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Friday, September 18, 2009


Hey Girls, Wanted to tell both of you Thank You!!!!
The first thing I check when I get on the computer is your blog spot, to see what you have added I LOVE IT!
Just to share a lil bit of a few trips to the stores with you.
The week of 8/26-9/2 Publix had A-1 Steak Sauce BOGO, Woohoo $2 each! We love A1. You had typed "great Ebay" out by the A1 when doing match-ups for Publix that week. I broke down went to Ebay & searched it, I bought 10 A-1 coupons for $2.00/1 for $1.75 on Thursday. Guess what was in my mailbox on MONDAY!!! I went straight to Publix bought 10 bottles of A-1, 5 bottles were $2 each & 5 were $1.99 each. all for $1.75 and a little patience. This really works!!!

Bilo trip 9/12 this was exciting because it was the first time the cashier said to me "Wow that's awesome when you save more than you spent" That will put a smile on your face

Subtotal before savings was $70.20
My savings $42.75
Subtotal after savings $27.45
tax $ 3.28
Total $30.78

CVS trip 9/8
1 Cvgrl Foundation $4.99
1 cvgrl press powder $4.99
M&M's $0.67

Coupon for $1 off of Foundation
coupon for free product with purchase of foundation
$5 xtra bucks
Total paid OOP was .99

This is so much fun to see what you can get for CHEAP!!!!

Monday Evening my husband decided he wanted to take me out for dinner, I said well let me see where I have a coupon for, his statement was"Life is not all about a coupon" I dare him. I did not say a word. After dinner we take a little tip to Publix to pickup $10 worth of groceries to get our .1 item as he figured out we were paying .25 for Toaster strudels he asked "you have anymore of those coupons?" I politely said "life is not all about coupons". After actually going with me & seeing his already ask whats on sale this week!
I can't say THANK YOU enough for what both of you are doing.
God Bless
Melissa S.
received via email 9/17/2009


I went to your seminar in Jasper last week. I went to Publix this week - not my normal store but it was 7 miles one way from my school. Using your recommendations I spent $43 and saved $26. The coupons saved me $10 and the reg. retail sales saved me $16. Thank you!!! I love couponing (and get cheap or free stuff!)

Beth Ake
received via email 9/17/2009


The savings are going great. I don't know how I ever thought I was saving money before - but when I have to buy something without a sale and coupon -it kinda hurts my feelings, not to mention my wallet.

Do you ladies happen to know if there is a couponing group around here - a coupon round-robin if you will? I have lots of baby and make-up coupons that I know someone else could use - as I am sure there are people that may have coupons that I could use.

BTW - I followed up on your advice about the expired coupons and have discovered that you can actually adopt a military base over seas. I have adopted my husband's former base in Korea to send my coupons to. I recently recieved a letter from one of the families telling my how thankful they were that there are still people here who care about them. That just made my day!

Thanks for all of your help, tips and kind words. You have really turned my year around.

Thanks again,
recieved via email 8/28/2009

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