oz or Golden Grahams or Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 16 or 17-oz box BOGO $3.99
-$1/2 PRINT (makes it $1.25 ea wyb 2)
-$1/2 Peelie
-$.50/1 Lucky Charms PRINT (makes it $1.00ea)
-$1/3 PRINT (makes it $1.66 ea wyb 3)
-$1/3 General Mills SS 05-31
-$3/3 General Mills Peelie ($1.00 ea wyb 3)

Kellogg's Cereal, Assorted Varieties, Frosted Mini-Wheats, 14.5 to 20.4 or Unfrosted Mini-Wheats, 18-oz box BOGO $3.89
-$1/1 Vocalpoint mailer (makes it $0.95ea)
-$1/1 from RP 06-07 RP
-B1G1 Vocalpoint mailer (combine w/ $1/1 makes it $0.48ea)
-$1.50/2 PRINT (makes it $1.20 ea)

Kellogg's Nutra Grain Bars, 6.7 to 10.8-oz box BOGO (no price listed)
-$1 off WYB Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Cereal Bars And (1) Bottled Water, Any 6-Pack (Excluding Flavored Waters) Kellogg's Snack Right Booklet

Duncan Hines Brownie Mix, Assorted Varieties, 16.76 to 18-oz box BOGO $2.59

Kraft Easy Mac Macaroni & Cheese Dinner, Original, Extreme Cheese, Big Pack Original, or Animal Shapes, 12.05 or 12.9-oz box BOGO $3.39

Juicy Juice All Natural 100% Juice, Punch, Apple, Berry, or Strawberry Banana, 8-pk, 6.75-oz box BOGO $2.99
-$1/2 All You, June 2009 (makes it $1.00 ea wyb2)

Ocean Spray Craisins, Assorted Varieties, or Trail Mix, 6-oz bag BOGO $2.29

Old El Paso Dinner Kit, Assorted Varieties, 8.4 to 19.2-oz box BOGO $2.95
-$1 off WYB Old El Paso Dinner Kits And Ground Beef
-$1 off WYB Old El Paso Dinner Kit, and (3) Old El Paso Refried Beans

Old El Paso Salsa, Assorted Varieties, Thick 'N Chunky, 16-oz jar BOGO $2.39

Celestial Seasonings Tea, Assorted Varieties, 20-ct box (Excluding Organic and Extra) BOGO $3.59

Keebler Club or Town House Crackers, Assorted Varieties, 7.7 to 16-oz box BOGO $3.99
-$1/2 Club Blinkie (makes it $1.50 ea wyb 2)
-$1`Off packaged salad WYB 2 Keebler Club Crackers Blinkie
-$1 off WYB Keebler Club Crackers and Deli Cheese Wine Tag

Hershey's Nuggets, Assorted Varieties, 10.5 to 19-oz bag BOGO $3.69
-B2G1 Tearpad
-$.25/1 any Hershey's Peelie ($1.35 ea)

-$.75/1 Any Hershey's Peelie (makes it $1.10 ea)

Doritos Tortilla Chips, Assorted Varieties, 11.75 to 14.5-oz bag (Excluding Baked!, Light, and Natural Chips) BOGO $3.99

Nabisco Honey Maid Grahams, Assorted Varieties, 14.1 to 14.4-oz box BOGO $3.00
-$1 off Nabisco Honey Maid Grahams WYB (1) Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallows, Any 10 Oz. + And (1) Hershey's Milk Chocolate, Any 6-Pack Tearpad
-$1/2 "Traditional Family Recipes with a Twist" (makes it $1.00 ea wyb 2)
PRINT (makes it $0.50 ea)

Sara Lee Hot Dog Buns or Hamburger; Whole Grain White, 12-oz BOGO $2.85
-Free SL buns WYB (2) Ball Park Franks and/or Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage Links Tearpad & Blinkie
-$3 Off WYB SL Buns & Ball Park Franks And (1) Watermelon
-$1 off Ball Park Franks AND Sara Lee Buns - Target Mailer "Get More For Less"

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt or Sorbet: or Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream, Assorted Varieties, 1-pt ctn BOGO $3.79
-$1/2 Ben & Jerry's Yellow Ad Buy Flyer Publix All American Savings
-$1/1 Ben & Jerry's Flipped Out Ice Cream- Food Lion Sweet Dreams Booklet
-$1/1 Tearpad
-$1/2 The Whole Deal Booklet (makes it $1.40 ea wyb 2)
-$1/1 Save on Starbucks in the Grocery Store Booklet
-$1/1 Starbucks Ice Cream
PRINT (makes it $0.90 ea)

