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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Grocery List Time Out: I Need This.

Alright guys/gals, the grocery lists are killing me here.  I had to take a time-out and look at something fun for a sec!  I found this while browsing some vintage pics & ads-  Since I'm a giver, I just needed to share with you this amazing weight-loss breakthrough:

"Health-Watchers of America, (Umm, that's me, OBVIOUSLY)
Look Better-Feel Better-Wake Up Your Body.
For Men And Women
Slenderize Exactly Where You Want
One Size Fits All- Easy To Inflate"

I seriously doubt that thing is one size fits all.  Seriously. Doubt.
Okay, back to the grind!!!


  1. Seriously? Any idea what year someone had the nerve to invent that? I guess it goes to show that our kids will look back some day and laugh at the Ab Lounger!:)

  2. I like the grocery list time out. Funny! Maybe you should make it a regular.

  3. Kelly, for the sake of my sanity - maybe I will!

  4. I agree - grocery list time out - need it!! The short deals this week look good to me, I need a break. :D

    Sauna pants...not going there - nu-uh - you can't make me... LOL



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