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Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Workshop Giveaway: Remembering 2009

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Well, friends, the old year has slipped away once again and a new one begun.  In thinking back over the past year, we're so happy for the chances we had to bless others when we were blessed.  Because really, that's one of the most satisfying parts about being frugal and shopping strategically with coupons - the unexpected ability to give more to others!
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I can think of a few times personally that I was so glad I could fill a few bags of groceries from my stockpile to hand to a friend in need - groceries that otherwise would have been a real hardship to give away.  I know Kelly & Kasey have their own stories, and I am pretty sure you have some of your own, too....

Please comment below - or email us - to share a time YOU were able to be a blessing or minister to someone else as a result of being a couponer! 

Hopefully, your stories will inspire others who are becoming successful savers and show them how they can not only make time to save, but time to GIVE in the year 2010.

 Oh yeah - I almost forgot!  Anyone who emails or comments to share with us all will be entered to win a Gift Certificate for ALL 3 WORKSHOPS (*A $40 Value) for yourself or a friend!  
 (Entries must be received by Monday at NOON)


  1. I am not a successful couponer as most visitors on this site probably are. However, a few months ago I saw Chattanooga Parent spotlighting couponers and discussing how much you all save. When they mentioned a yogurt scenario allowing them to get name brand yogurt almost free and told the story of how this whole thing got started, I was hooked! Although I unfortunately haven't been to any of the workshops, I visit this site almost daily and take advantages of many of the deals posted! You guys are doing a great thing in keeping this website going alone! I always pass the deals along!


  2. I took a workshop in November. It was a Christmas gift from my mom! I had been following Time 2 $ave for some time before that. My Father in law has been out of work since June. We have always had to "help" my Mother in law and her husband, but being an avid couponer has really given us the opportunity to bless well beyond what we would be able to do if I were paying full price for things. I hope to win this workshop, I will give it to my Mother in law so she can grasp the concept and stop spending $4 for a box of cereal!

  3. I am just a "beginner" in the couponing world. "The Dillards" above, got me started and now I am hooked! The Mother in law that "The Dillards" are referring to, is also my Mother in law. I have not been doing this long enough to really help out in the community but am excited to help out my Mother in law in their unfortunate financial time. I also plan on helping my mom as she has struggled financially, and make my brother a "survival kit" for when he goes away for college next school year.

    Thank you for all that you do for us!

  4. I'm very new at couponing. I'm taking the classes at the end of January at Soddy-Daisy. I'm "practicing". Been looking at ads and coupons and can't wait to learn how to do it more efficiently. I think it will be not only a blessing to me and my family, but will be a blessing to others too.

  5. I have been going to your site and getting email updates and really trying to learn about couponing. I would love to attend a workshop and get a better understanding of how to work couponing to benefit my family and others.

  6. Since beginning couponing about three months ago, my husband and I have been able to be a part of blessing two families who had lost loved ones and one family whose home burnt. I have not had the opportunity to attend any of the workshops but hope to in the future.

  7. I've just started using coupons in the past 3 months. My children's school always does Share your Christmas, we always give but this year we were able to do a lot more thanks to the use of coupons. I've not done a workshop but would love to soon.

  8. I started couponing in November when my friend attended one of your seminars and showed me how to do it. I love saving money and we are just starting to stockpile food and other items and someday soon we will be able to help others by giving our "excess" to them. I would love to attend one of the workshops. I love your site and check on it several times a day for new savings ideas. Thank you for all you do.

  9. First, I would like to thank Kelly and Kasey for promoting Publix. I am a cashier at Publix in Ooltewah. I have many of your workshop attendees that come through my line and they have learned how to save a lot of money. Many of them think that they need to apologize for holding up the line. They should be proud of their accomplishments. Sometime we will have someone that is in a hurry and gets a little upset, but usually they are amazed and will ask questions, which allows me to return the favor and promote your website. (As you know, God works in mysterious ways.) I like for the couponers to come through my like and I always brag on them so I can put them at ease. I am truly amazed at how much they can save on their total grocery bill.