Stouffer's French Bread Pizza, Assorted Varieties, 2-ct. 10.37 to 12.5-oz box BOGO $2.99

Dannon Danimals Crush Cup Yogurt, 4-pk, 4-oz cup or Dan-o-nino Dairy Snack, 6-pk. 1.76-oz cup, Assorted Varieties BOGO $2.00
-$.55/1 Crush Cup Blinkie (makes it $0.45 ea)

Edwards Pie or Cheesecake Slices, Assorted Varieties, 2-ct. 5.2 to 9.8-oz box BOGO $2.75
-$1/2 from 06-14-09 SS (makes it $0.88 ea wyb2)
-$.75/1 from 05-10-09 SS
(makes it $0.63 ea)

Hungry-Man Dinners, Assorted Varieties, 16 or 17-oz box BOGO $3.59
-$1/1 peelie (makes it $0.80 ea)

Yoplait Yo-Plus Yogurt or Fiber One, Assorted Varieties, 4-pk. 4-oz cup BOGO $2.50
-$.50/1, $1/1 Yo-Plus SS 06-07 (all Q's make it $0.25 ea)
-$1/1 Yo-Plus PRINT
-$1/1 Fiber One PRINT

Morningstar Farms Entrees, Assorted Varieties, 5.25 to 12-oz box BOGO Surprisingly Low Price -$1/1 reported if you register PRINT
-$1/1 PRINT
-$1/1 Target Mailer "Get More For Less"
-$2/1 Find Love At The Breakfast Table Booklet
-$2/2 Target IP PRINT (exp 6/20)
-$1/1 Burger Patties PRINT

Right Guard Xtreme Anti-Perspirant, Assorted Varieties, 2 to 4-oz pkg BOGO $3.99
-$1/2 from 05-17-09 SS (makes it $0.50 ea wyb 2)
-$1/1 from 04-19-09 SS (makes it $1.00 ea)
-$.75/1 Spring is Savings Season from Kmart (makes it $1.25)
-$1/1 Target Mailer "Get More For Less"

Bic Disposable Razors, Comfort 3 Advance or Bic 3 Sensitive for Men or Soleil, Bella or Triple Blade Sensitive Skin for Women, 3 to 8-ct pkg BOGO $5.49
-$2/1 from 06-07-09 SS (makes it $0.75ea)
-$2/1 Bic Soleil Bella Shaver, Any 3-Pack from 06-07-09 SS
-$3/1 Bic Soleil Bella Shaver, Any 3-Pack from BzzzAgent
(makes it FREE)

Fresh Expressions Candle, Clean Sparkle, Eucalyptus Leaf, Lavender Garden or Tropical Paradise, 6.5-oz box BOGO $4.99

Lysol Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner, Island Breeze; or Mildew Remover With Bleach, 32-oz bot BOGO $3.69
-$.50/1; $.75/1; $1/2 SS 06-07 (makes it $0.85ea or $1.10 ea or $1.35ea wyb2)
final price depends on what Q you use

Fisher Fusions Snack Mix, Sweet Harvest, Ice Cream Sundae, Cinnamon Roll, Energy Blend, or Tropical Twist, 4.75 to 5.25-oz bag BOGO $1.79
-$1/1 from SS 06-07, SS 05-10, SS 12-14, SS 03-29, SS 03-15, SS 01-18 (makes it FREE)

Ritz Crackerfuls Cracker Sandwiches, Four Cheese or Cheddar Cheese, 6-pk, 6-oz box BOGO $3.49

-$3/10 Deli Bakery FLIP PRINT
Deli Style Rye Bread, Marble, Seeded, OR Plain, 16-oz loaf $2.89
Key Lime Pie, Choose Mango Key Lime or original Key Lime 34-oz size $6.49
Multigrain Bread, 16-oz loaf $2.79
Decadent Dessert Cakes, Strawberry and Peach or Chocolate Ganache Supreme, 42 or 51-oz pkg %18.99
Latte Blast, 40-oz pkg $15.99
Rustic Peppercorn Loaf, 16-oz $3.99
Cinnamon Raisin Whole Wheat Bread, 35-oz loaf $4.99
Latte Blast Cake Slices 2-ct, 6-oz pkg $3.99
Strawberry and Peach Sensation Cake Slices, 2-ct 6-oz pkg $3.99
Chocolate Ganache Cake Slices 2-ct, 6-oz pkg $3.99
Raspberry Sacher Torte Cake Slices 2-ct, 6-oz pkg $3.99

