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Friday, January 8, 2010

Last Workshop Giveaway: New Year- New Goals!

Well, we've had two great workshop giveaways so far this week to kick off the New Year!  It was great to read your comments to our first 2 questions: "How were you able to be a blessing or minister to someone else as a result of being a couponer?"  and "What is your favorite scripture and why?".  Everyone had a lot of uplifting things to say - so THANK YOU for entering!!
Our third and last giveaway this week focuses on the future - our goals for 2010.

"What are your Saving/Giving goals in the coming year?"

So answer in the comment box, then go subscribe to get updates in your inbox, or become a Facebook Fan, and you'll be entered into the contest!  Winners will receive a gift certificate for ALL THREE Time 2 $ave Workshops - 

Couponing 101: Building the Foundation
Couponing 102: The Next Level 
Couponing 103: Wild World of Drugstores & more... 
(That's a $40 value in all!)
★To learn more about these high-quality workshops, see what is included, and find out about the many locations we already have scheduled for the next several months - read more HERE
★To simply purchase a gift certificate for yourself, or a friend or family member - see HERE.


  1. I am a Fan of you guys on Facebook!

    Last year was a rough year, financially and otherwise. This year, I have to get a job or save money! My youngest son started school this year. My husband and I discussed my getting a job. I decided I could save as much or more on groceries by couponing than I could make with a part time job and with couponing, I can still be here when my kids get home from school! I plan to bank 50% of our household purchasing expenses.

    As far as giving, my Mother in Law will be taking a class soon. We plan together to help our church's food pantry and a women's shelter with food and health and beauty items in addition to our budgeted giving. I can't wait to start being a blessing!

  2. Well this year I hope to cut my grocery bill in half!! My oldest son starts school and we are in the process of building a new house so any extra money could really be useful!!! I enjoy couponing and I would love to become better at it so that I can halp save my family some maoney and hopefully help some other families as well!!!

  3. I have worked retail for several years but this august I took a job as a pre-k assistant in Meigs County. I love it! It is the most rewarding job I have ever had but I took a huge pay cut to do it and go back to school to get my degree. My friend Amanda took me to your workshops and blessed my budget and my piece of mind! I learned so much and one goal for this year is to share with all my friends how to save money. In fact I have already been doing this because they want to know how I get so much stuff for cheap! Other goals I have this year is to get so good at couponing that I can start giving it away. I have already met people that I just wished I had a bagful to give them. It makes me teary eyed to think of all the people who are struggling worse than I am and need to eat! I trust God will grant me the wisdom and time to do this. What would I do with these workshops??? Pay it forward to someone who needs it!!!

  4. I am a Fan on Facebook

    Recently my husband and I talked about me going back to work. It is important to me to be home with my kids, help with homework, be a mom first. If I can coupon and become a lot better at it with the help of you ladies, I could stay at home AND save, put extra money into our savings monthly. My husband and I both would feel better about that and our kids would benefit from it as well! Also, from the things I stock pile, I'll be able to give more to local food bank and in the end, spend less.

  5. I am currently a working mom. My son is 14 months old and it breaks my heart everyday when I drop him off at daycare. We are planning to have child number 2 next year and daycare is so expensive for 2 kids. It almost does not even out what I would make from working. My husband and I have agreed that if we can cut back out bills and save for the next year, I can stay at home with the kids and not work. In order to do this, I am having to learn ALL shortcuts.
    I am a fan on facebook and have shared your site with many of my friends recently. I just learned about ya'll myself and am so excited about learning how to coupon! I am hoping by doing this we will have more to give to our church and local food banks!

  6. My goal is to learn this year how to save at least half of food bill. If I"m able to learn how to do this it will help reduce the stress level with paying bills.

  7. I love saving money! And this year I am challenging myself to see how much I can save through coupons. My husband and I teach an adult Sunday School Class at our church and I would love to be able to tell the women how to save money through coupons. It would be great to have our own "couponing community" to share ideas and share coupons.

    Also our church collects food for our local Help Center. If we could purchase non-perishable food items for cheap or free- then we could stock that Help Center up every month!

  8. I had attended a workshop back in mid summer. I was excited and doing what I felt was good with couponing. My husband had evevn started going to the store with me. It was great, we were having fun with it & saving money. Then my husband lost his job on Nov. 13, I have not been to the grocery store since 11/15/09, for anything besides milk, bread & water. Our cabinets & pantry are getting very bare. We still have food, but it's running out quickly. I should have been taking $20 and going to the store weekly to see what I could get, but I panicked & did not. I have been using every bit of our money to keep the bills paid and just get what we had to have. Now I'm trying to get myself rebooted to help pull my family through this. My husband is still out of work, but trying to start his own business. My goal is to plan nutritious meals & help my family get through this crunch by couponing & saving as much as possible. I feel that in order to do this it would help me a great deal to reattend your workshops. I would love to be able to get through this time so I can give to other people in need such as the families at the Ronald Mcdonald House, where the last thing on there mind is getting food.

  9. My goal is to be a smarter shopper. My oldest son started college this year and we have two more right on his heels. We want to be able to take care of college costs without getting into debt. The smarter I get with couponing, the greater savings I see, not only with groceries, but with clothes, Christmas, and birthdays. Also, I want to be able to give back. Right now, I am not able to do that very often. I would like to be able to give to The Ronald McDonald House and to some programs that help with providing food for children.

