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Sunday, August 30, 2009

YESSSSSSSS Kmart Super Doubles are back!!
Starts Sunday August 30, 2009
*Double coupons up to $2.00.
* Will only double 10 coupons per person per day.
*Coupon value not to exceed price of product.
* You can only buy 4 of the same item per transaction.

Stores that have confirmed are:
Hwy 58 &Hwy 153 in Chattanooga
Battlefield Parkway in Fort Ogelthorpe (thanks Pippi)
Leave us a comment to let us know of other participating Kmart Stores!


  1. Battlefield Parkway store in Ft. Oglethorpe is also participating.

  2. Thank you Pippi! I will add to the list. If anyone else has spotted a participating Kmart leave us a comment and we will add to our lest.


  3. The store on Hwy 58 is participating - I saw computer printed signs all over the store today. They said double coupons are through Sept 8. :D YAY!!

  4. You can hear me singing from the roof tops!!!

  5. MommySavesBig - you are the funniest and best couponista ever. I hope that you have a blast this week!! Kmart watch out:) We know that during Kmart doubles you will be MIA all week looking forward to haning out with you at our yard sale this weekend. Many blessings!!



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