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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

BI-LO Preview 9/9 Ad Sneak Peek
I found this on A Full Cup, it said it is a huge BOGO list, but did not specifically label the items BOGO. I am assuming this is the BOGO list, but will find out for sure tomorrow - with matchups.  For now, I have got to get sleep.  Who knew that a direct relation to sleep deprivation is midnight blogging? :))

e-z peel or cooked shrimp 31-40 count froze 16oz bag
carolina pride Jumbo franks 16oz original or beef
carolina pride slice bacon 12oz original or thicked sliced
lays kettle cooked chips 8.5oz assort.
Allens seasoned vegetables 14-15.5oz can
sara lee classic white bread
aunt jemima waffles or pancakes
betty crocker cake mix
kelloggs raisin bran crunch jumbo krispies or frosted flakes
juicy juice
baby cut carrots
yellow onions
walters russet potatoes
all liquid laundry det.
surf powder laundry det
endust free dusting spray
mushrooms 12oz sliced
southern home butter me nots biscuits
chex mix or bugles
carolina pride smoked sausage
hormel little sizzlers sausage links
yoo hoo chocolate drink
southern home tray packs chicken strips, nuggets, patties
tribe hummus
4c homestyle Parmesan cheese
fresh baked sub rolls
calias flour tortillas
hormel bacon bites
chi chis soft taco tortilla's
natures pride own bagels
coffee mate refrigerated creamer
sourthern home refrig non dairy creamer
uno pizzas
dee amore twice baked potatoes or potatoe skin
blue bunny personals
lindys Italian ice 6pk
kashi waffles or entrees
pita naturals omelet sandwich
dwight yoakams chicken lickins
armour hot dog chili
starkist chunk light tuna pich
healthy choice soups
comstock pie fillings
progresso high fiber soups
uncle beans ready rice
flippo berie extra virgin olive oil
allens veggies
4a totally light tea or drink mix tube
4c totally light tea or drink sticks
naturally fresh dressings
jolly time popcorn
new england coffee
mrs butter worths pancake syrup
emerald cashew or mixed nuts
fresh gourmet crispy onions
top care loratadine
stridex skin care
land or lake butter spread or bowls
chinet lunch plates
milk bone dog biscuits
whiska's all natural temptations
friskies feline fav or chefs blen
the foodlife recipe dog treats
playtex great length gloves
renuzits air freshers
hefty cinch sak tall kitchen bags
final touch fabric softener
spray n wash bright n white
finish powerball tabs
cirtrus magic spot or stain remover
magic erasers
air wick fresh matic starter kit
carpet fresh no vacuum
2000 flushes
hoan farberware kitchen helpers

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