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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Coupon Swap this Thursday Night!

Untie your apron and tell the hubby to pick up pizza – because Thursday night is Ladies Night!
Well, couponing ladies that is.  And, of course, couponing gentlemen are welcome too.   Point is – Thursday night is coupon night and we’ll be meeting for our monthly swap on February 18th at the Cleveland Public Library (go through the Carmichael House entrance once you reach the 3rd floor).
I’ve been asked to change the time from 7-9 to 6-8 PM for those who’d like to come soon after work.  I am nothing if not flexible, so 6-8 it is!  Come and join us, and if you have friends/coworkers who are interested in joining in, bring them along!  The more folks we have, the more coupons get passed around to the people who want/need them.

TIP: We usually put our coupons in envelopes and pass them around (Food, Non-Food) to give and take just what we need.  This seems to work out great - so just stuff some you don't want in an envelope and bring it to share.

Also, if you have questions, frustrations, or any beginner qualms – bring them with you too.  Between me and the rest of the girls, I’m sure we can help you out!

Leave a comment if you plan on coming – and I’ll try to rustle up some snacks to bring along!
HINT: My snacks rhyme with JOREO….


  1. I wish they would put in a bridge across the river. lol. Cleveland is only 12 miles from here but it takes at least an hour to drive there cause you have to drive around the river.

  2. Okay guys, we need to start up a carpool situation here! I want to see you all there!!!

  3. Penelope, i hear ya! I can't go this week, but if I could I would dread the drive.

  4. I'll be there - a little late thought (my kids have a dentist appt at 5:45) But I will be there - with a box of trades. Hope ya'll like digging! J/K - they will all be sorted (I hope - I am still working on them for a train that I am riding).

    Somebody tell me - exactly where do we go in? I haven't seen the Cleveland library, let alone been in it, in a long time...

  5. Is anyone doing a coupon trade in chattanooga? Cleveland is so far out of my way. I would love one a little closer to home!

  6. Deann - I have heard there is a lady that does a quite large one in Ooltewah, but I haven't been able to find her. Other than that - I have heard about some SMALL groups that are getting together to see what each one has found and chit-chat, but I have had no luck finding a swap here. :(



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