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Monday, January 4, 2010

Time 2 $ave Couponing Workshops - What you will learn.

Couponing 101& 102 ~ $25
This 2-part workshop teaches participants step by step how to cut
their grocery bill at least in half.  From beginners to the coupon expert,
you'll leave with the latest tools to help you save.

Building the Foundation
* Why Coupon? How do I get started?
* How much do you really spend?
* Meal Planning - Five family favorites
* Life of a coupon   
* Where to find coupons?  We'll go on a hunt and learn the lingo.   
* Store Coupons vs. Manufacturer Coupons
* Tools of the internet ~ printables, search engines, & more
* The 12-16 week sale longer chained to your grocery list
* Price tracking - how to determine the best "buy" price
* Introduction to "stockpiling"

Takin' It to the Store
* Coupon Lingo - learning to analyze true value  
* Strategic shopping tools / Stacking Coupons / Competitor Coupons
* Details of store specific coupon policies, promotions, and marketing tools
* Go on a virtual grocery shopping trip with us!
* Pulling it all together – combining store sales with coupons!

Couponing 103 ~ $15
The "icing on the cake" in the world of saving.  Learn how to bring your
savings to a new level and understand the stategy of each store. 

Wild World of Drug Stores & More
*CVSing - How to earn and roll ECB’s
*Walgreen’s – The “rules” of Register Rewards
*Rite-Aid – Single Check rebates
*How drug stores drastically reduce grocery/household expenses.
*What? Free toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream..........
*Swagbucks, Ebates, Restaurant, Birthday Freebies, Rebates, and more!

Ready to $tart $aving? Join us at an Upcoming Workshop!

The Praise Center ~ Monroe, GA 
June 5th (Saturday) - Couponing 101, 102 & 103

First Nazarene Church ~ Dalton, GA 
June 5th (Saturday) - Couponing 101, 102 & 103

Mulberry St. United Methodist Church ~ Macon, GA 
June 26th (Saturday) - Couponing 101, 102 & 103

Oakwood Baptist Church ~ Chickamauga, GA 
July 17th (Saturday) - Couponing 101, 102 & 103

Southside Baptist Church ~ Warner Robins, GA 
July 24th (Saturday) - Couponing 101, 102 & 103

East Brainerd Baptist ~ Chattanooga, TN 
August 14th (Saturday) - Couponing 101, 102 & 103

North Cleveland Church of God ~ Cleveland, TN 
August 21st (Saturday) - Couponing 101 & 102  Combo

First Church of the Nazarene ~ Dublin, GA 
August 28th (Saturday) - Couponing 101,  102 & 103

*  New Participant Online Registration

       Register for Workshop HERE

*  Already attended, want a refresher?

       Register for Workshop HERE

Complete Schedule of Upcoming Workshops 2010


  1. I need to know if the American Legion in Soddy Daisy is handicap accessable and are there any steps she would have to go up? My Mother in Law wants to come with me and we are thinking about taking the class this day.

    Thank you!

  2. Hi there,
    My name is Tina, my friend Sara has directed me to your website which I love. I have just recently entered the world of couponing and I would LOVE to attend one of your workshops. My issue though is that all of your workshops are on Saturday and I am Seventh Day Adventist and was wondering if by any chance you would consider doing a workshop on Sunday or a Friday. I would make sure you had a good turn out. We have 3 very big churches in one area that would be very interested. Several of my friends have wanted to come to a workshop but haven't because of the Saturday issue. Please let me know what you think. Thank you so much,



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