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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Debbie McCuiston, self-proclaimed "Queen of Clutter-Free", does a segment for us each Sunday on simplifying our lives, getting rid of "clutter", and focusing on what's important.  We're really excited about this new segment - and hope you are too!  Take it away Debbie....  

A special thank you to the ladies that have sent in the pics and ideas on how they are working to become clutter-free. It is very encouraging to me and others that are following our progress. Keep up the good work and keep sending in your pics. You and your family are worth it!
In the past 2 weeks we have discussed reasons why we have accumulated clutter. One being priorities and the other being our control issues. This week I would like to address the problem of being overwhelmed or my favorite title- "I don't know where to start so I will just set here and stare at it."
Being overwhelmed is a common problem in all areas of our lives. From the small areas of "where do we put the 20 bottles of ketchup we bought with our coupons for about 35 cents each?" "where did we leave the kids?" - (I thought they were with you!)  Nothing says overwhelmed like leaving your kids and not remembering where you saw them last.
Most of us become overwhelmed because we try to do it ALL!! Let it go, you can't. Don't wait until you have become so sick you can't go on. There have been several studies that have proved if we do not take care of ourselves we will GET SICK!! Many cancers and disorders can be attributed to the fact that we are too busy, doing too much, in too little time. It's time to stop and get our lives in order so we can be strong healthy women.
If you are like me or many of the ladies I know, we all take on way too many things to do. How many of you say yes to anything you are asked to do because "If we don't do it who will"? How many of us are leaders in our church, community and in our homes? We take on any and every task at hand. Maybe you think no one can do it like you can. This may be true but in the test of time it's ok. I know I am as guilty as the next mom  for trying to do it all to prove to our children we love them and prove to the other parents we are the Best!! I hate to tell you -- the kids rarely remember all you do. But they will remember how tired and grumpy you were. 
In the last few years I have taken a step back and tried to decide what was REALLY important to me and to figure out why God put me on this earth. I truly believe there are seasons in our life, so what we are to do when we are young or have small kids is going to be different when we get older and have more free time.  I am the women's ministry director at our church and have done this for 4 1/2 yr. My rule to live by now is that if the job has something to do with the "church ladies" I am there. Anything else I just can't do. At first people will be taken aback but I promise they get used to it. I explain that I want to do a good job at what God called me to do so I am trying not to get too much on my plate. I know God will be pleased when I seek to do His will and do it for His glory and not my own.
During this "slow" time of the year when the cold weather keeps you indoors, take a minute and look at how you spend your time. Maybe look at it through the idea -what difference will it make in the light of eternity? Are you filling your time with things to get the praise of others or will you do things so that when we stand before our heavenly Father will we hear- "well done"?  Maybe it's time to clean out the clutter that fills our schedule and focus on what is really important.  While cleaning out that closet or drawer this week think thru your goals and what will last in your life. Take time to make a difference in the lives of others and focus on why you are here. Do not waste the life God has given you. May God bless you and your family as you seek to de-clutter the things that weigh you down. Keep pressing on to your High calling to be a reflection of Jesus in all you do. 
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  1. So many of us like to go to coupon swaps - maybe we should do "clutter busters" and help each other dig out. Sometimes all it takes is a few others who understand how it got that way, a few boxes and some elbow grease and you can find the floor in the long lost "office" in the back of the house.



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