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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

BiLo Ad 7/8-14/09 Lots of BOGO's!!

Red Baron Classic or Thin Crust Pizza
Kellogg's Cereal: Rice Krispies, Froot Loops or Frosted Flakes
Apples 3lb bag Pink Lady or Golden Delicious
Red Potatoes 5lb bag
Sargento Natural Shredded Cheese 8oz
Chinet Dinner Plates 32ct or Platters 24ct
Blue Bell Ice Cream 64oz or Ice Cream cups 12ct
Keebler Chips Deluxe cookies
Yellow Onions 3lb bag
PictSweet Vegetables 16oz frozen
Colgate toothpaste 4.6oz
Powerade 8pk 20oz bottles
Hellman's real mayo 22oz squeeze or 30oz jar
WishBone Salad dressing 16oz
Uncle Ben's Ready Rice
Nabisco Ritz Crackerfuls
Hawaiian Punch
S.H. brand Premium or Zesty steak sauce
Cattleman's BBQ sauce 18oz
Natra Taste Gold 200ct
NutraSweet 100ct
S.H. Non-Dairy Creamer
2000 Flushes Automatic Toilet cleaner
X-14 Daily Shower cleaner or X-14 Mildew Stain remover
Carpet Fresh No Vacuum
Woolite Oxy Deep Carpet Cleaner
Chinet Value Pack Lunch Plates 72ct
Hot Shot Roach & Ant Killer
Woolite Pet Stain Liquid cleaner
Pedigree Plus Dog Food cans 13.2oz
Eckrich Bologna 16oz meat or beef
Carolina Pride Jumbo Franks original or beef
S.H. Heat n serve Chicken Strips, nuggets or patties
Carolina Pride Premium Roll Sausage
Carolina Pride Smoked Sausage
Shady Brook Farms Turkey sausage rolls
The Philly Steak
Lopez quick burgers
Harbor Pasteurized crabmeat 16oz
Meow Mix cat food 3.15-4.2lb
Whisker Lickins cat treats
Spot Shot Carpet cleaner
Spot Shot stain remover
Hefty One-zip storage or freezer bags 13-22ct or sandwich bags 35ct
Air Wick Scented oil motion kit or Freshmatic starter kit
Scotch Brite Ultra Nailsaver Heavy Duty Sponges 1pk
Domestix Neoprene Gloves
Cheemo Pierogies
Diet Snapple Powder drink sticks
Lake Side Mills Grits
Topcare pain relief Ibuprofen
Softlips Lipcare
Clear Eyes Triple relief or max relief
Nabisco Honey Maid Graham crackers
Electrix soft white light bulbs 4pk
Electrix batteries AA or AAA 4pk, C or D 2pk or 9V 1pk
Arm & Hammer 2in1 dryer sheets
Clorox Bleach Pen
Pillsbury Brownies
Merita Hot dog or hamburger buns
Carolina Pride Ham or Turkey
Fresh Baked Steakhouse rolls 6ct
Aquafina 12pk 16.9oz bottles
Move Free Advanced 80ct or Move Free advanced w/ MSM 90ct
S.H. butter me not biscuits
Uno Pizza
S.H. Whipping Cream
Comstock Pie Filling cherry or no sugar added cherry or apple or no sugar added apple
Lindy's Italian Ice 6ct
Tetley Family Size tea bags 24 ct
Fresh Express Premium Garden Salads
X-14 bathroom cleaner or automatic toilet bowl cleaner
Hormel Chili w/ beans
White house apple sauce jar 24oz
Bolthouse Farms baby cut carrots
Grande Tortilla Chips
Powerade Powder mix
Diana's Banana babies
Rondele Pub cheese or Gourmet spreadable cheese

