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Sunday, November 29, 2009

100 FREE Photo Christmas Cards: LAST DAY!

Nov. 30th is the last day to get in your order for 100 FREE Photo Christmas Cards at!  You will have to pay $3.19 in shipping, but for 100 cards + Envelopes...that's a STEAL!  If you have some time tonight to do this, it will be so worth it- here's how:
  • Go HERE and set up your account or login.
  • Upload a picture (or a couple for a collage-like card)
  • Pick the 4x8 size card (that's the free one), choose a background, and add your photos. After you get your card designed, save it (just in case...)
  • Go to Checkout and enter code "newbaby" to get all 50 FREE.  Now just SAVE that order.
  • NOW - Log back in and click on your saved items, & order another 50 cards FREE using code "freebies4mom-1109".  That makes 100 FREE cards heading your way!
  • You will now sit back, drink your hot cocoa, and smile smugly at all those moms/dads out there paying $$$ for custom photo cards.  You are SO CLEVER!!  These have arrived in as little as 3 Days via Fed-Ex for others who have done it, so I assume they will still arrive in a timely manner!

P.S. If you are a new customer, you can get an additional 100 FREE PRINTS using coupon code PRINTS (But you'll need to do this separately from this card order, I'm assuming BEFORE so you'll count as a new user.)

- Thanks Freebies4Mom!!


  1. I've tried both coupon codes, and it says that they are invalid. It is Nov. 30th... so I'm within the dates... and I made the 4X8 card (the free one)... Why aren't either of the codes working?

    Help! I just got all excited about a cute FREE Christmas card.....

  2. The newbaby code worked for me, but I can't figure out how to save the order so I can go back in and use the freebies4mom-1109 code. HELP!!

  3. Hey Summer- let me give it a whirl, and I'll let you know as soon as I can!

  4. Okay Summer - on the step where you are still viewing your project (you might have to backspace away from checkout to get back there) there is an option at the bottom of the "canvas" to SAVE. Choose that, so that when you logout and log back in it will be there waiting for you in "My Projects". Good Luck!

  5. Ah! 5 minutes before midnight, and i got the order in, only i had to pay the $3 twice bc i forgot about the logging out part, so i just thought i had to send it as two different orders! oh well, still worth it! I just can't believe i managed to get a good last minute picture of my kids both smiling at the same time with arms around each other! Thanks!

  6. Yay Heather! Glad you got it in on time!



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