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Monday, January 25, 2010

75% Off Baby & Kids at Target!!!

I just got back from a truly terrible trip to Target (my children were home sick, but we had to go out for birthday giftcards).  While my grumpy kids bickered their way through the aisles, I couldn't help but notice all the ladies in red marking things down with their scanners!  There were "BeepBeepBeeps" everywhere!  They were in the kids clothing section, the baby clothing section, baby strollers, bouncers, mobiles, blankets, crib bedding -all 75% OFF!!  
I'll post up pics of my trip later today, right now my invalids just laid down for their nap and I have to get these Birthday Gifts packaged up for the mailman!

Prices I remember:
Bright Starts Mobile: $19.99  $4.99
Baby Carriers: $29.99  $8
Baby BJorn Carrier: $100  $30-someting
Dwell Crib Bedding
Dwell Baby outfits
PACIFIERS!!!  Cutie sets marked down to $1.19!!!
Graco DuoGlide Tandem DoubleStroller: 50% Off
Other Stroller/Car Seat Sets: 50% Off
I even saw a crib 50% OFF!
Coty Fragrance Sets (Jennifer Lopez, Faith Hill, others) : $5-$7 marked down from $20
Women's Pajama Clearance (Flannel Robes: $4.99!)
Women's shoes: All those sweatery/ Furry/ Ugg-ish type slip-on shoes are 75% Off

Now, this is totally "Your Mileage May Vary" - this was the Target in Cleveland, TN, yours may not be on the same clearance schedule as mine.  But seriously, today is the day for you Clevelanders- they've just made tons of price cuts in these clearance areas, and if you wait too long it'll be cleaned out!!!


  1. I just got back from the Chatt Gunbarrell location, I didn't look at all that stuff but I did look at kids clothing, lots marked down to 75% off.

  2. The Hixson Target had 75% off clearance on kids clothing almost 2 weeks ago now. There isn't much left, if any, of it at all. I didn't happen to look at the baby stuff.

  3. The Cleveland Target is a little behind the others around here schedule-wise, I think that's why we still have so much GREAT stuff! They really were just marking things 75% off today, so woohoo!

  4. Went to my Target on Gunbarrel last night and picked up sweat pants for 1.48 & turtle necks for .94 for my two toddlers. I saw that countertop bottle sterilizers were just over $7.00 and they even had two entire crib bedding sets for $38.00/ ea.



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