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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bi-Lo Highlights: 2/17 - 2/23

What a good week at Bi-Lo! There aren't TONS of deals, but the ones that are good are GOOD (i.e. FREE pizza & 14¢ lunchmeat!).  Make sure to take advantage of the Kleenex Catalina starting 2/22 and the Pillsbury Catalina which ends on 2/21.  Check out the highlights below - but if you see any you think are too good to pass up, leave a comment!

Best Food Deals:

Tony's Pizza $1
Use $1/1 or 50¢/1 from 12/13SS
(makes it FREE!)

Land O' Frost Lunchmeat BOGO@ $4.24 ($2.14)
Use $2/1 PRINT
(makes it 14¢ ea!)

Progresso Soup: $1
Use 25¢/1 or 50¢/2 from 1/3, 1/17, 2/7 SS
or $1.10/3 PRINT
(makes it 50¢ ea)

Pillsbury Grands: $1.25
or from 12/6, 12/13, 1/3 SS
or $1/2 PRINT
(makes it as low as 75¢ ea)
*Catalina: Buy 6 ~ Get $3 OYNO 
(Buy 6 @ $7.50.  Use (2) $1/2 + (1) 30¢/2= $4.90 ~ Get $3 Back = 15¢ ea! (ends 2/21)

Chef Boyardee can: $1
Use $1/2 PRINT
(makes it 50¢ ea)

Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies: $2
Use $1/1 print(IE) or print(FF)
(makes it $1 ea)

Russet Poatoes 5 lb: @.79
Get FREE maries Salad Dressing wyb 1
Use $1/1 Marie's from 1/31 SS
(makes it $1.79 for potatoes + dressing!)

Fast Fixin Chicken Nuggets/Patties/Classics BOGO@ $6.99 ($3.49)
Use $1/1 PRINT or $1.25/1 from Feb. All*You
(makes it $2.24 ea!)

Buy 1 Michael Angelo's entree @ $7.99
Get FREE 6-Pack Pepsi
Get FREE SH Garlic Bread
Get FREE Mayfield Classic Ice Cream
(Pay $7.99 for 1 family-size entree + sides, drinks & desert!)

Best Household Deals:

Ester-C 60ct BOGO (around $8)
Use $5/1 from 1/3 RP
(makes it FREE!)

Kleenex Facial Tissue, 110 ct, $1.00
Use 50¢/3 from 1/03 SS
(makes it 66¢)
*Catalina: Starting 2/22, Buy (4) ~ Get $1 OYNO, Buy (5) ~ Get $2 OYNO, Buy (6)~ Get $3 OYNO
(Buy 6 for $6. Use (2) 50¢/3 Coupons = $4.  Get $3 Back.  Like paying 16¢ ea!)

Wisk: BOGO @$6.99 ($3.49)
Use $2/1 from 1/31 RP
(makes it $1.49 ea!)

Cascade Auto Dish Detergent, 45 oz, $2.99
Use 50¢/1 or $1/1 from “Home Made Simple” Book
(makes it $1.99)

Angel Soft Bath Tissue, 12 double or 24 regular, $4.99
Use $1/1 PRINT or 50¢/1 from 2/14 RP
(makes it $3.99)

Sparkle Paper Towels, 8 regular or 6 big, $4.99
Use 50¢/1 from 2/14 RP or 55¢/1 PRINT
(makes it $3.89)

Current Buy Theirs ~ Get Ours Coupons
*Print at
Buy Smucker’s Preserves, Get SH Preserves, 12 oz. FREE
Buy Campbell’s Tomato Juice, Get SH Tomato Juice, 46 oz. FREE
Buy Clorox Bleach, Get SH Supreme Clean Bleach, 96 oz. FREE

- Thanks, HotCouponWorld!


  1. The BOGO coupon I got for Michael Angelo's from the site you posted states, "Maximum Value $4.99". Did you get a different coupon?

  2. i have a question. I have like 8 of those Land O Frost Qs. Can you freeze deli meat? Anyone...Thanks!

  3. Yes Maletha, you can freeze deli meat. Make sure you write on it how long you have to use it after you take it out of the freezer. I usually put how many days, then the date when I remove it from the freezer!

  4. how many days is it good, Dillards

  5. My BOGO coupon also says $4.99 and states that it is for single serve entrees.

  6. Thanks Ladies for the Michaelangelo Q info - I haven't printed it yet, so I didn't know the fine print!
    I've taken it off the list - thanks again!

  7. how do u print coupons if it has no print buton?

  8. Sorry BettyCrocker - I fixed the LandoFrost link if that's what you were talking about. I wrote alout the coupon a couple posts down, but forgot to transfer it here.

  9. I'm pretty sure I got a .50/1 Clorox Q in the Save-a-lot home mailer.

  10. WOW! Ya'll got to the Land O Frost before I could too - but that's alright - I LOVE rainchecks! They make a slow week better. :D

    There was a Clorox bleach Q in 1/31 SS. The database at HCW shows $1/2 - but mine is .50/1. HTH!

  11. Thanks for including Fast Fixin' products!

  12. Maletha, if you buy it today and it says it should be used by March 1, from today, that is 16 days. After it is frozen and thawed, I don't want to use it beyond those amount of days. So, if I freeze it today, I write on it 16 days. If I get it out of the freezer on April 1, I would then write April 16 on the bag knowing it needed to be used by then! Hope this helps.



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