The Rest of the Ad
Boneless Beef Chuck Roast $1.99lb
T-Bone Steaks bonus pack $4.99lb
S.H. fresh chicken drumsticks or thighs .99lb
Washington cherries $1.77lb
S.H. Grade A lg eggs .79 a dozen limit 4
Jumbo Sweet Vidalia Onoion .99lb
Local peaches $1.19lb
Russet baking potatoes .88lb
Cauli or broccoli $2.39ea
red or black plums $1.29lb
cucumbers .99ea
cluster tomatoes $1.99lb
Ranier cherries $4.99lb
Green or Red Leaf lettuce $1.29ea
Fresh Gourmet Croutons 2/$3
Center cut pork chops $1.99lb
S.H. boneless skinless chicken breasts or tenderloins 40oz frozen $6.99ea
Country Style Pork ribs bonus pk $1.99lb
Boneless beef chuck steaks bonus pack $2.99lb
S.H. spiral sliced glazed half ham 8-11lb ave weight $2.29lb
boneless beef short ribs $3.49lb
Tbone steak certified angus $7.99lb
Fresh wild caught Alaskan Salmon $6.99lb
Fresh Hilton Oysters 8oz $4.99ea
Medium Raw shrimp (Pescanova) 51-60ct frozen 2/$5
S.H. Wild Alaska Crab delites 8oz legs. flakes or chunks 2/$5
Coke 2liters 4/$5 limit 8
Deer Park spring water 24pk .5liter $3.99
S.H. potato chips 10/$10
Lipton ready to drink teas 12pk 2/$10
Gatorade w/G2 32oz 10/$10
Coke 6pk .5liters 4/$10
S.H. Micro popcrn 3ct 4/$5
Keebler Town House crackers or Sunshine Cheezits 2/$5
Healthy Choice complete dinners 5/$11
GM Cereal Kix, Total Cinnamon Crunch, Honey Crunch, Total raisin bran, Golden Grahams, or Honey Nut Cheerios 3/$9

Talenti Gelato 16oz $3.99
Banquet value meals excludes bone-in chicken 10/$10
S.H. waffles 24ct 2/$6
Kellogg's Poptarts 8ct 2/$4
S.H. fruit snacks 6ct 10/$10
S.H. frozen potatoes 80oz $4.79
Pillsbury savorings 12ct or Totinos Pizza rolls 40ct 2/$7
Borden American, Swiss, Kid Builder, Grilled cheese melts, 2% or fat free singles12oz or Borden Sensations singles 8oz 2/$4
Dannon single serve yogurt 6oz 10/$5
Bear Naked granola or cereal $3.89
Land O Lakes lg brown eggs 1 dozen 2/$5
s.h. cream cheese bars 4/$5
s.h. prem oj or grapefruit 64oz $2.79
s.h. natural shredded or chunk cheese 8oz 2/$4
Dixie Crystals Sugar 4lb bag $1.99
Mueller's elbows, thin or reg spaghetti 32oz 2/$4
Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad .99
Knorr pasta or rice sides 10/$10
FiberOne box muffins $2.69
sh honey bear 12oz $2.99
Ragu spag sauce 45oz 2/$5
Jack Daniel's grilling sauces 2/$3
sh manderin oranges 11oz 4/$3
Pace salsa or picante sauce 16oz 2/$4
la victoria enchilada sauce 10/$10
sh grape jelly 18oz jar 2/$3
sh peanut butter 18oz $1.98
Yakisoba Japanese style noodles 5/$4
Starkist solid white Albacore tuna 5oz 3/$5
Quaker rice cake snacks 2/$5
Nestle singles candy bars 2/$1
Hershey's candy 8pk 2/$3
sh chunk light tuna 5oz .68
Spray n Wash trigger 2/$4
Bounce dryer sheets 80ct $3.99
Angel Soft 12 dbl rolls bonus pk (excludes 12 dbl rolls reg) $5.99
sh supreme big rolls or select a size paper towels 1 roll 4/$5
sh foam plates 50ct or Color cups 20ct 2/$3
Tide laundry det 24-40 loads 2X liquid or powder $5.99
Clorox bleach 82-96oz 3/$4.98
sh supreme softness bath tissue 12 dbl rolls $4.99
Rubbermaid gallon pitcher $4.99
sh instant light charcoal 7.2 lb bag 2/$10
Purina puppy chow or healthy morsels 4.4lb 2/$9
Scoop away litter 20lb $8.59
Purina Kitten Chow 3.5lb $3.99
Paws prem pubby food 4.4lb bag or Paws Kitten formula 3.5lb 2/$5
Paws prem puppy sized pads oversized 12ct $5.99
Paws prem cat litter 10lb bag 2/$3
Herbal Essences shampoo, cond, or stylers 6-12oz $2.88
Pantene shampoo or cond $5.99
Pepto-Bismol 8oz liquid, 24ct chewable, 30ct tablets $2.99
Quattro razor system or 4blade refills $2off
Gerber 2nd food baby food 2pk 10/$10
Pampers baby dry or cruisers big pk 62-104 ct $20.98

Thanks Hot Coupon World for the preview.

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