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Friday, August 7, 2009

Keep us in your prayers!

Okay, back in the saddle today. Sorry I missed posting yesterday. I drove down to meet my family for my moms appointment with a Cardiologist in Atlanta. In 1992 mom had open heart surgery to replace her aortic valve with a mechanical one. We just found out that it isn't functioning properly. She is going back first thing Monday morning to have a scope put down her throat to get an accurate picture of her heart to determine the cause/ amount of damage. It could be either a blood clot that is in the valve or a blockage. There is a large possibility that she will either require a TPA to dissolve the clot, or open heart surgery to replace the valve depending on how much the valve is blocked. Both treatment options are highly risky, the other option is that if it is a minor block to keep a careful watch on her. Please pray for Gods hand on our family, and a positive report on Monday. We lost our father to brain cancer about eighteen months ago - so we are still recovering from that loss.

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  1. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. I hope all goes well!



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