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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Publix Penny Item & Changes

Today's Publix Penny Item is.... Publix Tortilla Chips!
(Penny item sometimes varies by store)
To get the Penny Item for 1¢, you need to purchase $10 worth of groceries (BEFORE coupons are deducted) and present the Penny Item Coupon.  The coupon used to be found in the Publix ad in the Sunday Paper...however that has changed as of TODAY.

You will NOW find the Publix Penny Item Coupon somewhere in the WEDNESDAY newspaper - and it will be good for one day only: WEDNESDAY.  
If anyone sees where it is in your local paper, comment here to help us out!
  • In the Chattanooga Paper, it's on page A9 - Thanks, Sheila!


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  2. does anyone know whay they started doing the penny item this way? I don't get the weekday paper so I'm a little frustrated.

  3. Tara Lynn - I hate this new way too! I am not going to go out and buy the paper to get a free bag of chips - but I think I will scout around for friends or public places (library, school) that get a subscription and see if I can take theirs....

  4. Well that explains why I couldn't find it in the Publix ad today. I never read the Chattanooga Times (I like my news to be current).

  5. In the Macon paper it was on the last page of section A.

  6. Here in Atlanta it comes on Thursday - on the bottom of page D2. Only good today 1/7 - which I hate. I don't like it this way at all, and am sending a letter to Publix corporate saying as much. Maybe if they hear from a lot of folks, they'll reconsider!? :)



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