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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Play date in the toy department at Kmart.

Making Memories at KMart Doubles

Did you see yesterday's post about possible Kmart doubles coming up in September?  If not click HERE for a peek. It reminded me about a very crazy trip that Kelly and I took with all five kids to Kmart a couple of weeks ago during their Super Double Event.  We took pictures to prove we really do shop, and that our kids can get really bored. 

Working on our POA (plan of attack) at The Playground Down Under.  Getting coupons ready for KMart doubles.

Kelly looks all calm checking out.  You would never know what is going on behind her. (see pic below)  Our cashiers were great!  They even walked us out to our cars.  Maybe to be nice, but quite possibly they were ready for some peace and quiet.

Kids are over it.  We are checking out in electronics so that they can play with the toys.  We had one more with us, but he was in the buggy playing with a toy.  The kids were really troopers that day.

Thought you might like a small glimpse into one of our shopping trips.  All five of our kids are 5 and under.

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