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Friday, October 9, 2009

Catalina didn't print? Who you gonna call?

Who's responsible when a Catalina doesn't print?

Catalina Marketing Company

Phone Number: 1-888-8COUPON
Have your receipt handy.  They will either mail you a coupon, or go over your receipt with you to explain why the Catalina wasn't earned.  If you don't want to worry about all of that, you can kindly ask your cashier if you can return the product.

What is a Catalina?
Catalina Category Marketing (CCM) rewards purchases of promoted products with “catalinas."  You may refer to these as “check-out coupons.”  Catalina's offer incentives good on your next shopping trip to that retailer.  They are generally manufacturer coupons unless the Catalina states that it is a Store Coupon.  For example, Food Lion offers both store and manufacturer coupons via the Catalina machine.  The store coupon may state," $5 off any $15 Baby Purchase at Food Lion."  While a manufacturer Catalina might read, "$2 off your next purchase of Tyson Chicken."  Typically you will have a week up to a month to redeem the Catalina on any  program/incentive promotion.

Q: How are your communications delivered to consumers?
A: Catalina Marketing promotions and advertisements are triggered based on the consumer's purchase behavior (either UPC scans or Card IDs) and delivered at the point of sale, via a full-color, high-speed printer. Catalina Health Resource communications are triggered based on patient's Rx purchase behavior (NDC scan) and delivered at the pharmacy via a high-speed printer.

Q: Does your company just do couponing?
A: No. consumer driven incentives (coupons) are just a piece of the range of solutions that Catalina provides its clients. The company also provides consumer driven advertising, healthcare patient education, interactive solutions, data services and more.

Q: How many stores does your network represent?
A: Catalina is installed in more than 23,000 U.S. grocery, drug and mass merchandise chains, along with more than 17,500 stores installed with the pharmacy network. In addition, the company is installed in nearly 7,000 international stores.

Q: What is the redemption rate of your promotions?
A: Catalina Marketing incentives redeem at an average rate of 6.3%*. This percentage is more than eight times greater than other non-consumer driven traditional promotional methods.

Q: How effective is Catalina consumer driven Advertising?
A: In recent tests, brands utilizing Catalina consumer driven Advertising:
•Raised ad awareness by +16% points*
•Improved ad recall by +24% points*
•Drove volume lift as high as +35%
*Test results of six advertising pilots. Statistically significant difference between test and control at 90% confidence level. Results represent the weighted average performance across all tested executions within each brand pilot.

Q: How many consumers can you reach with your network?
A: Catalina has access to more than 250 million transactions each week, allowing brands to do micro-targeting on a truly mass scale.

Q: How long has the company been around?
A: Catalina Marketing has been targeting consumers with effective communications for nearly 25 years. The company's history can be viewed online.

Q:How can I contact a representative from Catalina?
A: You may contact Catalina at 1(888) 8COUPON

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