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Sunday, July 5, 2009

KMart Doubles Starting today 7/5

CORTNEY YOU ARE RIGHT. Cortney has been telling me for weeks about the buzz on the internet that Kmart doubles were starting today, she had even ordered tons of coupons off the internet hoping that our Kmart would offer doubles. Girlfriend have fun today!!

Fun and Frugal has a list of the stricter rules.


  1. The link to Fun and Frugal isn't working. :(

  2. I just wanted to pass along something I just learned at Highway 153 K-Mart. The cashiers there have been instructed to read each and every coupon and if it states anywhere on it not to double, they will NOT double.

  3. I called the Hwy 58 Kmart and they are honoring doubles. The cashier told me that they can double coupons and these are the rules she stated
    1. up to 2.00
    2.can use no more than 10 coupons
    3.only use 4 of the same coupons have to spend 25.00
    Does this sound familiar or is it a new rule??

  4. It seems like everytime KMart doubles coupons, there are new rules. As far as spending $25.00, in Cleveland, it was $25 in grocery and drug store items before coupons. Its not quite as fun now, but it is still a great opportunity to get FREE and really cheap items.

  5. Ms. Cortney knew that info because I had been searching the internet! :)



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