Pillsbury Ready to Bake! Cookies, Assorted Varieties, 16 or 16.5-oz pkg 2 for $5.00
-Buy 2 Pillsbury Cookies Get Milk (up to $1) Free Peelie
-$.35/1 from 04-26-09 SS
-$1/2; $1/3; $.35/1 from 04-05-09 SS
-$.55/1; $.55/2 Peelie

Silk Soymilk, Vanilla or Plain, 1-gal ctn $4.99

Sorrento Deli Style Ricotta Cheese, whole or part Skim or Fat Free, 32-oz tub 2 for $6.00
-$1/2 from 05-03-09 SS
-$1/1 from 03-22-09 SS
-$1/1 Blinkie & WT

Publix American Cheese Singles, 2% Milk, Reduced Fat, 12-oz pkg 2 for $4.00

Kraft Cracker Barrel Cheese Slices or Deli Fresh, Assorted Varieties, 7 or 8-oz pkg 2 for $5.00
-$1 off Kraft Deli Fresh Cheese Slices WYB Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Meat-Family Circle & LHJ, July 2009
-$1/2 Effortless Lunchtime Ideas Everyone Loves - The Lunch Spot Booklet

-$1 off Deli--Publix Art Calendar
-$3/10 Deli Bakery FLIP
Publix Deli Caesar Salad 4-oz cont $2.49Publix Oven Roasted Turkey Breast $4.99/lb
Publix Baked Potato Salad, 16-oz pkg $2.49
Fried Chicken Tenders, Assorted Varieties $6.99/lb

Publix Premium Bouquets-Vibrant 20 Stem Arrangement $9.99

DiGiorno Pizza, Assorted Varieties, 13 to 34.2-oz box(Excluding Deep Dish, Stuffed Crust, and Ultimate Varieties) 2 for $10.00
-$1/1 from 06-14-09 SS
-$1.50/1 Crispy Faltbread Pizza from 05-17-09 SS
-$1/1 Peelie
-$1/1 PRINT

Mayfield Classic Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt, Assorted Varieties, 56-oz ctn 2 for $5.00

Alexia All Natural Potatoes, Assorted Varieties, 20 to 24-oz pkg or Onion Rings, 13.5-oz pkg $2.79
-$.75/1 Spicy Sweet Potato PRINT

Dole Frozen Fruit, Assorted Varieties, 12 or 16-oz bag 2 for 6.00
-$.75/1 Fitness & LHJ, June 2009

Del Monte Fruit or Fruit & Gel, 4-pk, 3.75 to 4.5-oz cup or Fruit Chillers, 8-ct., 2-oz tube B2G1 (save up to 2.75)
-$1/1 Fruit Chillers PRINT

Uncle Ben's Ready Rice, Assorted Varieties, 8.5 or 8.8-oz pouch 2 for $3.00
-$1/2 PRINT
-$1/3; $.75/2 RP 05-10

Gatorade Thirst Quencher or G2 Low Calorie Beverage, 8-pk 20-oz bot or Tiger, 8-pk 16.9-oz bot 2 for $10.00
-$.50/1 Tearpad

Ocean Spray Juice Drinks, Assorted Varieties, 64-oz bot (Excluding 100% Cranberry Items) 2 for $5.00
-$.55/1; $1/1 RP 05-31
-$1/1 Blueberry Drinks Or Diet Blueberry Drinks, Any 64 Oz. Bottle RP 05-17
-$.55/1 Cranberry Pomegranate Or Ruby Pomegranate Juice Drink, Any 64 Oz RP 04-19
-Ocean Spray Juice or Juice drink 64oz FREE WYB (2) Kellogg's Smartstart 14.7 oz or larger cereals Tearpad

Crisco Pure Canola Oil or Vegetable Oil or natural Blend 48-oz $2.99
-$1/2 Summertime Savings Booklet Found Hanging On A&W Brand Soda
-$1/1; $.75/1 RP 05-17

