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Monday, August 24, 2009

Publix BOGOs 8/26 - 9/1

Doritos Tortilla Chips, 11.75 to 14.5 oz, (excluding Baked!, Light and Natural), save up to 3.99
Oscar Mayer Beef Franks Regular, Light, Bun Length, XXL or Jumbo, 16 oz pkg, save up to 3.99

Fresh California Figs Brown Turkey, Black Mission or Sierra Varieties, 16 oz pkg, save up to 5.99

Lipton Tea Bags, 100 ct, save up to 3.79

Mrs. Cubbison's Croutons, 5 or 6 oz box, save up to 1.39

Ken's Steak House Marinade or Buffalo Wing Sauce, 16 oz bot, save up to 2.79

A.1. Steak Sauce, 10 oz bot, save up to 3.75

Kraft Easy Mac Macaroni & Cheese Dinner Original, Extreme Cheese, Big Pack Original or Animal Shapes, 12.06 or 12.9 oz box, save up to 3.39

Post Cereal Selects, 13 to 16 oz, Grape-Nuts, 17 or 24 oz, or Grape-Nut Flakes, 18 oz, save up to 3.99

Quaker Cereal Cap'N Crunch, 20.7 to 22 oz, Life, 21 oz or Squares, 16 oz box, save up to 4.49

Kraft South Beach Diet Bars or Granola Clusters or South Beach Living Granola Bars, 4.24 to 6.15 oz box, save up to 3.49

McCormick Grinder Seasoning 0.77 to 2.12 oz bot, save up to 1.99

Campbell's Select Harvest Soup, 18.6 to 18.8 oz can (excluding bowls), save up to 2.39

Del Monte Fruit or Fruit & Gel, 4 pk, 3.75 to 4.5 oz cup, or Fruit Chillers, 8 ct, 2 oz tube, save up to 2.73

Keebler Club Crackers, 12 to 16 oz box, save up to 3.99

Nabisco Toasted Chips, 8.1 oz bag, save up to 3.39

Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popping Corn, 4.8 to 13 oz box, save up to 2.73

Wrigley's Eclipse Gum or Orbit, Sugarfree, 60 ct box, save up to 3.29

Thomas' Bagels, 18 or 20 oz bag, save up to 3.99

Lil' Joey Pancake Pockets Strawberry, Chocolate or Maple, 4 pk box, save up to 2.59

Aunt Jemima Pancakes or French Toast, 12.5 to 14.8 oz box, save up to 2.69

Publix Deluxe American Cheese Sliced, 12 oz pkg, save up to 3.29

Dial Body Wash or Tone Body Wash 16 or 18 oz box (0.35 instant Q on select products while available), save up to 4.49

Lysol Sanitizing Wipes, 80 count canister, save up to 4.99

Lysol Neutra-Air Air Treatment, 10 oz can, save up to 3.59

Solo SoloGrips Plastic Cups or Plates 18 oz cups, 50 ct pkg, or 9 inch plates or 10 inch compartment plates, 30 or 40 ct, save up to 4.69

Nabisco Ritz Crackers, 13.66 to 16 oz box, save up to 2.99

Wish-Bone Dressing, 16 oz bot, save up to 2.63

Breakfast Bread, 20 oz loaf, 3.99
Apple Bran Muffins, 4 ct, 10 oz pkg, 2.49
Turnovers, 4 count, Choice of Apple or Cherry, 14 oz pkg, 3.99
Small Glazed Creme Cake Vanilla, Lemon, Marble or Chocolate, 16 oz size, 2/$6
Brownies, 8 ct, Choice of Walnut Fudge Iced, Walnut Cream Cheese Iced or Plain Iced without Nuts, 16 oz pkg, 3.99

Dannon Yogurt, 6 oz cup, 20/$10
Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits, 16.3 or 17.3 oz can, 4/$5
Publix Sweet Cream Butter Salted or Unsalted, 4 Quarters, 16 oz box, 2/$4
International Delight Coffee Creamer, 32 oz bot, 2/$5
Eggland's Best Large Eggs, 12 ct carton, 2/$4
Sargento Shredded Cheese Classic Mozzarella, Four Cheese Mexican Blend or Fancy Sharp Cheddar, 16 oz pkg, 3.99
Cabot Vermont Cheddar Cheese Bar or Pepper Jack, 8 oz pkg, 2/$4

