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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Last-Minute Turkey Prices!

I haven't bought my turkey yet. (GASP!)  Usually my husband's work gives us a frosty mammoth of a bird a couple days before Thanksgiving, and my main worry is trying to get it thawed out in time!  This year I was in a ham kind-of-mood when they asked, so I've got to strike out on my own for a last-minute gobbler.
You've got a couple more days to grab your Thanksgiving turkey in time to thaw it out in the fridge.  If you want a Butterball, don't forget the $2/1 Printable.  Here's a quick round-up for stores in the Southeast:
Get a Honeysuckle Turkey at 49¢/lb with an additional $25 Purchase

They still have turkeys at the great low price of $.40/lb and $.60/lb!

Winn Dixie
Frozen Honeysuckle Turkey $.69/lb
Frozen Butterball Turkey $.99/lb

Piggly Wiggly

Market Pantry $.68/lb
Archer Farms & butterball $.88/lb

Publix Young Turkey $.69/lb
Fresh Turkey $1.29/lb                       
Butterball Young Turkey $.99/lb
Butterball Fresh Turkey $1.59/lb

- Thanks, Saving for Eight
*Know of any other great turkey deals?  Share!


  1. The Jenny-O turkeys at Bi-Lo on Hwy 58 were marked down to .39/lb this weekend - an even better deal for the money.

  2. Hey, foxfunds (sorry, not sure what else to call you!) do you know if that 39¢ was WITH the additional $25 purchase, or just plain-old 39¢? THANKS!!!



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