Bumble Bee Prime Fillet Solid White Albacore Gourmet Tuna in Water, 4-pk 5-oz can $4.99

12-Pack Selected Cola Cola Products, 12-oz can B3G1 (save up to $6.76)

Selected Coca Cola Products, 2L bot 2 for $3.00

Yoo-Hoo Chocolate Drink, 12-pk 11-oz can 2 for $8.00

LaCroix Natural Sparkling Water, Assorted Varieties, 12-pk 12-oz can 3 for $8.00

Cape Cod Potato Chips, Assorted Varieties, 15 or 16-oz bag $3.99
-$1/2 SS 05-10
-$1/2 WT

Crystal Springs Mountain Natural Spring Water 24-pk .5-L bot $3.99
-$1/1 Blinkie

Planters Cashews or Mixed Nuts, or Cashews and Peanuts, Assorted Varieties 9.25 to 11.5-oz can $2.99
-$1/1 PRINT

Entenmann's 1898 Main Street Pound Cake, Lemon or Golden 11.5-oz box 2 for $5.00
-$1/3 Tearpad

Health & Beauty
Gillette Hair Products, 2.1 to 12.2-oz pkg, or Head & Shoulders Hair Products, 13.5 or 14.2-oz bot, Assorted Varieties $3.99
-$1/1 Gillette P&G Brand Saver $120 In P&G Savings
-Buy a Gillette Shampoo or styler get a coupon mailed to you for the next one to be free TMF Tearpad
-$2/2 Head & Shoulders PG 06-07
-$1/2 Blinkie

Listerine Mouthwash, 1-L bot Or Whitening, 16-oz bot (Excluding Vibrant White Advanced, 16-oz or Listerine Total Care, Advanced Mint, and Citrus, 1-L bot) $3.99
-$1/1; $.50/1 SS 06-14, RP 04-26RP
-$1.50/1; $3/2 SS 03-15

Gold Bond Ultimate Lotions, Assorted Varieties, 13 or 14-oz bot $6.49
-$2/1; $1/1 SS 03-22
-$1/1 Ladies Home Journal, February 2009

Advil Pain Medicine, assorted Varieties, 40 or 50-ct box $4.49
-$2/1 Peelie

Gillette Fusion Shaving Gel or Mach3, Assorted Varieties, 7-oz can 2 for $5.00
-$1/1 P&G Brand Saver $120 In P&G Savings

Enfamil Lipil Infant Formula Powder, Milk-Based with Iron, Gentlease, or A.R., 24 or 25.7-oz can $23.99

Publix Century Multivitamins or Century Senior, 100 or 130-ct $5.99

EAS Myoplex Nutritional Shake, Assorted Flavors, 4-pk. 14-oz ctn $9.89
-Free Product Q sent when you register REGISTER

Midland Weather Alert Radio $29.99

Tide Detergent, Assorted Varieties, 75 or 100-oz bot $11.99
-$1/2; $.35/1 PG 06-07
-$1/1 **From Wal-Mart Portrait Studio Packet**
-$1/1 P&G Brand Saver $120 In P&G Savings

Cascade Dishwasher Detergent, Assorted Varieties, Gel, Powder, 2 in 1 ActionPacs or All in 1 Complete, 16 or 20-ct or 75-oz pkg $3.99

Ultra Downy Fabric Softener, Assorted Varieties, 62 to 77-oz bot $7.49
-$.75/1 Target Mailer "Get More For Less"
-$1/1 P&G Brand Saver $120 In P&G Savings
-$1/1 **From Wal-Mart Portrait Studio Packet**

Clorox2 Stain Fighter & Color Booster, 2X Ultra: Original Scent, Fresh Meadow, or Lavender, 33-oz bot $3.99
-$2/2 Tearpad

Mr Clean Cleaner, Assorted Varieties, Multi-Surface With Febreze or Multi-Purpose, 40-oz bot 2 for $5.00

Angel Soft Unscented Bathroom Tissue, Double Rolls or Regular, 12 or 24-roll pkg or Septic Safe 2-Ply Mega Rolls, 9-roll pkg $5.49
-$1/2; $.50/1 RP 04-19

Sparkle Paper Towels, Pure White Family Pack, 8-roll pkg ot Giant Roll, 6-roll pkg $5.49
-$1/1; $.50/1; $.75/1 RP 05-03