Publix Deli Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, 4.99/lb
Boar's Head Deluxe Cooked Ham, 8.49/lb
Publix Deli Southern Style Potato Salad or Mararoni Salad, 32 oz cont, 2/$5
Publix Deli Turkey and Swiss Sandwich, 2.99
Chicago Hard Rolls, 6 ct, 9 oz pkg, 1.99
Glazed Donuts, 6 ct, 10 oz pkg, 1.99
Free Publix 1/2 gal Tea when you buy 20 Piece Hot & Spicy Wings at 8.89

Contessa Shrimp, 8 to 24 oz pkg, 50% off
Freschetta Pizza, 12.6 to 30.5 oz box, 2/$11
Stouffer's Lean Cuisine, 5 to 12.5 oz box, 4/$10
Marie Callender's Dinner or Pot Pie, 10 to 21 oz box, 4/$10

Coca-Cola 12 pk, 12 oz cans, 3/$12
Tostitos or Fritos Dip, 15 or 15.75 oz jar, 2/$6
Maxwell House or Seattle's Best Coffee, 12 oz bag, or 33 or 24.5 oz can, 5.49
Maxwell House Colombian or Decaffeinated Coffee, 31.5 or 33 oz can, 6.99
Bumble Bee Prime Fillet, 4 pk, 5 oz can, 4.99
Gatorade Thirst Quencher or G2 Low Calorie Beverage, 8 ok, 20 oz bot, or Gatorade Tiger, 8 pk, 16.9 oz bot, 4.99
Capri Sun Drinks or Roarin' Waters, 10 pk, 6 oz pkg (excluding 100% Juice Items), 1.99
Bush's Baked Beans or Grillin' Beans, 22 or 28 oz can, 3/$5
Publix spring Water or Purified, 24 pk, 16.9 oz bot, 3.99
Publix Soft Drinks or Seltzer Water, 2L bot, 2/$1
Coca-Cola Products, 2L bot, 2/$3
Lipton Tea, 12 pk, 16.9 oz box, (Look for the B2G1 Free In-Store Q), 5.99
Publix Crunchy Cheese Curls or Jumbo Cheese Puffs, 2/$6
Pepperidge Farm Cookies, Distinctive, 5.25 to 7.5 oz bag, Fruit, 6 to 6.75 oz bag, or Old Fashioned, 5 to 5.5 oz bag, 3/$7
Planters Deluxe Mixed Nuts or Whole Cashews or Nut-Rition, 9 to 10.25 oz can 2/$8

Health and Beauty:
One A Day Multvitamins 12 to 200 ct pkg, 25% off
Pantene Pro-V Hair Care Products 25.4 oz bot, or Clairol Nice 'N Easy or Natural Instincts Hair Color, (excluding perfect 10), 5.99
Vaseline Body Lotion, 20.3 or 24.5 oz bot, 4.99
Bayer Aspirin Products, 20 to 60 ct, or 100 to 120 ct, pkg, or Aleve Pain Reliever, 40 or 50 ct pkg, (excluding Aleve Liquid-Gels, 40 ct pkg) 4.99
Colgate Toothpaste, 8.2 oz tube or Colgate Wave or Total Professional Toothbrush 2/$4
Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash 1L or Whitening, 16 oz bot (excluding Advanced or Total Care 1L, or Vibrant White, 16 oz bot) Free 250 ml on Select Pkgs, while quantities available, 3.59
Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants, Learning Designs, Mega Size, Boys or Girls, 33 to 44 ct pkg, 14.99
Pepcid Acid Reducer Tablets, 50 ct pkg, 13.99
Zone Perfect Nutrition Bar, 5 ct pkg, 2$10
Accu-chek Aviva Diabetes Monitoring Kit, 9.99

