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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

HOT!! New Con-Agra Printable Coupons! UPDATE

Looks like these are giving everyone trouble, whether they play the game or not- but I'm getting the message that I've already printed these, when I haven't.  If you are as well, you might want to try playing the game HERE, or again in a few days!


Jenny from SouthernSavers pointed out that you can play a game HERE that will allow you to print *1* of a variety of Con Agra coupons at the end.  Believe it or not, we do not all have an hour to sit around playing games in order to get each one of the available coupons. Awesomely though, one of her readers left a comment taking us DIRECTLY to each of the printable coupons available!  SCORE!  Thanks to Jenny for the heads up, and to Kat for saving our time and sanity!  (Just click on the coupon, and it will take you to the print page)

Orville Redenbacher’s ($1/1)
Marie Calllender’s($1/2)
Chef Boyardee(.50/2)  *Makes them 25¢ each at Publix until tomorrow!!

*Are you having trouble printing these?  Does it say "Java Not Enabled" even though you're pretty sure it is?  Try hitting your back arrow when you get that message, and watch the printing begin!  If this doesn't solve your problem, go HERE for more printer Troubleshooting!


  1. Okay none of these are printing for me, it says i have already printed. Dont believe i have printed some of these either. working for anyone else??
    thanks for all ya'll do!! Rose

  2. Rose, it just did the same thing for me! I went back through other people's comments on the original post- and it looks like EVERYONE is having trouble printing these, even if they play the game from start to finish!
    I think either these hit their print limit FAST, or the site has been so bombarded all day that it's having issues. SOrry to disappoint!



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