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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

FREE Eyeliner to first 10,000: UPDATED LINK

You, Me & Everybody on the web had trouble with this this morning - so I went and scouted out a better link:  go HERE to enter, and when it asks for your "codeword" enter the word: "liner"!  Also, when it asks for your bday, make sure it's 1980 or sooner, because this freebie will only be good for those 13-29 (Discriminatory, I say!!!)

Just a little morning freebie to go with your coffee....

Go HERE, enter code LINER, and you'll get a free Hard Candy Eyeliner in SOY!
*Hey, it's not a huge freebie, but it makes a trip to the mail box much more fun!


  1. Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see anywhere on the link for the eyeliner.

  2. I think I am missing it too. I searched the site and can't find it anywhere. Any advice? Thanks!!

  3. go to the freebies and sweepstakes on the site and scroll down til you see it. Your birth date has to make you under 30 so you may have to change the year you were born to get it. Made me feel old.

  4. I am upset. I went to register for the free eyeliner and it said thank you for your subscription to Seventeen magazine. Now I have to wait a week to straighten out this mess. Like I don't have anything else to do!

  5. BonBon - I'm sorry that happened, I did the sweepstakes as well, but did not sign up for a subscription - I don't know what went wrong there!
    Good Luck sorting it out, and again - sorry for your trouble!



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