    I lost my job and am very thankful that I have my cashier's position at Publix. This has allowed me to meet many couponers and has shown me that I too can save money. I am still a "baby couponer". I visit your site everyday and would like to take all three classes. My husband has diabetes and needs to retire so he can start on insulin. We know it needs to be sooner than later. Hopefully, his health will hold on until we can become more financally stable.

    Thanks for your hard work and keeping us busy at Publix!

  10. I haven't been doing this for long, but I was able to put some toothpaste and toothbrushes, etc. in our Operation Christmas child box and some shampoo and hair accessories in a Salvation Army stocking. Nice to be getting a stock pile.

  11. I am new to this couponing thing also and thanks to you have become "addicted"!! It started with the free photobooks and I now shop at CVS! Thanks for the wonderful links you provide each week. I really look forward to them! I had clipped some World Market coupons right before Christmas and was in the checkout line. The girl in front of me had the required amount to use a $15.00 off coupon I had (I had only enough for the $5.00 off). I asked if she had a coupon and she said "no", asked how much the coupon was for and had the worker refund the sale and charge it back so she could use the coupon I gave her. She wished me a Merry Christmas and thanked me for "basically handing her $15.00 for Christmas!!" It made my day!! You and your website have done the same for me....thanks for putting extra money in my wallet every week! I look forward to meeting you in January in the class in Chickamauga!

  12. I am a coupon newbie, and went to a grocery store yesterday for the first time with a list and a purpose. Regardless of how much money I saved, which was pretty impressive for a gal who used to shop straight from the empty holes in her pantry, I was able to smile and have a conversation with both the cashier, who was impressed, and the store manager, who gave me two rain checks. It was so nice to get deals and not have to argue with someone about it or leave frustrated because I spent too much money or got too little groceries for my buck.

  13. I am still new to this also. So I am still learning.
    My sister was her a few months back and then I went home for Thanksgiving and she seen my binder. Well she got all into it. She calls me to brag on her deals and such. The best deal she has had was taking my dad to Food Lion and buying a 2 liter Pepsi, 2 packs of cookie Dough and 2 Razor...she told my dad to give her a buck, he gave her 3. She gave him 2 back and he questioned her all day about her coupon use. Before she went home they went to Krystal's he turned to her and said "got any coupons or do you need to goole for one?"
    Now my dad and bil and my sister blame me for the whole couponing addiction....its really not my fault..:P

  14. I'm attending your workshop next Sat at my church, First Baptist Church South Pittsburg. I'm really excited. I had two sisters, both deceased now, that did couponing like you but they did not have the enternet.

    We have two ministeries at my church, one is a meal ministery and the other is where we contribute to the food bank. Of course, we help when anyone needs extra help. Our meal ministery feeds over 100 shutins one meal a week. I'm excited about couponing because I will be able to give a lot more to these ministries.

    Since I'm registered, I would give the free class to one of my other sisters if I won. Anyone in the South Pittsburg area needs to get signed up we are going to have a great time and learn how to save money.

  15. I am also a newbie. I have managed to give away some coupons to people I see in the stores when I have had extras. I am still learning and I hope 2010 is a most frugal year for all of us!

  16. A friend and I attended one of your workshops in September and enjoyed the day. It made me wish that I had started couponing many years ago. Anyone who will listen, I tell them about the money I save and even show them my receipts. My family and friends are amazed. I have 2 or 3 friends that have started couponing and I tell them about your website because it makes couponing so much easier. I have even told 1 of my friends that I would take her to you workshop in South Pittsburg Saturday if she wants to go. I have saved so much money since September and have more food than I ever dreamed of. During the holidays, my house is ALWAYS FULL with my son and daughter's friends and this year, I have had plenty of snacky foods for them. I am not having to run to the store everyday like I did last year.

    I thank God for you and your ministry. It has made me a better steward of the money that he gives to my family. Thank you again.

  17. My husband works for a mission organization. When I purchase things with coupons, I am able to donate cleaning items to their office so that their money can be used to help send people on short term mission trips. Couponing is a way to further the Gospel :)

  18. I have been a coupon user forever but I really want to get into it a lot more...I always save the box tops for education coupons and, since I no longer have young children, I pass them along to the moms at work...I would love to be able to attend your classes and hope I can save enough to do so..I am on a very limited budget..
    Thank yu for this site which I have found to be most helpful...



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