Calico Hot Shot Utility Lighter, 2.99
Brita Pitcher Replacement Filters, 3 ct box, 13.99
Tide Detergent or Tide Ultra, 2X Ultra, or Total Care, 100 oz bot, 11.99
Ultra Downy Fabric Softener Scented, Simple Pleasures, with Febreeze, Experiential Spray, Pure Essentials or Total Care, 62 to 77 oz bot, 7.49
Cascade Dishwasher Detergent, Gel or Powder, 75 oz pkg, or 2 in 1 ActionPacs, 16 or 20 ct pkg, 3.99
Pine-Sol All-Purpose Cleaner, 48 oz bot, 2.49
Quilted Northern Bathroom Tissue Unscented Double Rolls; Soft and Strong or Ultra Plush, 12 roll pkg, 6.49
Brawny Paper Towels Pick-A-Size: Big Rolls or 2 Ply Sheets, 6 or 8 roll pkg, or Pre White, 8 roll pkg, 6.49
Ziploc Storage or Freezer Bags Value Pack: Quart or Gallon Size, 30 to 50 ct pkg, or Jumbo Size Freezer Bags, 10 ct pkg, 2/$7
Publix Instant Light Charcoal Briquets, 15 lb bag, 6.99
Publix Tall Kitchen Bags or Trash or Lawn & Leaf: With Flap-Ties Closure System; or Tall Kitchen Bags with Drawstring Closure, 13 to 39 ga, 32 to 85 ct pkg, 4.49
Publix Bamboo Skewers, 12 inch, 100 ct pkg, 2/$3
23 Quart Styrofoam Cooler with Plastic Handle, 4.99
Hedstrom Playball, 10 inch 3.99
Fire & Flavor Cedar Grilling Planks, 2 pk box, 8.99
Igloo Wheelie Cool Cooler, 3 piece combo, 38 qt Wheelie, 4 qt personal and 1 qt Beverage Container, 49.99
Meco Portable Tailgate Barbeque Grill, 12.99
Fire & Flavor Cedar Papers, 7.99
Rio 2 Position Chair, 12.99
9 Foot Wood Market Umbrella, 39.99

Top Round London Broil, Publix Premium Certified Beef, USDA Choice, 2.27/lb
Pork Spareribs, 1.59/lb
Bottom Round Roast, 2.49/lb
Beef Cubed Steaks, 2.99/lb
Smithfield Shank Portion Ham 1.29/lb, Butt Portion Ham, 1.59/lb
Perdue Chicken Tenderloin or Thin-Sliced Chicken Breast 3.99/lb
Publix GreenWise Market Ribeye Steaks, Bone-In, 9.49/lb, Boneless 10.49/lb
Chuck Short Ribs, 2.99/lb
Publix Naturally Hickory Smoked Bacon Original, Center Cut, Lower Sodium or Lower Sodium Thick-Sliced, 12 or 16 oz pkg, 2/$5
Publix Chicken Thighs or Drumsticks, 0.99/lb
Publix GreenWise Market Chicken Thighs or Drumsticks, 2.29/lb
Ground Sirloin, 3.49/lb
Hillshire Farm Deli-Select Lunchmeats, Mix or Match With Hearty Slices, 2/$6

Kibbles 'n Bits dog Food, 16 or 17.6 oz bag, 9.99
Purina Friskies Dry Cat Food, 3.15 lb pkg, 2/$6

Publix Whole Mushrooms, 16 oz pkg, 2.69
Russet Baking Potatoes, 5 lb bag, 1.99
California Plums, 0.88/lb
Pluots, Regular, Dinosaur Egg, Flavor Grenade, or Flavor Hearts, 1.49/lb
Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice or Ruby Red Grapefruit, 64 oz carton, 2/$6
Fresh Express Salad Blends, 5 to 12 oz bag, 2/$5
Vine-Ripened Tomatoes, 1.49/lb
Western Cantaloupe, 2/$4
Asparagus, 2.49/lb
Sweet Corn Yellow, Bi-Color ow White, 4 ct pkg, 2.49
California Seedless Grapes Red, White or Black 1.49/lb
California Peaches or Nectarines White or Yellow Flesh, 1.69/lb
King O' the West Honeydew, 2.99
Celery Sticks, 8 oz pkg, 2/$3

Large White Shrimp Previously Frozen, Farm-Raised, 31 to 35 per pound, 4.99/lb
Fresh Catfish Fillets Never Frozen, Farm-Raised 4.99/lb, Ready-To-Cook with Lemon Herb or Cajun Seasoning 5.99/lb
Medium Cooked Shrimp, Easy to Peel, Previously Frozen, Farm-Raised, 41 to 50 per pound, 4.99/lb

In Ad Qs:
Purchase any Publix Deli Rotisserie Chicken, Get one Coca-Cola 2L Product Free
$3 off the purchase or Higgies Big Pack Diapers, Snug & Dry or Supreme, 48 to 96 ct box.

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