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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Clevelanders: Coupon Swap Group TONIGHT!

Are you cripplingly thrifty?  Are all your “normal” friends beginning to back slowly away from you and your endless coupon stories?  Do you need a support group?  Well you’re in luck!!  Tonight is the first 2010 meeting of our local couponing club- and it’s going to be GREAT to see everyone again!  If you'd like to come, you're invited to join us for some coupon trading, coupon chit-chat, and general coupon geekiness. 
  • Coupon Trading: Andrea (our veteran coupon-grouper) taught us all how to stuff our unwanted coupons into envelopes, and pass them around the table for sharing/trading.  Bring some in this week if you have some or just sit back and chat with your neighbor!
  • Snacks: I'm bringing Pita Chips and Pepsi (can you guess where I got those???)  If you want to bring anything, feel free!  There's a fridge, and a little kitchenette area we can use.
  • Door Prizes: I've got a K-Mart Coupon Book and a 10-Pack of Binder Refill pages to give away, just for fun!
  • Even if none of this interests you, you’re more than welcome to simply come, sit around the table with us, clip your coupons and chit-chat.    I’ll be there from 7-9, and you can stay the whole time, or just drop in.  Feel free to bring a friend, the more the merrier!
Time: 7-9 pm
Place: Cleveland Public Library, in the conference room of the Carmichael House (there will be signs to follow!)
RSVP: For the sake of snacks and whatnot, please leave a comment below if you think you’ll be attending!


  1. This sounds like so much fun! I wish I'd known about it earlier. I'm in Chattanooga though, and I know it sounds terrible, but I hate the drive to Cleveland. :(

  2. I also wish I would have known sooner! But I work til 8pm and live in GA so I couldn't even get there in time! : ( Do you do these often or in different areas? Would LOVE to get together because I do keep all my coupons I don't use, but don't have time to search for trades or to give to people who could use them! Also my long days make it hard for me unless I have advance notice to request time off!! Thanks!!

  3. Have one in Hixson and I'll come and bring friends!

  4. Oooh, would have been nice to have known earlier. Next time could we know a few days ahead?

  5. Dang - I missed it again!! Jamie - I sent you a message from chattanoogacheapskate, but it doesn't look like you are playing with that blog anymore - it's still stuck on December. And then I sent a message to the time2save email - and didn't hear anything. :( (said in my best whiny voice - I wanted to go!!!!! WAH!!

  6. Hey ladies! I'm sorry about the late heads up - it was a last minute thought to put out the invite on Time2Save. Next month I'll make sure to let everyone know much earlier - and I'll include a post on getting your own coupon group together in your local area!
    Thanks for the responses



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