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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

HOT: NEW Save-A-Lot Printables!!!

I just went to the Save-A-Lot website to check out their weekly ad (I often stop in there for 99¢ bags of salad, or cheap produce, when I don't have time to figure out a great deal elsewhere.) and noticed that they've loaded up a whole slew of new printables!  Most of these are Save-A-Lot brands, but if you use these at Publix, they will substitute a Publix House Brand.  Here are what's available:

Manufacturer Coupons
(Use Anywhere)
  • $1/1 Mrs. Smith Pie
  • $1/3 Knorr Rice/Pasta Sides
  • $1/2 Ragu Sauces
  • $1/1 Kelloggs/Keebler Product
  • $1/2 Breyers
  • $1/2 Hellmans

Save-A-Lot Brand Coupons
(Use at Pulbix *and some Bi-Lo's* for their house brand)
  • BOGO Save-A-Lot Salad Dressing
  • 40¢/1 So Cheezy Shells & Cheddar
  • 30¢/1 Save-a-Lot Brown/Powder Sugar
  • 50¢/1 Home Churned Butter
  • 50¢/4 Wylwood Canned Veggies
  • 50¢/1 & 60¢/1 Ginger Evans Flours
  • 50¢/2 Coburn Farms Evap. Milk
  • 50¢/4 Caskey's Cream Soups
  • 60¢/2 Coburn Farms Cream Cheese
  • 75¢/4 Caskey's Chicken Broth
  • $1/1 Westcott Vegetable oil
  • $1/1 McDaniels' Coffee 34 oz can
  • $1/2 Country Crossings or Coburn Farms Shredded Cheese

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