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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Early sneak peek Sept 10-16 (9-15)
Keebler chips deluxe cookies asst varieties 12.5 to 18 oz bag save up to 3.99

GM lucky charms cereal, cookie crisp, kix, reeses puffs, golden grahams or cinnamon toast crunch save up to 3.99

Publix deli homestyle red potato salad 16 oz save up to 2.89

Bob evans mash potatoes or mac and cheese 20-24 oz pack save up to 3.39

Banquet brown and serve sausage links or patties save up to 1.89

Original rangoon crab rangoons 15 oz box save up to 7.99

Newman's own pasta sauce 15 or 24 oz jar save up to 2.69

Daisy sour cream 8 oz save up to .99

Bertolli olive oil 17 oz bottle save up to 5.99

White house 100% apple juice 64 oz bottle save up to 2.79

Planters trail mix asst varieties 5.5 or 6 oz bag surprisingly low price

Ronzoni healthy harvest pasta 12 to 16 oz pkg save up to 1.79

Quaker instant oatmeal 10.9 to 16.2 oz box save up to 3.89

Kelloggs cereal frosted mini wheats or unfrosted save up to 3.89

Old el paso dinner kit asst varieties 8.4 to 19.2 oz box save up to 2.95

Vlasic stackers or pickles or spears 16 to 46 oz jar save up to 2.89

Pop secret popcorn 6 or 10 ct. save up to 4.79

Entenmanns little bites assr varieties 6.6 to 11 oz box save up to 3.99

Blue diamond almonds asst varieties 6 oz can save up to 3.39

Nestle baby fun size bars or minitures assorted varietes save up to $3.15

Keebler town house or club crackers 7.7 to 16 oz box save up to 3.99

Lenders bagels 6 ct in the dairy dept save up to 1.79

Dove ice cream bars 12 oz pkg save up to 4.39

Ray's new york bagels 21 or 24 oz pkg save up to 3.29

Stouffers french bread pizza 2 ct save up to 2.99

TGIF frozen snacks 7.6 to 11 oz box excluding loaded varieties save up to 2.99

Pillsbury toaster strudel asst varities save up to 2.49

All small and mighty 3x laundry detergent or all 2x ultra concentrated save up to 4.99

Huggies baby bath products asst varieties save up to 3.29

2x ultra tide laundry detergent or total care 50 oz 5.99
publix semi boneless whole ham 1.49 pound
two dozen cookies asst varities 16 oz pkg 2 for 4.50
milk gallon 2.25
cheerios 8.9 oz limit 4 1.99
hawaiian punch 128 oz 1.59
kraft mac and cheese 5.5 to 7.3 oz box limit 4 .69
charmin ultra soft or ultra strong 6 roll pkg 2.99
dove beauty bar soap 2 pk 1.79

mix and match 10 for 10.00:
Fritos, doritoes, cheetos canister
Vitaminwater or vitaminwater 10 20 oz
Duncan hines premium brownie mix 19.27 to 19.95 oz box
Motts apple sauce 23 to 24 oz jar
Idahoan mashed potatoes 4 or 4.1 oz pouch
Green giant frozen vegetables 7 to 10 oz pkg excluding asparagus cuts
Brawny paper towels 1 roll pkg
Del monte can veg
Hunts snack pack pudding 4 pack
Goldfish snack crackers or grahams 6.6 to 8 oz pkg
Shedds spread country crock 15 oz tub or twin pack 7.5 oz tub
Softsoap liquid hand soap 7.5 oz bottle

Percent off:
GE energysmart bulb asst varities 10 to 26 watt or ge reveal light bulb 13 watt 50% off
john frieda hair care products 25% off

purchase any one publix 20 piece hot and spicy wings get one 2 liter coca cola free
free doritoes tortilla chips with the purchase of 5 32 oz bottles of gatorade (5/5.00)
3.00 off the purchase of huggies big pack diapers 16.99 final price with coupon

Thanks HCW!

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