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Thursday, November 12, 2009

"But I don't HAVE those coupons!"

I got a comment today from reader Emily, who was feeling frustrated and confused after coming up short, coupon-wise.  Here's what she had to say:

"I think I'm missing something - I can't find several of the listed coupons in the Red Plum or SS circulars. For example - I don't see the Emerald Nuts coupon from 11/8 SS and there have been several others that aren't in my circulars.  Help!! I've just spent an hour going through coupons and have about 3 things to buy at 2 different stores."
Emily, I know EXACTLY how you are feeling right now.  When I started out, I would get so excited, only to feel deflated when I realized I didn't have many of the coupons listed.
The reason for this, is that coupons & inserts vary GREATLY depending on how "Big" your paper is.  The bigger the city you live in, the better your coupons will be.  Always buy the biggest paper around you- to make sure you get the best selection of coupons.

*You can see what coupons your city's paper actually got, right HERE.
If that's not very comforting though, here are some tips to pad your coupon collection:

✮ - Order from Ebay or TheCouponClippers the moment you find something you want/need that you don't have the coupons for.  In most cases, these will get to you within 3-4 days, plenty of time to use them! (If the items are sold out by then, just grab a raincheck!)

 ✮ - Be vigilant at grocery, gas stations, chain stores, etc.. for coupon books, tearpads and blinkies.  (The other day I scored Nesquik & Coke coupons from a tearpad at the Shell station!)

✮ - If you have relatives or friends in large cities, ask them if they would mind mailing you their inserts (or, offer to pay them to buy a couple just for you).  My Papaw loves to cut coupons, but doesn't do much of his own shopping anymore.  He sends me an envelope of coupons once in awhile, and in return, I send him my best brag-receipts!  It gives him a sense of pride to know that his cheap-ness was passed down to someone in the family....

✮ - Find a local coupon-swap group! What others don't need (baby coupons, pet coupons) you may find to be a Godsend, and vice-versa!! (If you live in Cleveland, go HERE to get updates on a local coupon group!)

✮ - Sign up for all the coupon booklets and mailers you possibly can!  Even samples usually come with coupons.  Plus, who doesn't like finding a little freebie in their mailbox a couple times a week?

✮ - Last but not least, print out new coupons as soon as they come available- the good coupons go fast, and they're often high-value!  We'll try to keep you abreast of all the best new printables, so you don't miss out!

Emily, I hope that helps a little- and just remember: Deals come and go, and if you miss out on a few this time, there will be more just around the corner!  Between Bi-Lo, Publix, and the others, there is never a long gap in great bargains!


  1. I know exactly! I have seen other people in my area who have the ones I don't have... Does the same paper have diff coupons in another city? I get the Chattanooga paper in Cleveland TN. But I see ppl getting coupons I don't get out of the same paper....

  2. said...
    Thank you for that good information - I've been frustrated too and couldn't figure out why I didn't have several of the coupons!
    Question: Is it worth getting the Atlanta paper if you live in Chattanooga or is our paper "good enough"? Good question from halfdznroses!? Blessings to you both!



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