    I am a facebook fan, and a follower. Thanks so much!

  10. Posted on facebook & subscribed for emails! I'm ready for this!!!!

  11. I'm hoping to save money on our grocery bill since we just had another daughter in November making it our second in 16 months. We are living only on about $600 a month for 4 people and living with one car. Its hard since we went into Ch.13 bankruptcy almost a year ago this spring but hopefully in the long run it will all be worth it. We give when we can but most of the time we have little to actually give but we still try. I need to learn something that will help us out. I've sold most of what we own in order for us to have gas money or money to buy the girls what they need. We only live with the basics of utilities no cable, no landline phone, nothing we don't need in order to survive!

  12. I am originally from Colombia, South America, and my family helps a church in the banks of the Amazon river. For years we have helped this people with about $200 a month (this is for a whole village). My goal this year is to be able to help them with more. We are talking about people that have never seen a cow before. Essentials like milk, sugar, flour, rice have to be transported from the inland and are extremely expensive. We do our best to help them but times are hard.
    I hope one day to be able to help them build a hospital since they have to travel for at least 8 to 10 hours to the closest one.
    We just don't know how blessed we are to be in this country and we take a lot of things for granted.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I am a wife and SAHM of 6 beautiful homeschooled children and "I am" going to save more than half on my groceries this year. I am beginning to realize that when you homeschool the grocery bill more than doubles. I began by shopping at bargain grocery stores. Then I ran across some info about couponing and tried it and actually saved over 50% on my groceries between 3 different stores! I am only learning, but I feel like this workshop and all of the information given will definitely be beneficial to my family and I. I feel like I have been ripped of in the past by paying full price for groceries. I am really looking forward to this workshop. If I win it will be a blessing and if I don't I will save up and definitely be at one of your workshops, which is still a blessing. And lastly, thank you for the abundance of information available on your website! I plan to spread "The Good News" because He has brought me where I am today. The Lord is ultimately my provider and I want to be a good steward of what he has given me by giving to others.

  15. I have learned how to cut my bill in half. I would like to increase that to 75%, but I also know that I need to set a limit of how much I allow myself to spend. Those are my two goals.

    I hope to be able to coupon some of the needs at my kids school to cut their cost in supplies. And, I hope to educate friends on how to save money by couponing.

  16. My husband recently lost his job. Friends at church introduced me to you about 3 weeks ago and I can't believe how much I have already saved! With 3 children our grocery bill used to be ridiculous but since I have started couponing we have saved an unbelievable amount! I'm just getting started so my financial/savings goal for 2010 is to become a pro at couponing! This has already become a healthy addiction for me and I can't wait to see my savings this year!!! Thank you!!!

  17. This year I know the Lord has good things in store for us. Last year was really tough but God brought us through. I have been doing some couponing but I could really use a workshop to learn the ins and outs of it. My husband and I have both been out of work and being able to save money on our grocery bill would be a blessing. It would be a wonderful thing to be able to help my mom who's on a fixed income and others who could use a hand up. Thanks for all the great info on your web site. Thats how I found out you could save so much couponing.

  18. I found out about the Time 2 $ave Workshops from a friend. She showed me her amazing coupon notebook and I was hooked! My goal is to save on my grocery bill by learning to be more organized. I lost my job last year and I really would like to stay home with my 2 year old son. My husband wants me to get a job to help pay the bills. I promised him that I would work hard to save money on food. I love to cook gourmet meals with expensive ingredients. I will give it up to be a first time stay-at-home-mom.
    By saving money and staying home, I will be able to continue my volunteer services in the community.
    My Mom just retired, I want her to have my ticket and go with me to the workshop.

  19. My goal for 2010 is to attend your workshops so I can learn how to save money in all areas of our finances and my husbasnd can retire soon due his health issues. I work at Publix and am in an excellent position to help other people that needs guidance with their couponing, once I know for sure what I am doing.

    I would like for my sister, my niece, and my daughter-in-laws to attend the workshops with me. I believe we can be a blessing to a lot of people.

  20. Just like everyone else, we have been put in bad times; I have been out of a job for over a year and can't seem to find work, despite being a RN. I also have read many people stating they plan to save 50% of their grocery bill. I already shop very wisely, and my husband says I should teach a class like this one. If I can take 25-40% off my grocery bill, I will be ELATED! But it can't be just easy, bad for you food. It must be tasty, healthy, good for you food. Thanks for putting all these resources in one place to make my life of "saving" easier!

  21. Just found Time 2 $ave on FB! Can't wait to get started and begin saving on my grocery bill. With a growing boy and baby girl (and possibly one on the way), I can't tell you how these savings can help our family.

  22. Tristaca said...

    My goal for saving this year is to become better at couponing. It seems like I spend a lot of time looking at your site, printing coupons, looking through and clipping coupons, but somehow I don't end up saving very much. Apparently I need to attend some of your workshops! Also, my husband and I would like to build a house sometime this year and our son is 6 months old so any way we can save money would be very helpful.
    My goal for giving this year is to give my son the quality time that he needs as he grows. I am currently staying at home with him and am enjoying every minute, but sometimes I get frustrated because I can't get a whole lot accomplished during the day. I have to stop and remind myself how blessed I am and thank God that I am able to be with him every day.

    I am already a facebook fan, and I am going to subscribe in just a few minutes :)



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