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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Solutions for Printing Problems

Printing Problems???

  • Most websites require you to install coupon printing software. This free software download enables your printer to print barcodes.  If the coupon printer doesn't install, you may need to adjust security levels to allow ActiveX items - (like the coupon printer) to install. If you are using Windows XP, SP2, or Vista, a yellow information bar should appear at the top of your window. That bar can only appear if your security levels are set to “medium” and all ActiveX items are set to “prompt” or “enable."  The yellow bar may ask you for permission to download content before installation starts.  In that case, follow the instructions to allow the download.
  • You may have had a problem in the past with another download that has disabled the prompt for downloads.  If so, you can try downloading a new browser to give your browser a fresh start.  If you have Internet Explorer you can try downloading firefox.   (

Buddy-up to your Browser!!

Just knowing which browser you use is a great start!  A browser is the progam you use to open internet pages such as: Internet Explorer, FireFox or Safari.

How do I know what browser I am using??

  • Click "Help" on your toolbar menu at the top of the screen. One of the options should be "About Mozilla Firefox," "About Internet Explorer," or "About Safari." Select this option and a window will open that displays the name, version number, and copyright date of your browser.
  • Or look at the very top of the computer screen right above the area that you type a web address to see what browser is  displayed.

    • If after clicking a link to print a coupon you get "Please wait"....and you wait and nothing happens, or "Please Install The Coupon Printer" even if you already have, or "You have already printed this coupon" and you know you haven't... you are not alone and there's really not much you can do at that point. 
    • If a coupon link is created in FireFox, and you have Internet Explorer or Safari, they don't work together.  In other words, the browser that your computer uses and the link that you click to print have to both use the same browser or it won't work.  For example, if you use Internet Explorer and the link that you click was created in Safari - they won't work together and vice versa.

    ✷The Trick✷

    The following is a FireFox link:

    Note the "wg" in the URL.  If your browser is Internet Explorer you will continue to get the message "Please Install The Coupon Printer."  To change the link to work on an Internet Explorer link simply change "wg" to "wi" or "vi."   Most of the time either will work, however there may a coupon  that works on one and not the other. ("wi" or "vi") In that case it's trial and error.


    In a Nutshell, find out what browser your computer is operating on.  When you have trouble printing check the letters in the URL.  If the letters don't correspond with the browser you are using, then change the two magical characters to match your browser.  Below is the list of browsers along with their matchups:

    Firefox = "wg" or "vg"
    Internet Explore = "wi" or "vi"
    Safari = "xs"


    1. Thanks for the info. I have a hard time printing so this will help.

    2. Great! Keep checking back as we continue to post helpful tools. Also, there will be another post about printer problems regarding Smart Source and Java soon.

      Many Blessings,



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