Kingsford Match Light Charcoal Briquets, Ready-to-Light, 13.5-lb bag $7.99
-$2 off your purchase wyb 13.5lb + Kingsford or Kingsford Matchlight charcoal and any MorningStar Farms grilling product in the same transaction - turn up the music fire up the grill
-$2 off the other white meat wyb 13.5lb + Kingsford or Kingsford Matchlight charcoal and any one KC Masterpiece Barbecue sauce - Turn up the music fire up the grill
-KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce Free WYB Kingsford Charcoal, Any 9 Lbs. + Tearpad
-2.00 off Beef wyb one 13.5 lb. or larger Kingsford or Kingsford Match Light Charcoal and any one Sargento Product
-$6 off Pork WYB Kingsford and 1 other participating product
-$3 off WYB Publix Fresh Pork And Kingsford Or Kingsford Matchlight Charcoal, Any 13.5 Lbs. + (One Per Customer Per Day)
-$1/1 Tearpad
-$3/1 Summer Is Here Booklet

Publix Print Napkins, 250-ct pkg 2 for $3.00

Publix Plastic Cups, Colored, 16-oz, 50-ct pkg $2.49

Solo Paper Plates, All Occasion, 7, 8.75, or 10.25-Inch, 22 to 48-ct pkg 2 for $4.00
-$.75/1 PRINT

Ribeye Steaks $5.96/lb
Boneless Pork Loin Chops or Butterflied Chops $2.99/lb
Beef Cubed Steak $3.49/lb
Ground Round $3.49/lb (Patties $3.79/lb)
Sirloin Tip Roast $2.99/lb
Whole Sirloin Tip $2.19/lb
Publix GreenWise Market Porterhouse Steaks or T-Bone $8.99/lb
Publix Spiral Sliced Ham Half with Glaze packet: Honey or Brown Sugar $2.59/lb

Oscar Mayer Sliced Bacon, Original, Lower Sodium, Thick or Maple, 16-oz pkg 2 for $6.00
-$1/1 Tearpad

Perdue Chicken Breasts, Thin Sliced or Tenderloins $3.99/lb
Standing Rib Roast $5.86/lb

Hillshire Farm Deli Select Lunchmeats, Assorted Varieties, 8 or 9-oz pkg 2 for $7.00
-$.35/1; $1/2 RP 06-07
-$.35/1 RP 05-10

Johnsonville Bratwurst Patties, 16-oz pkg 2 for $5.00
-$1/1 Publix Family Style Home Mailed Version, May (Summer)

Purina Beneful Dog Food, Assorted Varieties, 15.5-lb bag $13.99
-$3.50/1 PRINT
-$4/1 Publix Publix Family Style Home Mailed Version, May (Summer)

Fresh Attitude Salad Blends, Assorted Varieties, 5-oz pkg 2 for $5.00
Publix GreenWise Market Organic Salads, Assorted Varieties, 5 to 10-oz bag $2.69
Southern-Grown Athena Cantaloupes $1.47
Assorted Simply Orange Juice or Apple or Grapefruit or Simply Orange Juice Blend, 59-oz bot 2 for $6.00
Georgia Peaches $1.29/lb
Carribean Red Papaya $.99/lb
Crunch Pak Apple Slices, Sweet, Tart or Mixed Varieties, 16-oz pkg 2 for $5.00
Eat Smart Broccoli Florets or Vegetable Medley, Cauliflower Florets, Broccoli and Cauliflower, Broccoli and Carrots, or Vegetable Stir Fry, 10 or 12-oz pkg 3 for $5.00
Portobello Mushrooms, Whole or Sliced 6-oz pkg $2.69 (Organic, 6-oz pkg $2.99)
Red Creamer Potatoes, 3-lb bag $2.49
California Cherries $2.99/lb
California Grapes, White or Red $1.69/lb
Organic Red or White Seedless Grapes $1.99/lb
Southern Grown Blueberries 2 for $5.00

Medium Lobster Tails, Prev. Frozen, Wild Harvested, 5-oz min weight per tail $6.99
Large White Shrimp, Prev Frozen, Farm-Raised, 31 to 35 per pound (Peeled & Deveined) $5.99/lb (31 to 40 per pound $7.99/lb)
Fresh Tilapia Fillets, Never Frozen, Farm Raised $6.39/lb

In-Ad Q:$2 off Huggies Big Pack
Thanks Hot Coupon World!

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