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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Incredible results in five weeks!

~Testimonial from recent couponing workshop~

Before we were married, my husband and I decided live on one income so I could be at home with any children we might have. The Lord has blessed us with 2 kids and I have been able to be home with them since birth. But doing this, financially, is not always easy. Even though I don't bring in any money, by spending wisely and saving, I am contributing. My family and I are on the Dave Ramsey system. For 3 years now, in every area of our lives, I have been able to stay on a budget. I have even cut back in some areas, but my grocery bill never seems to go down. With a 3 and 5 year old, it seems to go up every year. That is until I met you two. It has been 5 weeks since I took your first class and my grocery budget has gone down from 95 to 75$ per week. My goal is 45$ per week. The rest will go to my kids college fund (another way I can contribute).

I have always loved getting a deal and being frugal, so this was right up my alley. Now, I regularly save 50% or more on my stockpile items. I get to shop at Publix and Bi-lo and I don't have to buy great value!!! I love Wednesday and Sunday mornings, when I run to get the paper in the driveway. It's taken me a few weeks but I am not embarrassed to take my coupon binder into stores. I am in awe of the ladies with the binders too thick to close. My best shopping trip to date was to Publix. I spent 4.17 and saved 28.36. My husband was with me and when he saw the total, he was amazed. During that trip, I asked the manager for clarification on a sale item. Later, he found me in the store to see if he could help me with anything else. We about fell over from shock. Never would have happened at Wal-mart! The next day at Publix (a new sale week), I spent 7$, saved 21$ - on 14 items. I got cheerios for 40 cents per box. I can't thank you all enough for your ministry. God is blessing you two for being good stewards of his money.

Sincerely, Elizabeth
received via email 9/19/2009

Thanks Elizabeth!  We appreciate your sharing your $avings with us.  We know that without God's hand on us we are incapable of this.  He has been faithful to us to open doors, give us favor, and to send hurting people in need of hope in their finances.


  1. Rose,
    Thank you for taking the time to respond. There are so many others out there who are experiencing tremendous savings. Even more exciting is the complete reversal of "normal savings." Who uses their savings from their grocery bill to help fund a college fund? Like Elizabeth said in her testimony above she is using her grocery SAVINGS to fund college funds for her kids!?! Typically it is our expenses such as our monthly grocery budget that keep us from contributing to a college fund. Especially in this economy. We thank God for the amazing results that we never imagined.
    Many blessings,



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